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Best Family Holiday Destinations in New Zealand that are Worth Visiting

Whether it is their iconic Kiwis or the breathtaking natural beauty, New Zealand has always been one of the most sought after holiday destinations in the world. When it comes to family holidays, New Zealand offers a really big list of things to do and see. There is absolutely no shortage of family fun here. Here are just three of the top family friendly destinations that are not only pleasant to visit, but live up to every penny families invest on tickets to New Zealand.


queenstownTickets to New Zealand remain highly revered commodity. Thanks to the very enthusiasm and extraordinarily thrilling adventure of Queenstown that can make even the most jaded soul turn into a cheering spirit. Beautiful lake and alpine areas bless this place with some of the most spectacular views. Swimming, rides, rafting and countless other things make Queenstown a fitting place for family holidays. Every site, every activity and every experience in Queenstown leave families gloating over their decision of booking those flight tickets to New Zealand. Take the famous bungy jumping and experience the thrilling rush of adrenaline as you watch the breathtaking views of the town from above.  Join the countless water sport activities or simply take your kids to Vortex Cinema – the list is endless.


christnchurchRenowned for its botanical gardens, Christchurch is a perfect place to spend time with your family. Picturesque picnic spots, adventure filled places, family friendly hotels and many other charms make this place a must visit for those who have a family with diverse interests. Whether you are an adventure lover who wants to feel the rush or a nature lover who simply wants to enjoy the jaw dropping views of nature, Christchurch will not disappoint. Take a tour to Lake Pukaki where nature is at its best. The fascinating tranquillity of this place is intoxicating. Visiting the famous botanic gardens with a family is a must do as it is the most sought after charm of this city and you really don’t want to miss it.


aucklandIf you have kids, you should really buy tickets to Auckland. The place is simply a heaven for children as it offers a myriad of fun activities. Water world, zoo, observatory and lot more, sometimes it is just so confusing what to choose. Visit the famous Kelly Tarlton’s Antarctic Encounter and Underwater World where the penguins are the prime attractions, take a tour to the Auckland Sky Tower where you can enjoy the 360 degree panoramic view of the surrounding and if your kids are big enough, they can take a sky walk here. Auckland has lots of family friendly hotels available so getting accommodation is always a pleasant experience here.

Top 3 Bungy Jumping Sites in New Zealand to Satiate Your Appetite for Adventure

Crazy, nerve-cracking and heart-chocking! It’s Bungy Jumping, we are talking about! And New Zealand is one of the best places on our earth to be a part of this exhilaration. Adventure seekers looking to add a travel experience full of delightful screams buy air tickets to fly to the Kiwi Nation and visit these cities and towns that are among the top notch bungy jumping sites in the world.



This panoramic town is home to Nevis Bungy, the highest in the Australasia and among the top places bungy jumping lovers must visit in their lifetime. It is located above gorgeous NevisRiver and thrill seekers get an opportunity to jump from a cable car that can accommodate six people. To be a jumper, you need to be over 13 and weigh at least 45kgs. Remember, weather here is quite different than the town. So, wearing warm clothes and carrying extra layers of clothes is always recommendable even if you are booking tickets to enjoy New Zealand summers.


Auckland, the largest metropolitan region in New Zealand, is reputed for its adventure streak. This city is home to first ever harbour bridge jumping in the world which takes place at AucklandBridge. It features Bungy Pod, a specially constructed podium to take a heart-pounding plunge from the sky-piercing height. Highlight of bungy jumping here includes a rare chance to take a jump that offers a refreshing ocean dip! Adventurous souls as young as 10 years also partake in this activity and feel the adrenaline rush provided their weight is not less than 35kgs. Besides bungy jumping, this bridge is also known for Bridge Climbing that allows travellers to capture the breathtaking beauty of Auckland.


This is another popular option among travellers spending pounds on air tickets to experience the thrill of water touch bungy in New Zealand. Honeymooners yearning to spend an adventure-filled-romantic-holiday in Kiwis can visit this heaven in NorthIsland and register for a couple jump. They can retain these astonishing moments in the form of photographs and videos.

No matter which city/town you opt for, it makes sense to inform the crew about medical conditions beforehand, if any.

Auckland – A Glimpse at City’s Gourmet Secrets

Boasting abundance of natural wonders, awe-inspiring culture, gratifying shopping opportunities and countless of adventures, Auckland overwhelms one and all and has rightly been one of the reasons why tickets on New Zealand bound flights are so much sought after. Immersing into the city’s diverse dining scene is another prerogative which keeps epicureans pouring into this part of New Zealand like moths to a flame. Auckland, owing to its multi-cultural population, is a haven of a variety of delicacies and allows gourmets booking flights to sojourn here to dine to their hearts’ content. Here is a sneak peek into what has been cooking in this lively metropolis!


