Tips on What to Wear in India for Female Travellers

India, with an exciting mix of nature, history and culture, attracts hordes of global tourists and backpackers alike.


While tips on dressing for female travellers may differ from one place to the other, there are some important points one would do well to adhere to. The following tips and ideas on what to wear in India may help you fit in better.

In Metro Cities

If you’re in metropolitan cities like Mumbai or Delhi, you can usually get away with jeans, short skirts, and sleeveless shirts/tops in certain areas. However, it’s not advisable to wear too revealing clothes as this may get you lots of unwanted attention. You’ll also see foreign tourists wearing Indian clothes to fit in with the local crowds. Most metro cities in India have clothing stores where you can shop for kurtas, kameez and scarves at considerably cheap prices. If you happen to visit during summers, don’t forget to carry a hat and sunglasses.

At Beaches

Goa and Kerala are two popular beach destinations in India. But both these places have a drastic cultural difference. While, it is okay to wear a bikini in Goa’s beaches, people in Kerala are a tad too conservative to accept revealing clothes. No matter where you are, you may be ogled at.

At Religious Sites

India is full of pilgrimage sites and a few of them such as Amritsar, Varanasi and Mahabali Puram are internationally acclaimed. While visiting such destinations, be sure to dress conservatively. Avoid shorts or short skirts. Jeans are okay, as are shirts/tops that cover shoulders. While entering some temples and religious sanctums, you may need to cover your head. Your scarf may come in handy in such places.


Well, it largely depends upon what you’re here for. Most of the cities in India are in the plains, where a pair of sport sandals (for summers) or sport shoes (for winters) would do well. You can wear socks with sandals if it is cool outside. If you plan to trek and climb up the mountains, make sure you have a sturdy pair of climbing boots.