12 Best Ways to Enjoy a Holiday in Morocco

Morocco is a charming country in North Africa, which mesmerizes travellers with its multicultural yet strong traditional identity that is a blend of African, Arab and European influences.


This multiculturalism makes Morocco an extremely diverse destination for holiday of all types – an adventure tour, a historical or cultural trip, or a leisurely beach holiday. Read on to know more about the many ways to experience a quintessential Moroccan holiday.

Explore Historical Asilah

Explore the historical fortified town of Asilah, located on the northwest tip of the country’s Atlantic coast. Walk along the Portuguese fortification walls to circle the entire town, visit the ancient St Bartholomew’s Catholic Church and the even older Grand Mosque, which is located in the medina.

Go On a Trekking Adventure

Morocco has an amazing landscape including breathtaking mountain ranges, expansive desert and a stunning coastline. You can choose package trekking tours or self arranged treks, short half-day treks or trekking trips of over a week! For instance, you can enjoy a trek along the sands of the charming city of Agadir!

Relax By Its Beaches

The country has a long coastline surrounded by brilliant seaside towns and cities. The beaches of Taghazout and Mazagan are popular destinations for surfers. Moreover, visit the kite-surf resort of Essaouira, relax by the sandy beaches of Agadir or enjoy a secluded beach holiday at the exotic Plage-Blanche.

Go On Desert Treks

Don’t forget to explore the beautiful golden sand dunes of the largest hot desert in the world, the Sahara desert, at least once during a visit to Morocco on desert treks. Or you can go for desert treks, which are held either on camel-backs or on 4-wheelers, to view the world’s tallest dunes in Erg Chebbi.

Bathe In a Traditional ‘Hammam’

A visit to Morocco will be incomplete without a visit to the traditional public steam bath systems called ‘Hammams’. The Moroccan hammams are not just places to bathe, they are an integral part of the local culture and excellent places to relax and gossip with friends. The entire hammam experience includes steaming, exfoliating scrubs and exotic massages by local experts.

Go Golfing!

Morocco is emerging as a top-class destination for golf holidays among enthusiasts from around the world. Don’t miss out on some golfing action at one if its many international-standard golf courses including Golf De L’Ocean and Golf Du Soleil. Cities such as Marrakech, Agadir, Rabat and Casablanca have excellent golf courses, resorts and infrastructure in place.

Experience Its Cultural Festivals

Listen to tranquil traditional music at the World Sacred Music Festival at Fez; visit the age-old Honey Festival at Argana; get the thrills of camel races at the Sahraoui Festival; or visit the more contemporary Marrakech Biennale festival for innovative modern art, photography and filming across North Africa.

Get Wet With Kayaking, Rafting

This North African country offers some splendid opportunities to kayakers and rafters. Paddle through the Ahansal River and enjoy the thrills of white water rafting down the Cascade d’Ouzoud as well as the fast-flowing rivers of Fez.

Try Kite Surfing

Whether you are a novice or an expert, adrenaline-pumping water sports such as kite surfing, kite boarding and windsurfing is something you must try while on a holiday here. Essaouira is one of the best places for kite surfing in the country.

Cycling Holidays on Your Mind?

The country has some brilliant cycling routes running through towns, along the Atlantic Coast and even up the mountains! Off roading is also a popular choice with cyclists here. Ride through the Sahara, go up the Atlas Mountains, tour the seaside city of Agadir or explore the Souss-Massa National Park!

Taste It!

Taste sumptuous and authentic Moroccan cuisine and its irresistible seafood. Enjoy the delicious tagines, pastillas, spicy hariras and chermoula. Opt for the national drink Berber whiskey, which is a type of mint tea available at its numerous restaurants, cafés and market food stalls. You can head to the Talborjt district of Agadir for some traditional Moroccan meals.

Simply Shop!

Morocco is home to many world-class shopping malls and smaller markets filled with shops selling everything from authentic handicrafts to other local gifts and souvenirs. Head to its indoor traditional markets called ‘Souks’ to experience authentic Moroccan shopping experience. Haggle your way through the souks and buy the best traditional stuff at good bargains.