Top Romantic Getaways in the USA for this Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day could be an ideal time to create some fond memories with your partner! And one of the most heartfelt things you can for your sweethearts this time is to take them to those beautiful dream destinations across the USA.

USA Valentine

1. Miami
Romance and Miami go hand in hand. The gorgeous white sand beaches and the glittering blue waters perfectly set the stage for a wonderful Valentine’s Day celebration. From those hand-hand walks to picnics to a candle light dinner on a beach, there’s everything to ensure you have a great time in the city.

2. Honolulu
Offering a fabulous blend of surf, sun and sand, Honolulu, largest city of the U.S. state of Hawaii, is the perfect destination for the Valentine’s Day getaway. Night swimming, candle light dinners, beach picnics and chocolate tasting at Brasserie du Vin are some of the activities you can enjoy here in the city.

3. New Orleans
For couples of all ages, it is difficult to resist the city’s sensual charm. From charming French Quarters to majestic Mississippi, New Orleans is one of the most sought after romantic cities in the world. While celebrating Valentine’s Day here in the city, you can enjoy authentic French delicacies, romantic strolls with your loved ones, and a ride on the mule-drawn carriage.

4. San Diego
With fabulous weather and wonderful restaurants, San Diego remains a terrific tourist destination for a romantic Valentine’s Day holiday. Visit the San Diego Museum of Art for a love themed art tour or celebrate the day on the classic sailing yacht! Other popular activities that could be enjoyed in the city include wine tasting, live Jazz Dinner etc.

USA valentine

5. Tampa
The city’s warm climate makes it one of the most talked about holiday destinations around the United States. Celebrating Valentine’s Day in Tampa is all about unwrapping surprises at every step. With numerous events, concerts and shows going on in the city, the city is perfect for a romantic holiday. With its Cuban and Spanish past, Tampa is a charming place to enjoy the lively nightlife with your partner.

6. Boston
For all couples looking for some peaceful time with their partners, Boston is the place to be. Considered one of the most romantic destinations from across the world, this offshore city has something to offer to everyone. Valentine’s Day evenings can be enjoyed looking into each other’s eyes along with feasting on the terrific views of the city!