Blue Metropolis Montreal International Literary Festival – Must Visit for Literature Lovers


For those who write, those who read and those who have a passion for both, Blue Metropolis Montreal International Festival is one of the top literary festivals in the world and a big push to spend on flights tickets to the Canadian city. It is a great confluence for all the writers and is world’s first multilingual literary festival that is celebrated annually in Montreal. Founded by Montreal writer Linda Leith in 1997, the idea of forming this non-profit organization was to bring together writers from all over the world of different cultures, languages and ideas.

The inspiration of this organization was “Write pour écrire”, literary event that was organized by Linda Leith, Ann Charney and Mary Soderstrom (members of the Writer’s Union of Canada). This event brought together writers of various languages and has been admired greatly. The urge grew and that is how Blue Metropolis Montreal International literary Festival came into existence. First ever event of this organization was from April 19 to 23 in 1999. And since then the popularity has grown in the writers’ fraternity and the rest of the world. When it was organized in 2010, people from around the world took part in it. Musicians, actors, journalists, publishers, literary translators, illustrators and of course, writers joined this event and made it a great success.

The organization also focuses on kid; the Blue Metropolis Children’s Festival has been added in 2008 and been a great hit among children ever since, encouraging them to push their parents to board flights to the city. It brings the children authors in contact with kids all around the Montréal town. Blue Met has been expanding its wings and has been featuring events in Shanghai and New York.

Great authors like Colm Tóibín, Joyce Carol Oates, Amitav Ghosh, Dany Laferrière, A. S. Byatt and many others have been awarded here for their work in literature here. If you are lucky, you might meet your favourite author at this event as this confluence of great minds in the world of literature brings a lot of celebrity authors. When the crowd gathers here, the view is one of a kind. Whether you have a taste for a particular genre or are a lover of all kinds of literature works, Blue Metropolis Montreal International literary Festival should be in your ‘must visit’ list after you have invested on flight tickets to the city.