Vital Entry Tips for Britons Hopping Aboard Brazil Flights

From endless glamorous beaches to unspoiled cultural treasures and dense Amazon rain forests, Brazil unfolds itself as a colourful riot of superb sights, dramatic sounds, melodious rhythms and vibrant cultures. But that’s not all! Glitzy cities, long winding rivers, exhilarating shopping and tantalizing flavours all seamlessly blend together to make Brazil flights such revered commodity amongst holidaymakers from the UK and the rest of the world. But it is important to remain heedful of vital tips on entry requisites to the country as a little carelessness in following the rules may spoil one’s vacation in this land of mystery and surprises. Here’s a little insight into a few fast facts about entry requisites as advised by FCO before booking tickets aboard Brazil bound flights for a gratifying vacation. For more and updated details, please visit the official website of the Foreign and Commonwealth Office.


Visa Requisites

British nationals on Brazil flights do not necessarily need to procure a visa before-hand and can enter the country without a visa as a tourist. For detailed information about visas, one must visit the official website of the Brazilian Consulate in London. Brazil is a disciplinarian in terms of immigration laws and Britons on Brazil flights must make sure of following the Brazilian immigration laws to the dot on arrival in the country. Visitors need to satisfy the Federal Police (the Brazilian immigration authority) of their intended purpose of trip to the country. In addition, Britons on Brazil flights need to ensure that they possess enough money to sponsor the duration of their stay and provide details of their accommodation and return or onward travel tickets to the immigration authorities. Visitors must also ensure that their passport is stamped, failure to which may result in hefty fines on departure. It is important to take special care of the immigration landing card as it required at the time of departure and one may be fined in case the immigration landing card is lost. Those planning to extend their stays in Brazil should apply to the Federal Police for an extension. Overstaying the visa is an offence and it may call for a notice to leave the country at one’s own expenses. It may also attract hefty fines and possible deportation.

Passport Requisites

British nationals planning to book Brazil flights for holidays must ensure that their passport is valid for a minimum period of 6 months from the date of entry into the country.