Upcoming 2015 Festivals Set to Spread the Musical Vibe in Mexico!!

Music rules the hearts and souls of Mexicans. With dozens of musical performances lighting up the country, global music aficionados are often spoilt for choice and are found scrambling for air tickets aboard flights arriving in the destination. Check out two most exciting music festivals scheduled for Feb-March 2015, and reserve your tickets well in advance to witness the revelry!

Electric Daisy Carnival Mexico, February 28-March 1, 2015

Vive Latino  by Roberto Robles/ CC BY

Vive Latino by Roberto Robles/ CC BY

Visit Mexico in February and experience an unforgettable weekend at the nation’s biggest dance music festival, Electric Daisy Carnival. Explore four wonderful stages of music, anchored by more than 60 international artists who showcase their best to the world. Music lovers making their way to the festival may immerse in the bustling carnival atmosphere of EDC – crammed with exciting rides, glittering fireworks, costumed performers and giant art installations. Local and international performers completely transform this celebration into a festival unlike any other. Tickets for EDC Mexico are on sale and can be easily booked from the official website of the carnival.

Vive Latino, March 13-March 15, 2015

Vive-LatinoAn impressive amalgamation of several rock and alternation music expressions, Vive Latino is a celebrated Latin American music culture festival held annually in the city of Mexico. As the name goes, this two-day carnival basically emphasises on the participation of Latin American musicians, consolidated music groups of mass appeal and emerging bands. The immense popularity of this prestigious event can be easily judged from the fact that more than a hundred thousand merrymakers visit this festival, every year. The stage of Vive Latino is even open to new sounds, mergers, jazz, progressive rock and sonic experiments displayed by artisans from different parts of the world. The festival also holds art shows, graffiti, scenic proposals and artistic expressions to keep the visitors entertained and happy for their decision to book tickets on flights to the region!