Sightseeing, Shopping and Staying-Safe: Three Important ‘S’ for Lahore Trip!

Lahore is Pakistan’s cultural, intellectual and artistic hub. Just one trip to the metropolis and you can easily comprehend why! The fascinating city thrives on its contrasts that blend together seamlessly: East with West, Islam with other religions and age-old cultures with contemporary flamboyance. Cosmopolitan shopping and easy accessibility from most cities in the world are some other components that tempt holidaymakers to buy travel tickets and land here.



Minar-e-PakistanLahore is home to some of the most magnificent architectural and historical sites in Pakistan. You can spend a full day just exploring city’s historical treasures, all located within a close proximity. First-timers can head to two of city’s highly revered monuments, the Lahore Fort and Badshahi Mosque, and get awed by their grandeur! Minar-e-Pakistan, Lahore Museum and Lahore Art Gallery are some other attractions worth checking out if you’re here to delve into the city’s historical legacy. Shalimar Gardens, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, houses landmarks and artefacts dating back to the Mughal era and is a must-visit place for all who have booked tickets for holidaying in Lahore.

Shop to Your Heart’s Content

Lahore has earned its repute as a shopaholic’s delight and not without a reason! There is nothing you would not find in the famous Anarkali Market! Brimming with shops and stalls, this historical market-place spoils one with a wide choice of textiles, handcrafts, garments and leather goods. Don’t forget to bargain if you really wish to crack a good deal! Sampling local delicacies at any of the food stalls in the market is another memorable expedition, well worth the cost of travel tickets and other holiday essentials. Those looking for a more exclusive shopping experience should check the city’s swanky malls such as Vogue Towers and Mall of Lahore.

Staying Safe

Though Lahore is one of the most liberal cities in Pakistan, holidaymakers buying flights’ tickets to the metropolis should adhere to its social and cultural norms. Unlike United Kingdom or any other European country, it is best to dress conservatively when wandering around Lahore, especially if your itinerary includes the visit to the religious sites like Badshahi Mosque. Always fix the fare before you start a ride in a taxi or an auto. If hiring a metered taxi, ask the driver to take normal route, as his proposal to take you through the short-cut may be just a way to hike up the fare! Don’t engage in any sort of dispute with locals. In case of trouble, take help from the local police!