Must Visit Attractions for Sightseers on Holidays to Salvador


If you are planning to book flights arriving in Brazil for holidays, do well to spare a few days in your travel itineraries to explore the fabulous city of Salvador. This Birthplace of Brazil is crammed full with attractions and activities to keep its visitors entertained and engaged for days. The city packs in a surprise lurking at every possible nook and cranny making it utterly difficult for visitors on Brazil flights not to fall in love with this metropolis. Here are top attractions that are sure to appeal to sightseers on Salvador flights.

Museu Afro-Brasileiros

The Museo Afro-Brasileiro is one of the most popular attractions in Brazil. Most culture vultures on flights to the city of Salvador ensure visiting the place for an intriguing insight into African cultural heritage. The museum packs in a staggering collection of interesting exhibits including maps, masks, jewellery, clothing, musical instruments, traditional games and pottery. The candomblé exhibit at the museum offers a closer look at roots, idols and traditions of Brazil’s colourful region. Britons and other European travellers on flights to the city who plan to visit the museums must ask for an English translation booklet which is available at the entrance of the museum.


Holidays to Salvador are rendered incomplete without spending some time in Pelourinho while admiring the colourful colonial buildings, cobblestoned streets and the sense of history that abounds the place. Brazil’s first slave market, Pelourinho features a range of restaurants, bars and open-air cafes from where one may take in the colourful and architecturally rich surroundings while gorging on some of the finest cuisines and sipping on some of the most refreshing drinks. Quite expectedly, many sightseers from around the globe including the UK book tickets aboard flights arriving in the city of Salvador to explore Brazil’s chequered past.

São Francisco Church and Convent

It’s hard not to get impressed by the significance of spirituality in Salvador with over 365 Catholic churches peppered across the city. The oldest of these churches, São Francisco Church and Convent dates back to the 1700s and boasts well-preserved artefacts of Baroque and colonial architecture. One of the most impressive churches in Salvador, São Francisco Church and Convent was burned down to ashes in early 1600s during Dutch invasion. Curious sightseers booking seats aboard direct/indirect flights bound for the city of Salvador must do well to spend some admiring the architectural genius and exploring some history at the São Francisco Church and Convent.