Eight Bizarre Laws From Around the World Every Traveller Should Know Of


Planning to travel the world? Here is a list of weird laws from around the globe that you must know before embarking on that next travel adventure.

No high heels at ancient sites

Thinking of visiting the historical monuments in Greece? Make sure you leave those stilettos at home! Authorities in Greece do not allow women wearing heels entry to any of Greece’s historical monument sites. The decision was taken to stop damages caused to the monuments by sharp pointed heels. Besides heels food items are not allowed at the sites.

Don’t pee in the sea

Portugal has some of the most pristine beaches. But what would you do if nature calls amidst a swim in the sea? The answer will depend from one individual to another; however, you must know that urinating in a sea in Portugal is completely illegal. Not sure how the authorities plan to catch people urinating in a sea!

No chewing gums please!

Have a habit of chewing gums? Well, you will not be able to do so in Singapore as chewing gums are completely banned in the country. The reason cited as responsible for the ban is the huge cost paid by the Government of Singapore in getting the leftover gums removed from the metros and other tourist attractions.

Don’t climb a tree

It’s illegal to climb a tree located in a public area or a park in Oshawa in Canada. It is also illegal to stick bills and carve letters on any part of the tress. The reason, Oshawa, Canada wants their tree cover to be safe and like it has always existed.  And if you get caught climbing a tree in a public park or in any other space falling under the authorities’ rule, you will get charged with a hefty fine.

No feeding the pigeons

In San Francisco, it is illegal to feed pigeons. The authorities claim that pigeon droppings soil public places and are also a hazard to the human health. The authorities also say that pigeon food attracts rats.

Don’t forget to wear the Underwear

It is illegal to leave your home without wearing underwear in Thailand. Any arrests being made on the pretext of not wearing underwear have not been reported so far in the country but it still is best not to leave the house without wearing undergarments. It is also illegal to drive without a shirt in Bangkok.

Paying food bill? Who cares!

It is completely legal to deny paying the food bill in Denmark if you don’t feel full after eating at a restaurant. The best part about this law is the fact that it is only your opinion that matters. So if you feel hungry in Denmark and don’t have the money with you, you know what to do!

Drive a car wearing a bikini but…

Driving a car wearing a bikini is legal in Kentucky only if the woman driving is carrying an object for self-defence. Women can also wear bikinis if they are being accompanied by two officers. Moreover, the law does not imply on women weighing over 200 pounds and under 60 pounds.