Goa Tours – Explore State’s Raw Beauty at These Unconventional Places

When thinking of a holiday in Goa, almost everyone thinks of the palm-fringed beaches and glorious Catholic churches that are extremely iconic! But have you ever thought of exploring Goa’s real charm and get into the spirit of rawness that this wonderful state exudes?  Truly, there are plenty of remote areas where you will be able to witness the real Goa in its sanctity and obtain that soul-soothing relief and enlightenment for which you have spent on tickets onboard flights for the destination. Have a look!

Dudhsagar Waterfalls

Dudhsagar-WaterfallsThis is probably nature in its purest form! Located on Goa-Karnataka border, Dudhsagar Waterfalls is counted among the tallest waterfalls in India and features amazing scenery. The captivating beauty of the sylvan surroundings and rich flora and fauna also attract a good share of nature-lovers boarding flights for holidays in Goa. The best time to visit the place is after the monsoon season when the water-flow is high and the entire area is painted with exotic greenery.

Canacona Taluka

Canacona Taluka is one of the remotest corners in Goa and hence features the rawness of the state’s interesting culture in abundance. Unhurried lifestyle and interesting traditional practices that many people still follow here are the primary lures for international travellers who visit this region during their Goa holidays. Besides, nature-lovers are in for a treat as the area boasts an enthralling array of natural splendours, from lush forests to unspoiled beaches and from incredible springs to waterfalls.

Chorao Island

Old Portuguese homes, mist-laden meadows, a large population of migratory birds and friendly locals – this quaint little island in the heart of North Goa exemplifies the gratified way of life. Take a ferry from Pomburpa ferry point to go and delve into the Chorao’s interesting history and culture. Meet the locals and listen the fascinating stories of the island-living. Peaceful beauty of beaches and lagoons here is just soul-soothing. Furthermore, you can trek up the surrounding hills to experience more of serenity and solace, and make most of the money invested on flights’ tickets and holiday packages.