Local Flavours

Ethnic New Zealand cuisines are now intemperately modified by Mediterranean and Asian methodologies and ingredients. Fish and chips and Pavlova are two icons amongst local delicacies and are sought after by most gourmets boarding flights to Auckland. Meat pies, cucumber sandwiches and custard squares are some other must-try dishes, which go well with cream tea, the signature Auckland drink, as well as other beverages. One can find a number of restaurants all across the city to enjoy such local flavours. Some favourite among them include Sky City Restaurant, De Post Belgian Beer Cafe and Three Lamps Bar and Eatery.

Street Food

Street food in Auckland is simply enthralling and is must-try by all making ticket reservation on flights for arriving here. From Chinese noodles to local muffins and Italian Pizzas to Indian sweets & snacks, there is all that available at street food stalls in Auckland. Take an evening off from shopping and sightseeing and just head to Auckland CBD where dining at street is a mesmeric treat for taste-buds and is a sure fire way to make the most of the monies spent on flights and holiday deals.

Chinese Cuisines

No matter whether you’re new to these globally acclaimed cuisines or are a fan already, Auckland is an excellent place to satiate your appetite to the core. Make your way to the Hees Garden Restaurant at the Mount Eden Road for delicious Chicken & Sweet Corn Soup or Spicy Spare Ribs. Chinese fried noodles and chilli crabs are other signature Auckland dishes which can be relished at many restaurants, the most popular being Bombay Chinese Indian Take Away at Dornwell Road.

Auckland’s Top Indian Restaurants

New Zealand is a wonderful holiday destination that’s most known for its glowing natural prowess and the gift of pleasing the adventure tourists. New Zealand’s Auckland is one city where the two are found in abundance. There is another thing that’s found in the city that is loved by the tourists who are spending money on flights to the Auckland. It is the Indian restaurants. And there are heaps of them but only few are the true representations of great Indian culinary knowhow. Take a look at two of the most popular ones.

Auckland top restaurants

Oh Calcutta

There is no need to wander far when Oh Calcutta is in sight and authentic Indian food is to be had. Oh Calcutta is regarded as the best Indian restaurant in New Zealand and the eatery has several awards to establish it. It was named the best Indian in NZ in a Herald poll in 2008 and was the leading name in Metro’s list of The Top 50 Best Asian Restaurants in 2009. The menu is comprehensive with brilliant spicy concoctions waiting for adventurers. The interiors of the place are beautiful as well with intimate settings. Oh Calcutta is located in Parnell, which is some 18kms from the city airport. This means those who are disembarking their New Zealand flights and seek the real taste of India need not travel a lot.

Bolliwood Café Bar & Restaurant

This one is a particular favourite of the young. Bolliwood Café Bar & Restaurant is located in one of Auckland’s busy suburbs and is surely right up there even when it comes to authentic cuisines of the Asian country. It is a perfect venue for a lively, private gathering or a romantic dinner. It is an award winning brand and those who land in Auckland after blocking tickets on flights bound to New Zealand can certainly find out why! Not surprisingly, even those Indian tourists who are very particular about the authenticity of the fare are seen leaving the place in a good mood!

A Brief and Useful Guide to Auckland International Airport

Auckland International Airport is the largest and busiest airport in New Zealand and serves millions of domestic, regional and international travellers. The airport is located around 20 kilometres south of the downtown Auckland city centre and is served by dozens of regional and international carriers that offer flights to the airport. New Zealand’s Auckland Airport is much renowned for its modern infrastructure, and a string of dining and shopping options for airport users. Travellers who are booking tickets to the airport for the first time would surely love a brief guide on its various features.

Flights to Auckland

To and from Auckland Airport

Those who need to travel to and from the Auckland Airport will find a host of options available to them. Bus services, shuttles and taxis are available from the terminal forecourts. Regular bus services link the Auckland Airport to the city centre and other parts of the area in New Zealand. Taxi and shuttle ranks are to be found outside the arrivals area. Rental cars are available as well to those who wish to drive on their own. Airport users will find that international terminal rental car services are located right next to the arrivals area on the ground floor.

