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Five Thumb Rules for Wrinkle-Free Vacations to South Africa

The Rainbow Nation, South Africa is crammed full with attractions and is a popular holiday destination across the globe. Quite naturally, airlines that operate scheduled flights to the country often witness a virtual stampede for cheap air tickets to the destination. However, like other major tourist spots, South Africa also has its fair share of oddities and being mindful of five thumb rules may help in scoring a hassle-free holiday in the country.

south africa

As in any foreign country, it pays to exercise general safety precautions when in South Africa. Crime against foreign tourists is not unheard of in South Africa and you must try not to deviate from the planned itinerary of your tour operator and stick to your group. It is sensible to avoid travelling alone to deserted areas after dark. Avoid carrying large volumes of cash or valuables.

Make sure that your passport is valid for at least 30 days from the date of your departure from South Africa. Also, do leave two blank pages for entry and exit endorsements on passport. Though Britons do need a visa for holiday for up to 90 days, do not overstay your visa. South Africa is quite a disciplinarian in terms of entry regulations and it pays to abide by the rules.

There are many tourists who book flights to the country with the intention of doing drugs. But it is important to know that drug consumption and smuggling is an offence in the country and attracts severe punishments.

Being overly amorous in public is not suggestible to those on flights to the country. Tourists booking tickets on flights arriving in South Africa must refrain from fondling in public in order to avoid unwanted attention. Though Homosexuality is legal in the country, people with homosexual orientation must refrain from public display of affection.

Try to avoid public hospitals for medical help. Exercise adequate precautions against sunburn, malaria and AIDS, which are prevalent in the country. Contact your GP around 8 weeks before your trip to check whether you need any vaccinations or other preventive measures.

Epicurean’s Delights in Singapore’s Chinatown and Little India

Singapore has always been a prime choice among travellers curious to experience the unique Asian tinge of this top rated tourist city-state. Chinese and Indian are two Asian ethnicities that have become an integral part of the culture of Singapore. Tourists booking flight tickets to spend some time amidst rich cultural ambience of the city-state should visit Chinatown and Little India. A trip to these ethnic neighbourhoods not only allows visitors to take a closer look at the flamboyance of the cultural richness but also to taste the delicious cuisines of China and India.

Flights to Singapore

Majestic Restaurant

As the name suggests, this is one of the most majestic spots to enjoy modern Cantonese cuisine in Singapore’s Chinatown. Few specialties on their menu that entice numerous food lovers investing money in tickets on flights terminating in the city are Boston lobster with stewed noodles, wasabi prawn and shark’s bone soup. The extensive list of dishes is well complemented by array of wines and desserts. They serve lunch and dinner from Tuesdays to Sundays.

Beijing Gong

Strategically located at Kreta Ayer Road, this restaurant is known for serving the best Chinese food in the area. Travellers booking tickets on flights to enjoy their holidays in Singapore can savour the authentic gastronomy while sitting amid classic Chinese setting at Beijing Gong. The interiors consist of magnificent calligraphy art and original paintings. Most fascinating aspect about the restaurant is that they keep changing the menu so that guests can add a novelty to their dining experience whenever they dine at this sophisticated eating joint.

The Banana Leaf Apolo

The restaurant in Little India is one of the most visited spot among tourists looking to satiate their taste buds with North and South Indian delicacies. If you are spending money on flights arriving in Singapore, don’t miss out on tasting their non-vegetarian specialties such as mutton Mysore, squid curry, head curry and masala chicken. Meals are served on a banana leaf in a traditional manner creating a complete Indian-styled dining culture.


Vegans boarding flights terminating in Singapore should have Komala’s on their priority list. This is one of the most notable Indian vegetarian restaurants in the region. Their menu is dominated by traditional yet reasonably priced dishes made from pulses, lentils, chickpeas, rice flour, coconut and potatoes. Popular Indian dishes that keep foodies coming to this magnificent dining place are idli, poori, chole bhature and dosai.

A Brief Guide to Popular Family-Friendly Hotels in Los Angeles

Hotels in Los AngelesWhile Los Angeles is best known for its glitz and glamour, there are many fascinating attractions that overwhelm the family vacationers arriving in the city. From laid-back gardens to action-packed amusement parks and a number of entertaining as well as informative museums; the captivating metropolis in the USA has it all! Quite naturally, Los Angeles tickles the fancy of families booking tickets aboard flights for a fun-filled holiday in the country. Besides, a panoply of hotels provide fitting accommodation in the city adding more to the pleasure of families booking tickets on cheap flights for holidays to the USA.

Here is a rundown of some popular family-friendly hotels in Los Angeles.

Magic Castle Hotel

Situated near the Hollywood’s Castle Magic, this well-renowned property is perhaps the best bet for family-travellers holidaying in Los Angeles. The massive hotel has over 40 rooms and offers excellent amenities and revered hospitality. But what makes it popular among families is that it lets its guests enjoy awesome magic shows at the Castle Magic, along with various recreational facilities. Kids will also love the thrill of swimming in a heated pool here. Rooms are well designed and are equipped with many family-friendly amenities. Surely, a stay here lives up to every penny spent by families on buying air tickets onboard scheduled direct/indirect flights for holidays in this vibrant city of the USA.

Hotel Bel-Air

This luxurious hotel is located at the Stone Canyon Rd and is away from the hullabaloo of the city. It boasts a wide range of facilities that bring smile on even the most cynical lips. There is a nice swimming pool available for both kids and adults. A wonderful spa with great attendant here offers an array of holistic health treatments. Food seems to be the other indulgence at Hotel Bel-Air; Multi-cuisine restaurants in the hotel serve a variety of delicacies from across the world promising something for every platter. A plethora of game facilities are also available to please the young ones. With all this and more, the property remains a perennial hit and catches the fancy of many family vacationers who buy cheap deals for tickets aboard the USA bound flights.

