Top Attractions for Tourists Booking Flight Tickets to Auckland

Auckland, the ‘City of Sails’ offers an impressive concoction of bucolic delights, gleaming waters, captivating wildlife, and big city sophistication. The city has deluge of enticing attractions to please the smart trippers hunting for cheap deals for tickets aboard Auckland flights. Here is a run down of top attractions of the town!


Auckland Zoo

Spread across seventeen acres of gargantuan land, the emerald hued zoo is dipped in high levels of picturesque beauty and is a humble abode of largest assemblage of native and exotic animals, including the endangered ones. Stroll through this greenery rich place to meet the amazingly lovely inhabitants. The zoo is an utterly rejuvenating haunt that delightfully adds to the popularity of flights and tickets to Auckland.

Kelly Tarlton’s Underwater World

This is another fantastic destination in Auckland that has found favours in the mind dictionaries of marine enthusiasts boarding flights for Auckland. Visitors to this underworld haunt can experience the exciting adventure of being up-close with ocean predators’ like ferocious sharks, gigantic stingrays, bizarre crustaceans, delightful sea dragons and more. The adventure-filled encounter with the gigantic marine dwellers is worth the money spent on flight tickets to Auckland.

Sky Tower Auckland

Sky Tower

Rising 326 meters high above the Auckland skyline, Sky Tower is an iconic landmark wooing visitors from near and far to catch jaw-dropping vistas of the magnificent surroundings. The towering destination allows you to challenge your spirit of adventure and get that extra kick by sky walking around the tower or by jumping high from it. A visit to this delightful tower promises all the hedonists a fascinating day out, offering true value for the money spent on air tickets for flights.


Auckland, the ‘City of Sails,’ is an irresistible sailing destination offering high-speed racing boats, luxury yacht charters and traditional Maori Waka to indulge in the adrenaline pumping dare-devil activity. There are many sailing clubs in Auckland to give travellers’ out-of the world yachting experience. This challenging sport tops the itineraries of adventure junkies booking flight tickets to Auckland.