Most Popular Restaurants in San Francisco that you will Fall in Love with!!

Most Popular Restaurants in San Francisco

If you are heading to San Francisco and have no clue where to eat out in the city, read on as we give you a quick peek into some of the best eateries that the city takes pride in having.


Specializing in organic wood-fired cuisine, Nopa manages to stay perfect while serving the customers the best of everything. The food is urban rustic and created with seasonal ingredients sourced from local suppliers; no matter what time of the day you visit, a delicious treat is guaranteed. People who are booking tickets on flights to San Francisco should know that this restaurant’s reservation is hard to get and therefore a prior booking is a must.
Where: 560 Divisadero Street

Bar Tartine

With its irresistible dishes and peerless service, Bar Tartine is a hot favourite among the locals as well as the tourists. One visit is enough for you to fall in the love with the dishes that they serve. That is the reason why it is always packed with frequent customers. Chef Nicolaus Balla takes the conventional cuisines to a next level; you will find the flavours of Hungary, Japan and Denmark, as well as California into the menu of this restaurant. Try the fried langos potato bread and daytime Smørrebrød sandwiches; they are wonderful!
Where: 561 Valencia Street

Gary Danko

The award winning chef Gary Danko’s ambitious venture has resulted in this fabulous spot for fine dining. From soul stirring dishes to legendary service, Gary Danko’s meticulousness is visible in everything. The restaurant serves sophisticated contemporary cuisine and it is served in a classy ambience. Holidaymakers who are blocking tickets aboard flights to San Francisco and are wondering if there is a good place for fine dining, Gary Danko is their spot.
Where: 800 North Point Street


SPQR is, in case you want to know, short for Senatus Populesque Romanus which means ‘People and Senate of Rome’. Passionate about Italian cuisine and wines, the restaurant is one of the finest Italian restaurants in the city. Chef Matthew Accarrino, winner of ‘Best New Chef’ in 2014, is leading the place and has an incredible enthusiasm for keeping the restaurant among the best. Highest quality of food, delicious wines, and great service – SPQR has it all.
Where: 1911 Fillmore Street