Cairo’s Khan El Khalili-The Colourful Labyrinth of Shopping Wonders

Sitting in the heart of Islamic Cairo, Khan El-Khalili bazaar is one of the most prized possessions of Cairo. The ever bustling bazaar quivers with eternal glory and transports you to an old Arab souk. Perhaps, it remains a compelling stop for almost every traveler who spends on tickets aboard Cairo bound flights. Here, shop owners clamour and call you to their stalls, the distinctive odour of spices and aplomb oozes out of every corner. Founded in 1382, this market substantially contributed to the development of trade from the east to west.



The shopping experience of Khan el-Khalili remains for a lifetime! It incorporates world into itself as good from all over the globe arrive here and shine across its alleys and streets. The open-air bazaar is filled to brim with awe-inspiring items ranging from spices to perfumes and jewellery to souvenirs. Shoppers buying tickets on Cairo bound flights will be spoilt for choices. They can get hands on vast range of items such as jewellery in gold and silver. The alleys of the bazaar are laden with leather items from Egypt and all over the world. Tourists having penchants for silver can buy the amazing collection of trinkets and jewellery. Water pipes are ubiquitous and can be easily found in myriad of shops. Tourists can also grab the wonderful assortment of home decorations highly acclaimed for their artistry and many masterpieces.

Key Areas

Khan El-Khalili is sits beside two markets namely Bab Zuwayla and Azbakiyyah. It is fringed on the south by al-Azhar Street and Muski Market on the west. The ancient gates make for the entrance to the authentic courtyard at the middle of Sikkit al-Badistan (street). Nearby is the El-Fishawi Cafe, or Cafe of Mirrors, the popular cafe frequented by host of tourists who buy tickets aboard flights landing in Cairo. The area north of al-Badistan and to the west are highly revered by locals while west area of the Khan offering great deals of gold and silver is apt for shoestring travelers seeking to make the most of their money invested on tickets cheap air tickets on Egypt bound flights. Move further and check out the Brass as well as copper-smith markets.