Tantalizing Nightlife – Another Excuse to Book USA Flights

Whether you’re looking for a lively party or a relaxed evening at a cosy bar, there are plenty of options in the USA for a prefect nightlife-centric holiday trip. The USA has some of the best nightlife hotspots that never fail to impress with fun-filled nightly celebrations.



Travellers reserving tickets for USA flights arriving in Miami often get pleasingly stunned by the happening and chic nightlife scene of the city. The trendy South Beach neighbourhood in the city generally steals the show with its ever celebratory mood. You’ll discover everything from plush dance clubs to luxurious lounges like Cameo, LIV, Mynt Lounge etc., in and around its art-deco streets. Enjoy refreshing drinks and exotic cocktails at hip and happening spots in true blue Miami style at this Magic City of America with a Latin twist.

Las Vegas


The iconic city of Las Vegas needs absolutely no introduction! With its reputation as a giant playground for both the hedonists and the hermits, Las Vegas makes merrymakers’ scramble for flights bound for the USA! You can party hard at some of the worlds’ most amazing nightclubs like TAO, Pure, Marquee, LAX etc., and spend an evening wooing the lady luck at one of the many palatial casinos such as HAZE and Ghostbar. But if you are looking for less flashy pursuits, make your way to the Fremont Street and spend a romantic night over a drink or two.

New York City


You will discover that no city in the USA has a wider variety of nightlife options than New York City. Travellers can spend an evening in numerous ways, whether sipping on refreshing cocktails or enjoying at one of many lounges and dance bars like Santos Party House, S.O.B.’s, Club Shelter, Marquee, etc. Music lovers must do well to enjoy karaoke nights with friends in the city.



Travellers arriving on flights bound for the USA would be amazed to see how America’s Windy City, Chicago turns to a party mosaic full of live music, dance beats and theatrical performances as soon as the scarlet sun fades down the ocean. The city features a staggering range of posh lounges and fantastic nightclubs such as Crimson Lounge, The Violet Hour, The Green Mill, Spy Bar, Primary etc. But more matured visitors may head out to one of the many quiet, cosy bars and enjoy a relaxed night out.

New Orleans

Most visitors booking flights to the city of New Orleans in the USA get startled by the city’s distinct nightlife flavour! The city comes alive with neon-lights and deafening music after dark. Party-goers on flights to the city in the USA may let their hair down and party till the wee hours of the morning at one of the many clubs and lounges including Cosimo’s, Golden Lantern, St. Charles Tavern, Bridge Lounge, Davenport Lounge etc.