Maori Festivals Gratifying the Cravings of Foodies in New Zealand!

New Zealand’s majestic mountains, black sand beaches, lush landscapes and rich wildlife redefine the natural exquisiteness and lend a new meaning to words like ‘Sublime’ and ‘Surreal’! Travellers book flights to experience the magnificence of the country’s tranquillity and also to feel the thrill of adventure activities. However, one aspect that brings numerous culture vultures to the country is Maori people, their traditions and lifestyle. Contemporary lifestyle of the nation is incomplete without defining old yet enchanting way of life of Maoris. Holidaymakers buying tickets to taste the richness of authentic New Zealand gastronomy should consider being part of notable Maori food festivals.

Kawhia Kai

The festival remains at the top of the minds of epicureans to savour the indigenous delicacies by booking cheap flights to New Zealand. Colloquially, the event is known as Kai Food Heaven where sumptuous menu highlights an array of mouth watering seafood dishes to satiate the taste buds of locals as well as tourists alike. Hangi Kai is a must-try speciality which is served in a hand woven basket. Travellers should check the availability of tickets arriving at RaglanAirport, which is around 30 kilometres from Kawhia, for the month of February. In 2014, the food fiesta is scheduled for the 8th day of the month.

Hokitika Wildfoods

This wild food festival entices foodies from around the world, with its servings made from herbs and spices taken from the wilderness of New Zealand. The annual festival starts spreading the aromas of plethora of unique fares on 8th March, 2014. Entry tickets will be available online from December 2013. Main highlights of its extensive menu are NZ Swamp Fowl, Muttonbird, Mountain Oysters and Wild Pork. Besides appetizing starters, meals and drinks, the festival also features variety of live shows and gigs to keep the momentum.

Maketu Kaimoana

Maketu, the pie capital of New Zealand, celebrates popular annual festival Kaimoana festival which represents Maori culture beyond seafood. Travellers’ spending money on tickets for flights to peep into the cultural sophistication of New Zealand must consider being part of this fest that is held in the month of March every year. Entertainment options at Kaimoana features numerous activities such as helicopter rides and wine tasting events in addition to astounding music and dance shows performed by popular Maori groups.