Tips for a Comfortable Road Trip

Many travellers feel that few things can be better than a road trip. After all, on a road trip, you can control your overall itinerary and pack anything that fits in the car trunk.


On a road trip, you can also drive away from a not-so-attractive place without much thought. These are just a few of the many benefits of a road trip.


If you plan to go on a road trip, the tips below could come in handy for you.

Decide on the Route

Pick out the final destination at the beginning of the planning stage. Next, choose the places of interest that lie between the starting point and the final destination. Choosing the shortest route may not be the best option always, as safety and security concerns need to be taken into account. If possible, one must get in touch with travellers who have journeyed across the same route.

Stay with the Friends and Acquaintances

Stay with acquaintances and friends, even long-lost friends! This is the best way to cut down the expenses on accommodation. By staying with the locals, one also gets an exclusive opportunity to acquire insider knowledge on topics related to regional food, customs, and traditions. One can also learn more about the lesser-known-attractions situated in the vicinity, which otherwise may be slightly difficult.

Use the world-renowned ‘Maps’

With the advent of technology, one is naturally inclined to use web mapping services. Maps, a Google product, lets you rely on real-time GPS navigation, traffic, transit, and lots more! With its assistance, one may even save time, thanks to the automatic re-routing feature based on live traffic. Along with street views, one may also see indoor imageries of restaurants, shops, and museums. Offline maps are available too.

Carry Enough Cash for Tolls and Roadside Restaurants

Toll roads can be anywhere! This being the case, travellers need to carry cash as these roads may be costlier than expected. That’s why people are advised to keep some cash and coins in the centre console of the vehicle. The restaurants may be small-sized and not quite technologically developed. An Indian Dhaba (highway eatery) is a good example! Such eateries only accept cash.

Keep Aside Extra Food and Water

Carry extra food and water during road trips. This is deemed necessary as one may face an unforeseen situation. In such a scenario, the extra food and water can be consumed. An energy bar, rich in proteins and carbs, should definitely be there with you during short as well as long trips.