Spectacular Surfing Spots Across South Africa


South Africa is a popular tourist destination for beach bums and surfing enthusiasts due to its nearly 3000 kilometre coastline famed for waters with great swells and waves. It has become a Mecca of sorts for the high adrenaline water sport – surfing! The fact that the sport has become an important part of its culture is an added advantage for surfers visiting the beaches to collect some great surfing memories. Some of the most stunning surfing spots across the country are mentioned below. So go ahead and book your flight to enjoy surfing.

Jeffrey’s Bay

Jeffrey’s Bay is a world famous surfing spot in South Africa. Surfers from all over the world visit the spot to surf on its consistent tubes and supertubes waves. The place also hosts the famous international surfing event, the Billabong pro surfing challenge at Supertubes every year.


The popular fishing town of Gansbaai, which is located in Southern Cape, is a good and less crowded surfing spot in the country. Just watch out for the Great White Sharks. The waters around this town offer some big waves.


The Dungeons is a famous surfing spot for seasoned surfers. Beginners should best leave this spot alone! The spot offers huge waves and swells that categorises it as one of the ‘big wave’ spots in the world.  The swells and waves it creates can reach as high as 15-30 feet. Body surfing is another popular activity here.

Durban Cave Rock

This is the place to head to if you want to surf alongside the locals. This welcoming surfing spot comes alive with locals and foreign surfers particularly during the months of April to September each year. The place is ideal for experienced surfers and is frequented by the braver local surfers used to its swells and waves.

Eland’s Bay

This fantastic surfing spot, the Eland’s Bay, has everything to make it a surfer’s paradise. There are some reasonably priced hotels and guest-houses and a campsite for backpackers and picture-perfect beach beauty. Summer months are the best time to visit the place to surf on fine waves and swells. Only experienced surfers should surf in its waters.

Long Beach

The Long Beach is well-known to offer some of the country’s best and most consistent shore breaks. The beach is quite popular with surfers as at some spots it offers small to medium swells for beginners and less experienced surfers as well as huge swells for the more experienced and daring surfers.

Bay of Plenty

The Bay of Plenty in Durban is a popular surfing spot, which offers waves and swells for all levels of surfers. The waves here are consistent on most of the days at most of the times. Surfers can choose a spot according to their comfort levels and enjoy world class surfing experience.