9 Must Pack Essentials for Happy Holidays

Wondering what essentials to pack for next holidays? Here is a list of 9 must pack items that will help you make your holidays a happy, safe and an enjoyable affair.

Happy Holiday

Charcoal tablets

Charcoal tablets are counted among the best ways of stopping diarrhoea and checking dysentery. These tablets work by absorbing toxins and pathogens. They usually don’t take more than three hours to bring you back to normalcy. A must pack if you feel dicey about the food quality served at the destination you are visiting.

Portable Water Filter

A good water filter on a trekking tour can become a life saver. You can consider small devices that use ultra-violet light to kill bacteria and other harmful elements present in the water. A portable water filter will always come in handy when bottled water is not easily available.

Pollution & dust mask

You will definitely encounter places with a lot of dust and pollution in the air. Such places will not only make you sick but would also lead to a bitter holiday experience. Putting on a good dust and pollution mask can help you keep your holidays happy!

First-aid kit

Many travellers overlook the importance of packing a travel-medical kit.  Such kits come to the aid in times of medical emergencies and also make sure that you don’t have to step out in search of medical supplies during odd hours. Pack a first-aid kit keeping allergies and prevailing climate conditions in mind.

Protein Bars

Protein bars come in handy at places where you are not sure about the quality of food. A usual protein bar can provide you with good amount of calories and keep your stomach full for a long time, probably till you find a restaurant good enough to eat.

Ear Plugs

A lot of tourist attractions especially beaches and local markets are crowded with persistent hawkers who can be very pushy and loud. Simply put in those ear-plugs, close your eyes and relax. Ear plugs are also useful during train and airplane journeys.

Travel toilet Paper

Using toilet paper is not a regular practice in many countries, especially the ones in Asia. Travel toilet papers come in small sizes and can be packed easily too. These will also be useful during night stays at camps or during long trekking trips.


Holidays generally include instances of exploring cities in the sun and getting tanned by the beach. Do carry a good sunscreen if you do not want to end up with skin burns during holidays. A good sunscreen is a must carry essential on trekking trips as well.

Universal power adapter

Power adapters or power plugs usually differ from country to country. Carrying a couple of good quality universal power adaptors will help you charge your phones, laptops and camera batteries with ease.