Stellenbosch – Another Jewel in South Africa worth Exploring

Blissful environment, amazing wine farms, classy restaurants, crowded street cafés, rich history and of course, the famous university – Stellenbosch is packed with diverse attractions that make it one of the best places to visit in the Winelands of South Africa. This vibrant university town is more than just a small place that makes wines, it is full of rich cultural heritage and history. A large number of holidaymakers book flights tickets every year to visit this beautiful destination of South Africa. Here is a quick look at what Stellenbosch has to offer.


Stellenbosch by Michiel Van Balen/ CC BY


Stellenbosch offers a myriad of indoor as well as outdoor attractions and activities that are diverse and suitable for all ages. Whether you are in for a few days stay or it is a long-term you are planning for, the town has all it takes to entertain you throughout your sojourn. One of the most popular attractions here is of course its quality wines and the wine farms that make them. One such wine farm is the Yonder Hill Wine Estate. It is among the most visited wine farms in Stellenbosch. The town is also popular for its wildlife conservation. Eagle Encounters South Africa is the place for anyone who loves to explore the wildlife. There are also some fascinating museums that tourists can visit such as Rupert Museum and The Village Museum. Apart from wine farms, fascinating museums and arts & crafts centres, there are a number of other attractions and activities. Swimming, fishing, canoeing, abseiling and adventure camping are some of the most popular activities here.

Few Great Places to Dine

Though almost all the places in Stellenbosch offer great food, there are few that travellers call unique. Raphael’s At Asara is one such place. The seasonal flavours at this restaurant are sure to win your heart. The Restaurant at Clos Malverne is also among the best restaurants in Stellenbosch. Serving international cuisines, it is the most favourite restaurant among the foodies who book tickets aboard flights to travel to Stellenbosch. If you are pizza lover and the craving to have one during your stay, Mulderbosch Vineyard is always ready to welcome you with its fantastic pizzas.