A Peep into the Art, Food, and Architectural Brilliance of Goa, India


There’s no denying the fact that Goa is a place full of infectious energy and people from across the world visit the destination to unwind and relax in the sun, sand, and the surf. Besides, there are certain elements of this glorious place that people tend to overlook; for instance, its rich history and culture.


The beautiful Portuguese heritage, the scenic perfection it so easily flaunts, and the architecturally brilliant buildings; there is so much more to Goa than what an average traveller sees.

The Art

Art has phenomenal presence in Goa. You can see the use of bold colours and paintings throughout the destination. The famous art galleries that you absolutely have to visit include The Art Chamber, Kala Academy, Kerkar art, Monsoon Heritage studio, Gallery Gitanjali, Gallery Attic, The Big Foot Cross Museum, Ruchika’s Art Gallery, and so on. Next time, you plan to visit Goa on a holiday, keep some time aside to view these works of art, because they truly are a blend of the old and the new. They will take you to a trip down the times when Goa was still a Portuguese colony and its gradual evolution in terms of culture, colour, and art, besides other things.

The Food

While you may have a blast surfing or simply sunbathing on the beaches with your drinks, don’t forget to try authentic local cuisine. You are sure to become a fan. The Goan cuisine is typically influenced by the Portuguese and the south of India.  Being a coastal destination, the food is majorly dominated by sea food. Fish and rice remains the staple food and there are also many other mouth-watering dishes to spoil you for choice. A lot of vegetables are cooked in coconut milk too because of the Maharashtra influence on the food. All in all, you need to try some of the famous delicacies such as prawn curry, Sorpotel (pork stew), Varan, and Tondak, and so on. You will surely return from Goa with fabulous food memories and perhaps also learn to prepare some of these dishes.

Architectural Finesse

The Portuguese left their mark on the architecture of Goa, something that makes the place stand out from the rest of the country. You will notice that many of the houses and other structures have sloping roofs to counter the heavy rains. The vibrant colours and bold patterns reflect the Portuguese influence. Baroque style buildings and very old Victorian influences ensured the creation of such strong and dependable architectural wonders, whilst ensuring the beauty of the same.