Quintessential Indian Tribal Festival – Pushkar Camel Fair 2016


Witness the grand beauty of a quintessential Indian tribal festival at the world’s largest camel fair in the holy city of Pushkar, India. The ancient fair is being held for over 100 years now, but even today its vibrancy and grandeur continues to attract travellers from all around the world.


During the fair, which will be held from 8th to 14th November in 2016, the serene city of Pushkar will turn into a lively site full of dynamism. This amazing cultural event, which has become a global tourist attraction, is held every year.


Opening Ceremony

The opening ceremony of the fair is a mega event, which is held amidst lively local music and a gathering of hundreds of brightly dressed camels & horses with riders sitting atop in colourful traditional Rajasthani attire.

Cattle Fair

The Pushkar Fair was originally started as a fair for the sale and purchase of cattle, including camels, horses, cows, goats, and sheep. The fair maintains its traditional charms, with a large number of beautifully dressed cattle being bought and sold.


While the men are busy in the inspection, haggling and bargaining of cattle, the women, children and visitors may check out the countless make shift stalls that sell various traditional items including saddles and strings of cowries for cattle; traditional silver and bead jewellery, patchwork and printed textiles, and colourful Rajasthani footwear for women and men.

Incomparable Glamping

Although, travellers can choose from a variety of accommodation options right from resorts and cheaper hotels, it is the luxury glamping facilities offered by many local companies that actually make the visit an experience of a lifetime.

Adventure Sports

Sports lovers can head straight to the adventures section, which offers adventure experiences ranging from quad bike racing, paramotoring, jeep safaris, horse riding, and certainly Camel riding.

Hot Air Balloons

To give travellers more reasons to be happy, the Pushkar camel fair hosts a Hot Air Balloon Festival. So, hop onto a balloon and view all the festivities from the top.

Sunset Safari

Many local companies offer Sunset Safaris, which are camel-back rides in the evenings over the peaceful golden sand dunes. These rides take you to a spot from where one may enjoy a beautiful sunset.

Holy Dip

Witness grand spiritualism at the festival as scores of Hindu pilgrims take a holy dip in the sacred waters of Lake Pushkar. Pilgrims bathe in the holy waters as they believe that this will absolve them of their sins.


Various types of interactive and competitive contests are held during the festival. The festival becomes lively during the friendly Kabaddi and Cricket Matches held between a home team of locals and a team of tourists. Then, there is the photo contest Frame the Fair, which carries a hefty reward. The Moustache, Turban Tying, and Matka Race contests are traditional cultural competitions open to all visitors.