Brisbane Festival Promises a Zealous Stint in the Queensland Capital!

September is the month when laidback-yet-cosmopolitan charm of Brisbane wears a new attire of cultural celebrations with the annual Brisbane festival. This is one of those art festivals that explicate the cultural affluence of Australia. If you have booked tickets aboard flights to visit Brisbane in September, this event should be there in your priority list. Why? Reasons are many! But in a nutshell, this is your time to laugh your lungs out and dance your heart out! Read on to know more about splendiferous Brisbane Festival.



In 2014, this annual festival is scheduled to take place from 6th to 27th September at various venues across the city. Most prominent ones are Queensland Performing Arts Centre, Theatre Republic and Brisbane Powerhouse. Tickets are available online and you can avail discounts on purchase of multiple tickets. The festival also features several free events. One can visit the event’s official website for more details on dates, venues as well as accommodation.


Music and Dance

Music and dance lovers are sure to get baffled by the selection of performances by world class artists and bands. American Ballet Theatre, Deluge – an experimental dance project and Desh by Akram Khan are must for dance enthusiasts. Rap City and Ocean’s Skin are two free events that would allure music as well as dance buffs in large numbers. Fans of Opera can ill afford to miss out on being a part of events named The Perfect American and Floods whereas Limbo and Soap are creating a buzz among those who love cabaret.

Comedy and Circus

If you are boarding flights with family during September in Brisbane, you should not overlook the circus shows. Jaw-dropping acts at Do Do Land and the Physical Impossibility of Disappearing add novelty to the circus. The hilarious comedy at Hurry Up and Wait, Squidboy and Kaput will end up adding smiles to your face.

Theatre and Visual Art

Theatre lovers get numerous opportunities to appreciate magnificent performances of talented actors. Notable theatre acts that are on the menu of Brisbane Festival are The Shadow King, Orlando, The Button Event and Monkey…Journey to the West. Art lovers must consider adding ‘Exxopolis’ and ‘Access Art Camera Wonderer Installation’ to their travel plan.