Top Free Attractions in Barcelona, Spain that Becharm All

Barcelona is a beautiful city that’s graced with infinite charms. The region’s cultural charisma is too majestic to be ignored by anyone who disembarks from the plane that land in the city. The city’s bars and restaurants are wonderful and the upscale ones can really delight the taste buds of yours. Yes, it has to be agreed that Barcelona, in specific and Spain in general, are expensive places to spend few weeks in. But, that doesn’t mean that those with no-so-heavy-wallets cannot enjoy their time in region. Take a look at different attractions/activities that are absolutely free for travellers who don’t wish to spend more after investing on flights, tickets, hotels, etc.

Barcelona by Bert Kaufmann/ CC BY

Barcelona by Bert Kaufmann/ CC BY


Barcelona has some wonderfully delightful beaches and enjoying most of them doesn’t cost much! Penny-pinchers can try lazing around the Barceloneta, one of the most popular beaches of Spain. Enjoy a cool drink at any of the many beach bars or even more affordably, enjoy reading an interesting book! It costs nothing.

People Watching

‘People watching’ is perhaps the most enthralling part of a holiday for many. Nothing beats the charm of checking out the local crowd as they go about their usual routine! The tourist in you might take delights in locating a range of characters walking on the streets. El Raval, a neighbourhood in the Ciutat Vella district of Barcelona, is a nice place to people watch! From students to backpackers, all sorts are found here.


Spain is a sort of repository, with many grand monuments of great cultural and historical interest in Barcelona representing that Spanish feature! Travellers who spend on flights and are willing to move around in search of significant marvels might find the Colombus monument and the grand Arc de Triomf the perfect venues to enjoy penniless sightseeing.

Mercat de la Boqueria

Tourists may wish to soak in some local flavours at the Mercat de la Boqueria, a famous indoor market hall. This is a great place for tourists to check out the several Spanish colours that are illustrated by the merchants and tradesmen. Roam around the place and take it all in!