Top 10 Tips for Travelling Solo


Travelling solo is a terrific plan but the idea has its perils too.  If you happen to be someone thinking of embarking on a travel trip all by yourself, you probably have calculated the ups and downs of the same. But if you have not, these below mentioned tips on solo travelling will definitely help you explore the world in a safe way.

Learn about the destination

Read as much as you can about the destination you are heading to. Make a list of places which are not tourist friendly. Also keep a tab on the famous local news channels aired at the place. It is good to know which places you must visit but better to know about the ones you should not.

Pack wisely

Solo travelling empowers you to travel at your discretion and packing wisely complements those decisions. Pack as light as you can. Swap dresses for extra pair of t-shirts and heels with sports shoes. This will make sure you don’t get a headache trying to carry humongous travel-cases while travelling from one city to another.

A family or friends ‘Whats-app’ group

Solo trips require the utmost levels of confidence and knowing someone has got your back absolutely helps. Create a Whatsapp group including a few people you trust completely, and drop information of your whereabouts constantly. Tell them which hotel you are staying in and places you plan to visit next. If possible keep sending emails as well.

Make new friends but be careful

Meeting like-minded travellers on a solo trip is probably the best perk of travelling solo but be careful while doing so. If you feel anything dicey about the new people you are meeting, politely make an excuse, tell them something urgent came up and retreat from the place. Don’t share where you are staying instantly with anyone you have just met!

Learn some words from the local lingo

No we are not telling you to master a new language in a few days. All we are saying is learn a few phrases and common slangs used in the country you are visiting. For example – learn to ask where is the toilet or the police station? Leaning to speak thank-you in local language can also help.

Copy all essential documents

Copy all travel documents including visa, passport and your id proofs and keep them with you at all times. It is also advisable to store electronic copies of these documents on your phone and on emails. Leaving duplicate copies of these with a friend or a family member is also a good idea. Doing so will help especially in cases of pick-pocketing.

Don’t become a sitting duck

Touts and anti-social elements specialize in identifying tourists in crowds. Try to gel with the local population, as the same will definitely keep you off the radars of goons. Wear normal t-shirt and jean combos and do not pick out fancy stuff including that expensive DSLR camera too often.

Learn to say no

It is sure that you will meet a lot of people acting needy and asking for small charities. You will also meet people who would encourage you to go to parties out of the city or talk you in for trying new things. Say no and walk away if you feel anything fishy.

Stick to day tours

Though night tours are fun, you may want to consider sticking to day tours as you are the only one practically taking care of yourself. If in case you decide to visit a restaurant or a local club in the night make sure to educate yourself about the place first and only go to places which are crowded and have ample transportation options located nearby.

Use local transport

Taking about the means you will be using to commute from one place to another on a solo trip, it is strongly advisable that you use local means of transport. Use trains, buses, metros and tramps as much as possible. This way you will always be surrounded by people and chances of mishaps will decrease significantly.