A Peek into the Beautiful and Picturesque Hagley Park, Christchurch

The beautiful country of New Zealand, adorned with the bounties of nature, also has its fair share of man-made attractions and thereby entices tourists to book tickets for this destination. One such place is Hagley Park, which was created by the government with a view to entertain and engage many people for ages. This park is situated in Christchurch and its premises are graced by the beautiful Avon River.

Exotic Flora

Tourists arriving on flights to New Zealand make it a point to include Hagley Park in their itineraries. The park teems with a profusion of exotic blooms and the garden path is laced with many such patches. The park is also adorned with the delicate blooms of the cherry trees in the spring season.

Boat Rides

The Antigua Boat Shed lets tourist hire boats and cruise through the calm waters of the Avon. These boat rides are much coveted by the tourists who book tickets to visit the park with their friends and families and who wish to experience the serenity that surrounds the park.

Man-Made Wonders

The park also houses some amazing man-made attractions like the World Peace Bell and the Peacock Fountain. The beauty of these artefacts is enhanced by the scenic beauty of the park. Tourists take delight in the incredible combination of the natural and the artificial as they find the experience worth the money spent on flights.

Events and Festivals

Hagley Park at Christchurch hosts a number of events and festivals which are enjoyed by tourists and locals alike. Owing to the large size of the park, and its pristine scenic beauty, Hagley Park is considered to be a suitable place for a large congregation of people. The merry-making and inclusion of one and all can be seen in festivals like the World Buskers Festival. Many performers from varied parts of the world come to New Zealand to enliven the spectators at Hagley Park with their creative, innovative and hilarious acts and shows.


The park, which also happens to be one of the largest in the country, is also favoured by the sporty kinds. The park has a golf club and long stretches of cycling tracks which is bound to gladden the hearts of tourists.

The beauty of Hagley Park is too valuable and exclusive to be missed.