Three Popular and Spectacular Attractions in the California Desert

The California desert stretches from the eastern side of the northern Californian region to the southern part of the state border.


You will find some of the most amazing landscapes, parks and lakes along the rugged and enormous terrain. Have a look at three of the most popular and spectacular places in California desert.

The Valley of Fire

The Valley of Fire, located about an hour’s drive from Las Vegas, is the oldest state park of Nevada. Covering about 42,000 acres of sandstone formations of solidified sand dunes, the place dates back to the age of dinosaurs. The rough landscape is perfect for wildlife viewing and hiking, especially during winters.  Although the park remains open year-round, it is not advisable to visit the place during summers, when the temperatures soar up to around 48 degree Celsius.

Anza-Borrego Desert State Park

Anza-Borrego Desert State Park, situated about 135 kilometres from San Diego, is the largest State Park in California. The park covers around 600,000 acres of desert landscape. You will find various species of cacti here. Before exploring the State park, we recommend you to check out the Visitor’s Centre where you can get maps and other important information about the park. You can also get information about the latest hiking trails and roads.

Salton Sea Recreation Area

Salton Sea is actually an ancient lake that once used to be a dried up salt-bed but came back to life in 1905 due to the Colorado River flood. The irrigation canal in Imperial Valley gave way to the swelling river waters, which flooded over to the old bed and filled it up to 82 feet. The lake, known as Salton Sea at present, kept getting flooded by the river till 1907. The inland lake is below sea level, and has no natural outlets. The State recreation area has been set up near the northern banks of the Salton Sea and is a popular picnic area and campsite. It is also used as a fishing spot by fishermen and a recreational area for water sports enthusiasts. The various species of birds found here make it a birdwatcher’s haven.