Brazil’s Craziest Parties: Be A Part of Them This Festive Season!!

brazilFrom the endless strands of sun-kissed coast to the whimsically vibrant metropolises and a fun-loving population that celebrates many fascinating events year-round – everything that Brazil is made of looks hale and hearty! In case you’re planning a sojourn to this South American nation this festive season, from December to March, chances are you’ve invited yourself to few of the most exotic and thrilling parties you’ve ever been to! Though, there are scores of enthralling events on calendar, the following two are outstandingly delicious and allure many to buy tickets on flights landing in Brazil.

The New Year’s Eve

Although, the whole world celebrates the eve before the New Year, Brazil knows how to throw a party on such a mammoth scale that other celebrations look like casual conventions! One of the best places to see the unrestrained joviality is the Rio’ gorgeous Copacabana beach! It is where the country’s deep-rooted culture and a contemporary flamboyance come together to create an intoxicating tropical cocktail that leaves visitors harum-scarum on the paradise. Along this 4-km long beach can be witnessed a variety of merrymaking, from international band performances to spectacular firework displays and unending drinking and dancing. Taking in the Brazil’s awe-inspiring culinary culture will be another mesmeric experience, well-worth the money spent on flights’ tickets and holiday deals. Olinda, Recife and Salvador are some other places in Brazil where the New Year’s Eve celebration is simply unforgettable.

Rio Carnaval


Rio Carnaval by Nicolas de Camaret/ CC BY

Steeped in local traditions and amazingly vibrant, the celebratory extravaganza of Rio Carnaval lasts for five days (if not more) and draws fun-loving tourists from far and wide. Marking the end of the summer holidays in Brazil, it throws an invigorating hedonistic bash with plenty of dancing, music and partying on the streets. In 2015, the event will take place from February 13 to February 18, up to Ash Wednesday. People looking to visit Brazil should keep in mind that all 5days of this exotic fest are public holidays and see a massive upsurge in sale of hotel rooms, flight tickets and other holiday deals. Travellers should make their reservations well in advance.