Top 3 Haunted Sites for Ghost Hunters Booking Flights to San Francisco


USA’s City by the Bay, San Francisco packs in scores of attractions and activities to ensure its visitors are entertained and engaged. But what makes this city such a hotspot with ghost hunters from across the globe is the prolific availability of spooky sites in the city. It is the city’s fair share of haunted attractions that make it a stamping ground for ghost hunters booking tickets on flights arriving in the USA. Here are just three of the most popular haunted attractions in the city of San Francisco for those booking their seats aboard flights bound for the USA.

Winchester Mystery House

Ranking alongside some of the world’s scariest places, Winchester Mystery House remains the star attraction for every visitor who books flights to the city of San Francisco to chase the paranormal. There is a long list of tales and legends attached to this place and locals believe that the house was cursed, haunted by ghosts and spirits both famous and infamous. There have been several reports of sightings of ghostly apparitions and paranormal activities in the house.

Stow Lake

Arguably one of the most infamous and haunted sites in San Francisco, Stow Lake is reportedly home to many ghostly occurrences. Over the years, people have reported several ghost-sighting at this place after dark. As per a legend, an infant slipped from the stroller and crashed into the murky water and her mother jumped in the water to save the baby. But both the mother and child drowned and people believe that at night the lady’s ghost pleads with passers-by to help her find her baby that drowned. With its creepy ambiance, this Golden Gate Park’s Stow Lake tops the popularity charts alongside other attractions in San Francisco tempting many paranormal hunters to book direct/indirect flights to the destination.


This is one of the top attractions in San Francisco and tempts a fair share of sightseers who book flights arriving in the USA. There is a long list of eerie tales attached to this place that are sure to scare the wits out of even the lion of hearts. There have been several reports of spirits inhabiting the halls of Alcatraz and different sounds coming out from the old shower room. Many daredevils are often found looking for flights bound for San Francisco to find out the truth behind the legends attached to this building. Certainly not for the faint of hearts, Alcatraz is one attraction that tempts spirit chasers into booking seats on flights arriving in Canada’s popular city for a perfect spooky adventure.