Services and facilities

There are a host services and facilities at the Auckland International Airport that make the travelling experience of those boarding flights to this New Zealand city an enjoyable one. The airport offers luggage storage, visitor information and assistance. Wireless hotspots in the international terminals are available to keep the travellers connected. Those disembarking flights at the Auckland Airport will also find that medical services and first aid are readily available to people. Foreign exchange and banking services are provided as well.


While there are no hotel facilities available at the Auckland International Airport, a host of options are available close to the airport. These hotels are located nearby and act as perfect pads for those who have transiting flights from New Zealand’s largest city. Novotel Auckland Airport is located adjacent to the International Terminal and is popular with travellers. A relatively cheap ibis Budget Auckland Airport is close by as well.

Top Attractions for Tourists Booking Flight Tickets to Auckland

Auckland, the ‘City of Sails’ offers an impressive concoction of bucolic delights, gleaming waters, captivating wildlife, and big city sophistication. The city has deluge of enticing attractions to please the smart trippers hunting for cheap deals for tickets aboard Auckland flights. Here is a run down of top attractions of the town!


Auckland Zoo

Spread across seventeen acres of gargantuan land, the emerald hued zoo is dipped in high levels of picturesque beauty and is a humble abode of largest assemblage of native and exotic animals, including the endangered ones. Stroll through this greenery rich place to meet the amazingly lovely inhabitants. The zoo is an utterly rejuvenating haunt that delightfully adds to the popularity of flights and tickets to Auckland.

Kelly Tarlton’s Underwater World

This is another fantastic destination in Auckland that has found favours in the mind dictionaries of marine enthusiasts boarding flights for Auckland. Visitors to this underworld haunt can experience the exciting adventure of being up-close with ocean predators’ like ferocious sharks, gigantic stingrays, bizarre crustaceans, delightful sea dragons and more. The adventure-filled encounter with the gigantic marine dwellers is worth the money spent on flight tickets to Auckland.

Sky Tower Auckland

Sky Tower

Rising 326 meters high above the Auckland skyline, Sky Tower is an iconic landmark wooing visitors from near and far to catch jaw-dropping vistas of the magnificent surroundings. The towering destination allows you to challenge your spirit of adventure and get that extra kick by sky walking around the tower or by jumping high from it. A visit to this delightful tower promises all the hedonists a fascinating day out, offering true value for the money spent on air tickets for flights.


Auckland, the ‘City of Sails,’ is an irresistible sailing destination offering high-speed racing boats, luxury yacht charters and traditional Maori Waka to indulge in the adrenaline pumping dare-devil activity. There are many sailing clubs in Auckland to give travellers’ out-of the world yachting experience. This challenging sport tops the itineraries of adventure junkies booking flight tickets to Auckland.

Shopping Venues for Trippers Buying Flight Tickets to Auckland

Auckland is an alluring destination offering options galore for sybarites to indulge in incredible shopping spree. From high on style quotient designer outlets to exclusive boutiques, classy galleries, quaint villages, and ritzy malls, Auckland has it all! This Eden of shopping remains in good books of true blue shoppers bagging tickets aboard Auckland flights!shopping-in-auckland

Queen Street

The iconic Queen Street is an esteemed venue for distinguished international labels, phenomenal outdoor gear, duty-free goods, greenstone jewellery, and exceptional souvenirs. Connoisseurs availing flight tickets to Auckland can fill their shopping bags with impressive outfits from Louis Vuitton and Gucci etc. Queen Street ranks high with shopaholics booking air tickets for Auckland. The flawless shopping ambiance makes it more aspiring to spend much time into shopping.


Parnell is an excellent stopover for shopping maniacs buying flight tickets to Auckland to splurge at its boutique styled stores, upscale home-ware outlets, antique art and fashion stores, lovely galleries, chic cafes and trendy eateries. Parnell Village at the end of the street is a star attraction for art enthusiasts’ holding in its huge belly interesting assemblage of quaint shops. The place also serves as a delightful dining haunt, with colonial villas, renovated and converted into happening restaurants and eateries.


New Market tops the itinerary of fashion inclined excursionists grabbing tickets for touring the wonderland. Newmarket is a much-acclaimed shopping venue that enjoys wide-scale popularity among cash-flushed Auckland‘s folks. Being the fashion capital of New Zealand, the place is inundated with leading international and local labels that are remarkably outstanding. Be it high-end fashionable clothing, designer footwear, or the funky restaurants and glitz and glamour of the electrifying nightlife, Newmarket has it all. High on style statement, attires sold here are worth every penny spent on tickets for the flights departing for Auckland.