Auckland – A Glimpse at City’s Gourmet Secrets

Boasting abundance of natural wonders, awe-inspiring culture, gratifying shopping opportunities and countless of adventures, Auckland overwhelms one and all and has rightly been one of the reasons why tickets on New Zealand bound flights are so much sought after. Immersing into the city’s diverse dining scene is another prerogative which keeps epicureans pouring into this part of New Zealand like moths to a flame. Auckland, owing to its multi-cultural population, is a haven of a variety of delicacies and allows gourmets booking flights to sojourn here to dine to their hearts’ content. Here is a sneak peek into what has been cooking in this lively metropolis!


Local Flavours

Ethnic New Zealand cuisines are now intemperately modified by Mediterranean and Asian methodologies and ingredients. Fish and chips and Pavlova are two icons amongst local delicacies and are sought after by most gourmets boarding flights to Auckland. Meat pies, cucumber sandwiches and custard squares are some other must-try dishes, which go well with cream tea, the signature Auckland drink, as well as other beverages. One can find a number of restaurants all across the city to enjoy such local flavours. Some favourite among them include Sky City Restaurant, De Post Belgian Beer Cafe and Three Lamps Bar and Eatery.

Street Food

Street food in Auckland is simply enthralling and is must-try by all making ticket reservation on flights for arriving here. From Chinese noodles to local muffins and Italian Pizzas to Indian sweets & snacks, there is all that available at street food stalls in Auckland. Take an evening off from shopping and sightseeing and just head to Auckland CBD where dining at street is a mesmeric treat for taste-buds and is a sure fire way to make the most of the monies spent on flights and holiday deals.

Chinese Cuisines

No matter whether you’re new to these globally acclaimed cuisines or are a fan already, Auckland is an excellent place to satiate your appetite to the core. Make your way to the Hees Garden Restaurant at the Mount Eden Road for delicious Chicken & Sweet Corn Soup or Spicy Spare Ribs. Chinese fried noodles and chilli crabs are other signature Auckland dishes which can be relished at many restaurants, the most popular being Bombay Chinese Indian Take Away at Dornwell Road.