Enjoy the Best of Winter Festivities at Carnaval De Quebec 2017

Get ready to rock and roll at the largest winter carnival in the world – the Carnaval de Québec 2017! Québec Winter Carnival, its popular English name, is a way for the Canadians to show their love for the winters! Carnaval de Québec 2017, which started on January 27 and will go on till

Flight to Canada

February 10, is considered to be the oldest of all winter festivals held in the country. Be a part of this fantastic festival which celebrates Canadians’ love for winters and collect lifetime memories of pure fun and merry-making with your family and friends!

Festival Events and Activities

The festival holds a number of fun-filled activities for visitors of all ages including snow bath, ice canoe race, night parades, snow slides, giant foosball, snow sculptures and skating. Read on to know more about some of the best activities and events of the carnival in 2017.

Snow Racer Grand Prix

Snow Racer Grand Prix is a racing event where participants will race down a snow track on their motorless snow racer. Participants, who must be 5 years or older, will be required to wear the 2017 Carnival Effigy for the event. Adding more excitement to the event will be the presence of popular radio host Marto Napoli and live music being played in the background by a DJ from Mexico.

Upper Town Night Parade

Be sure to attend the Carnival Night Parades to feel the pulse of the festival. The Upper Town Night Parade will introduce you to a land of dreams, with the celebrations being held out in the open on the streets of Quebec City. The parade will see people dressed up as giant animals and iconic characters giving the illusion of a winter Atlantis full of secrets to be explored.

Duproprio Polar Mission

DuProprio Polar Mission is a fun activity for children. The activity will test the strength, dexterity and wits of your children with its many obstacle courses, memory game, maze, puzzles and many more challenges. This amazing multi-stage journey is sure to be a hit with your kids as they resolve twisted scenarios and undertake fun trials to retrieve the stolen polar star from Sisi Otentis, the queen of Hiverness.

Ice Skating With Bonhomme

Head straight to the historical square of Place d’Youville in Old Montreal to enjoy ice skating with the carnival’s famous ambassador Bonhomme. Bonhomme will be at the venue to skate with you and your family on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 7 in the evenings until for around 45 minutes.

Hula-Hoop Quebec

Don’t forget to visit Bonhomme’s Ice Palace at the Loto-Québec Zone on 28 January and 3 and 11 February to catch artists from Hula-Hoop Québec displaying their skills with the vibrant halos of luminous hula-hoops. This unique dance performance by two artists is sure to light up the venue and make your day!


Are you a fitness freak? Or a yoga enthusiast? Or both? All those who wish to keep fit amidst all the feasting and celebrations during the carnival should try the Snowga on the snowy grounds. Try the Snowga and feel the therapeutic virtues of this fitness activity which includes outdoor meditation, stretching and breathing exercises.

Camp Games

It is one of those places where you can do what you want – go about breaking ice, chat with friends or strangers or just groove to the music to party hard! The highlight of the camp is the different lively games that will be held at the camp, which include drop the ball and the duo table hockey games.

Uniprix Ice Slide

An exciting activity for the young and the old alike is the Uniprix Ice Slide, where participants can rent a sled on-site and then ride down a slope made out of ice. It is a must-do activity at the carnival for snow-lovers as well as adventure seekers.