Two Notable Monasteries in India that Depict the Immaculate Grandeur of Buddhism

To explore the serene magnificence of India, the nation’s spiritual sites are perhaps the bets for numerous travellers disembarking flights here. Topping the charts are Buddhist monasteries which are best known for their tranquil aura. Most of these monasteries are located at popular hill stations of India; visit these monasteries to immerse into the spiritual richness amidst captivating, picturesque beauty. Below are the two most popular choices!

Thiksey Monastery, Ladakh


lehSituated approximately 20 kilometres south east of Leh, Thiksey Monastery is the largest monastery in central Ladakh and a popular attraction among global tourists. Spreading over an entire hill side, this popular monastery is renowned for its amazing architecture, which displays a spectacular scene of the region’s rich past. Thiksey Monastery is build over 12 floors in hierarchal order and features 10 small temples, an assembly hall, and a giant residence where over 120 monks and nunnery pass their day preaching the teachings of Buddha. The star attraction of this monastery remains a 15-metre statue of the Maitreya Buddha at the Maitreya Temple which enjoys immense popularity among the Buddhist visitors. The monastery even boasts a wide assortment of artefacts including valuable statues, wall paintings, thangkas, stupas and swords.

Pemayangtse Monastery, Sikkim

One of the oldest monasteries in India, Pemayangtse, meaning ‘perfectly sublime lotus’, is a significant religious site of Sikkim and a potent reason why flights’ tickets to the Indian province sell like hot cakes. The entrance of the monastery is fenced in brilliant yellow which contrasts with its dark red walls. Inside the building, visitors can find beautiful paintings in shades of green, blue and yellow which explain the history and culture of the region in a better way. Carvings from as early as the 17th century decorate the walls, portraying the true story of this serene monastery. The monastery features several sacred items and relics which have been collectively relocated from the Karmapa’s seat in Tibet.