Three Popular Attractions in Ocho Rios, Jamaica

If you are planning to visit an exotic, adventurous and offbeat destination this holiday season, Ocho Rios is just the place for you. Ocho Rios, located on the north coast of Jamaica, is surrounded by a number of waterfalls and tropical gardens.


The place is famous for being home to various famous writers and musicians. The author of the famous James Bond series, Ian Fleming lived in Oracabessa. You can also visit the abode of the famous composer and playwright Noel Coward. But Nine Mile in Ocho Rios is known for being the birthplace and the final resting place of the King of Reggae, Bob Marley. Check out three prominent attractions here.

Green Grotto Caves

The Green Grotto Caves are popular as the erstwhile hideout for Spanish settlers and runaway slaves and were also used as a backdrop for a popular James Bond flick. Presently various species of snakes and bats reside in these famous limestone caves.  You can take guided tours from the Runaway Bay, to know more about the history of the caves and see the marvellous formations of stalactites and stalagmites along with a mesmerising underground lake. Senior citizens, children, claustrophobics and people with physical disabilities are advised not to go inside the caves as they are full of slippery paths and stairs.

Nine Mile

Nine mile can aptly be called the Mecca for music fans; especially the reggae lovers, as this is where the reggae legend, Bob Marley was born and finally laid to rest.  You can choose to take guided tours which will take you through a museum and the mausoleum where Marley is buried. The tour guides will also provide information about the Rastafarian religion and interesting stories from the extraordinary life of Bob Marley.

Dolphin Cove

Dolphin Cove situated across the Dunn’s River Falls is a popular marine park which offers encounters with sharks, stingrays and dolphins. The beautiful three acre park houses a natural cove where you can choose to kayak or snorkel among the lush vegetation of the rainforest. You can also choose to swim with the dolphins and pet them. Although there is a fee for swimming with the dolphins which is not included in the price of entry tickets, the experience is worth every penny. After spending some fun time with dolphins you can also take the Jungle Trail walk where you will come across snakes, iguanas, and various species of tropical birds.