Top 3 Museums That Draw Tourists to Book Cheap Tickets to Durban

Cheap Tickets to DurbanWith an avalanche of mesmerizing sights and inspiring modern amenities, Durban has always lured tourists from far and wide to book cheap flights tickets to this enchanting South African city. Durban is considered a heaven for shopaholics; it offers ample of opportunities for relishing in the best of retail therapy. Besides, this city has fascinating beaches galore and attracts beach fanatics to invest on cheap tickets to Durban all year-round. But if you think that this leading metropolis of South Africa has got nothing to offer to a historian, you’re clearly thinking on the wrong lines! Durban has panoply of intriguing museums that catch fancy of hordes of history-enthusiasts who grab tickets for cheap flights landing in the city.

Here is a quick check into the best museums in Durban:

Killie Campbell Africana Museum

Considered as one of the most visited museums in Durban, it houses the valuable heritage of Dr. Killie Campbell. There are scores of galleries that exhibit various books, photographs and pieces of Zulu art, and offer the visitors a virtual tour of the history of the Zulu’s and Natal. Stunning pieces of furniture and precious sculptures are also stacked here.

Opening Hours

Tuesday and Thursday – 8am to 11pm

Natural Science Museum

All those taking Durban flights and have a penchant for African wildlife and the desire to closely examine it would be left spellbound and completely amazed at this museum. It enjoys a hefty collection of animal taxidermies, stuffed birds and giant insect replicas, and gives the visitors who spend on cheap tickets to Durban a clear idea about Africa’s rich wildlife.

Opening Hours

Monday to Saturday (8:30am to 5:00pm, Sunday and Public Holidays (11:00am to 05:00pm)

Kwa Muhle Museum

This museum offers a picture of the troubled Apartheid era in South Africa and is a must-visit for all the history lovers making reservation for tickets on flights landing in Durban. It chiefly accommodates art objects and paintings, which describe the harsh life of the city during changing times.

Opening Hours

Monday to Saturday – 8:30am to 4:00pm, Sundays and public holidays – closed