Volcano Climbing is the Most Distinctive Activity to Enjoy in Auckland


Auckland is sure to leave you with jitters of adventurous fancies with skywalking, sea diving, kayaking and several other thrilling activities. But one activity that sets this Kiwi city apart from other destinations that are said to be the Mecca for adrenaline junkies is Volcano climbing. Every year numerous hikers and climbers buy tickets aboard Auckland bound flights to indulge in this activity. Auckland is home to some of the most popular volcanoes in the world. Here’s a list of a few that you can contemplate on climbing.


This is the youngest of all the volcanoes in Auckland and this fact makes it a must visit spot for thrill seekers boarding flights to enjoy volcano climbing in New Zealand. You just need to buy tickets for ferry to reach here from Auckland Downtown and admire one of the most iconic geological formations in the city. While climbing up you would come across lava caves, various species of native trees and orchids. There are vantage points that offer scintillating views of the surrounding lush greenery.

One Tree Hill

As the name suggests, this volcano features a pine tree at its top. This is the largest in Auckland and is a must visit site for culture vultures investing pounds on tickets to visit this Kiwi city especially to explore the dazzles of Maori culture. This hill boasts terraces around fortifications known as Maori Pa. Cornwall Park is located at its base and is a sought after picnic spot for locals and tourists alike. Once you reach at the top, you would not only find the pine tree but also the grave of the city’s founder, Sir John Logan Campbell.

Mount Eden

Strategically located in Maungawhau, this is Auckland’s highest volcano and has emerged as one of the most preferred attraction for adventure lovers netting tickets to board flights landing at Auckland International Airport. Be a part of guided tour and know about the Maori historical legends while admiring the surrounding natural enchantments such as occupation terraces and lush parkland.