Five Thumb Rules for Wrinkle-Free Vacations to South Africa

The Rainbow Nation, South Africa is crammed full with attractions and is a popular holiday destination across the globe. Quite naturally, airlines that operate scheduled flights to the country often witness a virtual stampede for cheap air tickets to the destination. However, like other major tourist spots, South Africa also has its fair share of oddities and being mindful of five thumb rules may help in scoring a hassle-free holiday in the country.

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As in any foreign country, it pays to exercise general safety precautions when in South Africa. Crime against foreign tourists is not unheard of in South Africa and you must try not to deviate from the planned itinerary of your tour operator and stick to your group. It is sensible to avoid travelling alone to deserted areas after dark. Avoid carrying large volumes of cash or valuables.

Make sure that your passport is valid for at least 30 days from the date of your departure from South Africa. Also, do leave two blank pages for entry and exit endorsements on passport. Though Britons do need a visa for holiday for up to 90 days, do not overstay your visa. South Africa is quite a disciplinarian in terms of entry regulations and it pays to abide by the rules.

There are many tourists who book flights to the country with the intention of doing drugs. But it is important to know that drug consumption and smuggling is an offence in the country and attracts severe punishments.

Being overly amorous in public is not suggestible to those on flights to the country. Tourists booking tickets on flights arriving in South Africa must refrain from fondling in public in order to avoid unwanted attention. Though Homosexuality is legal in the country, people with homosexual orientation must refrain from public display of affection.

Try to avoid public hospitals for medical help. Exercise adequate precautions against sunburn, malaria and AIDS, which are prevalent in the country. Contact your GP around 8 weeks before your trip to check whether you need any vaccinations or other preventive measures.