Top Wine and Food Festivals in New Zealand

Food…and Wine! Now, who would say no to lip-smacking dishes and fine wines? Somehow, food and wine also seem to feature big in most people’s travel itineraries. After all, travel indeed expands one’s cultural horizons.


Now, without further ado, we just want to say that Food and Wine are an inseparable part of one’s trip to New Zealand. So, here we have summed up top amazing wine and food festivals that you may just experience during your trip to this picturesque nation.

1.      The Marlborough Wine & Food Festival

New Zealand’s acclaimed original and longest running wine and food festival, the Marlborough Wine & Food Festival is a renowned event. Attend to enjoy a unique selection of world-class wines along with scrumptious local cuisines. It is held at Brancott Vineyard, one of the oldest vineyards in Marlborough.

2.      Havelock Mussel and Seafood Festival

Enjoy a world of fun and delicious food at Havelock Mussel and Seafood Festival at Marlborough. It offers a delicious assortment of seafood and mussels along with fun activities and entertainment throughout the festival. Travellers will love the tasty treats by renowned restaurants and chefs participating in the festival.

3.      Visa Wellington on a Plate

One of the largest festivals with a big umbrella of delicious meal deals, Visa Wellington on a Plate (WOAP) will steal the heart of any food lover. Visa WOAP offers a wide range of lip-smacking choices to satiate your hunger. One can find unique recipes for burgers, cocktails, baking, and more.

4.      Whitianga Scallop Festival

The annual food festival held in September, Wairarapa Wines Harvest Festival brings every foodie and connoisseur under one roof. The iconic seafood festival is celebrated at Whitianga Harbour, showcasing a variety of succulent scallop delicacies along with cooking demonstrations by celebrity chef, competitions, and more.

5.      Seafest Kaikoura

Enjoy a delectable assortment of seafood during a weekend of festivities with Seafest Kaikoura in the heart of coastal Kaikoura. Travellers will find reputable wine producers, local seafood delicacies, and lots of beers brands.

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