Stellenbosch Wine Festival: A South African Celebration You Must Not Miss!

Stellenbosch-Wine-FestivalAmazing wines, scrumptious food, and entertaining live performances by South Africa’s most popular musicians – Stellenbosch Wine Festival 2015 brings you the best of what the town of Stellenbosch has to offer. Considered to be the oldest wine festival of South Africa, it draws a number of visitors who book tickets on flights to be in Stellenbosch. Whether you are a solo traveller who wants to have some fun or someone with family who wishes to experience a bit of everything, Stellenbosch Wine Festival caters to everyone’s preference with its variety of activities. Here is a quick look at the highlights of the festival.

The Wine Route

Stellenbosch Wine Festival features one of the largest wine varietal tasting offerings at one venue. The famous Stellenbosch Wine Route is brimming with around 150 wineries. Wine Aficionados who are booking their flights tickets to Stellenbosch for this festival can taste over two hundred different wines in a single day! (Getting drunk is not the idea though as there is more to explore.)  As you are strolling through the wine route, you can easily feel the rich culture and history of the country embedded here.

Gourmet Lane

If you are foodie, you will be delighted to know that Stellenbosch boasts some of the finest restaurants of South Africa, and as most of them are sitting on wine farms, the festival brings a culinary experience too. The Gourmet Lane features some of the top restaurants to share their ways of culinary creation. Listen to their secrets as you are sipping your favourite wine, it is quite an experience. A lot more awaits you in the Gourmet Lane.

Pairing Food & Wine

Of course, a wine festival cannot be complete without this one. Keen wine lovers have the options to choose from 1 of 4 selected wineries where they can enjoy a canapé and wine-paring experience that will be hosted by some of the most popular winemakers of the country. It is important to pre-book as numbers of seats will be limited.

Stomping the Grapes

Are you ready to get your feet purple? Come and join the grape stomping at the Stellenbosch Wine Festival. A large number of enthusiastic people will gather to create a super-fun atmosphere. Live entertainment, grape stomping, bottle opening and barrel rolling competitions – the Grape Stomping Ground will include everything.

Dates: 30th Jan – 1st Feb

Location: Coetzenburg Sport Grounds, Coetzenburg Road, Stellenbosch