Top 2 Hotels for Superb Stay in Montreal

flights to MontrealOffering a harmonious blend of the new and the old, Montreal is one the best picks for a quick urban getaway in Canada. A vibrant city, both gastronomically and culturally, Montreal offers some of best shopping, dining and nightlife experiences. No wonder, the urban centre catches fancy of a large number of holidaymakers who book cheap deals for flights to have a delightful holiday in Canada. Furthermore, amenities and hospitality that city’s luxury hotels offer are just incomparable. Whether you love Downtown’s enchanting vistas, Le Village’s proximity to clubs & bars or the heritage feel of Old Montreal – the superb stylish luxury hotels in the city offer an outstandingly delightful stay, well worth the money spent on flights and holiday deals to Montreal.

Place d’Armes Hotel

A melange of three stunning heritage buildings of 19th century, the hotel embraces a seamless integration of traditional decor and contemporary amenities. Asymmetrically placed balcony, studios with private terrace, extraordinarily spacious bathrooms, extensive conference and meeting space and a full service spa – this eccentric property ensures its guest an over-the-top experience. Staying here truly lives up to every penny spent on room reservation and flights bookings for holidays to Canada. Besides, the award-winning in-house restaurant, Aix Cuisine du Terroir, offers a delicious blend of world flavours. Lovers of art and heritage who buy air tickets on flights heading for this Canadian city will surely love this hotel.

Hotel Nelligan

Set amidst fascinating Old Montreal architecture, this exclusive 64-rooms property boasts a fine mishmash of contemporary amenities and awe-inspiring hospitality. Rooms are furnished in sober yet modern fashion and feature all the contemporary amenities one can ask for. They have large windows offering fantastic views, spacious bathrooms fitted with sink-in tubs, fireplaces and inspiring Quebec poetry on the walls. When not dining in Nelligan’s excellent restaurants, you can enjoy a cup of coffee, in front of a fireplace, in its library. A spectacular water fountain, a bar, a spa and a gymnasium are just some of the other highlights of this hotel, making it a fitting accommodation for leisure travellers buying tickets on flights headed for Canada.

Useful Information for Those Travelling to New Zealand

The southern hemisphere country of New Zealand is exceptionally beautiful and offers heaps of alternatives to those who love adventure sports or those who just love beautiful locales. Among Britons as well, New Zealand is super popular as winter sun holiday destination. But before Britons hope to board New Zealand bound flights, it is important for them to get acquainted with significant aspects that are related with entry to the country.

flights to New Zealand

Entry requirements

Passport: The passport must be valid for a minimum period of 1 month from the date of exit from New Zealand.

Visas: Those holding a British passport can enter New Zealand as a visitor for up to 6 months without a visa. However, an Immigration Officer must be satisfied of your application. It is must that travellers have tickets for onward flights. Get in touch with New Zealand High Commission in London for related info.

Safety and security

Crime: Crime rates are pretty low in New Zealand but it is surely not unheard of in major cities and towns. There have been increasing cases of thefts in major tourist areas (like Queenstown). It is important for tourists to exercise basic safety precautions. Don’t leave valuables and cash in hotel rooms. Opt for those hotels which provide safes.

Adventure activity: Tragic accidents involving British visitors are common. Those who are getting hold of tickets on flights heading for New Zealand to revel in extreme sports adventures must opt for a reputable company. Also, make sure that adequate insurance covers you. Adventure enthusiasts who wish to go to remote areas must check with local tourist authorities for advice. It is equally important for visitors to register themselves at the information centre or to leave details with family or friends before venturing out for the adventure. Weather conditions can be tricky in certain parts of New Zealand. Make sure you keep yourself informed of weather forecasts of the region.

Maui Island, USA: Honeymoon with a Dash of Adventure

Nothing beats a romantic trip with a touch of adventure at a deserted island! Especially if the two of you want to take an escape far from frantic city life and spice it up with a dash of thrill. Maui Island, the second largest of the Hawaiian Islands in the USA, is a unique choice for honeymooners who seek serene and romantic settings with some together moments of adventure. The Maldives is dearly-won; Seychelles out of fashion and Devan too close to home. Maui Island is the perfect choice for Britons seeking an adventurous honeymoon gateway and ways to make most out monies spent on booking flights as well as holiday packages.

flights to USA

With lush green forests, palm fringed beaches and an array of modern delights, Maui Island never fails to overwhelm love-struck couples buying tickets on flights for holidaying in this part of the USA. Indulging in thrilling water sports like rafting, surfing and snorkelling is another prerogative that honeymooners will enjoy the most at the island. When it is enough of adventure, they can try romantic hand-in-hand walk on the fascinating sea-shores or can go for whale watching through a sea cruise. If the breathtaking oceanic views are a treat for eyes, the fresh floral air is sure to rejuvenate the senses.

Hawaiian Islands are known for offering exceptional spa therapies and Maui is no exception. The island’s geographical and climatic conditions boast various plants of medicinal properties. Then there are many resorts and hotels where rejuvenation therapies of several kinds are practised all year-round. Discovering the sensory treat at any of these hideaways will leave the couples gloating over the decision of buying cheap tickets and honeymoon packages to USA.

At Maui, tourists can shop to their hearts’ content. From street-side markets to fancy malls, the island has it all and leave shoppers spoilt for choices. Traditional market at Kaanapali beach and upscale stores of Wailea are popular choice for shopaholics bagging tickets on flights arriving here.

The best way to access this heavenly place is booking flight tickets to Honolulu International Airport and then catching a short, 30-minute flight to Maui’s Kahului Airport.

Auckland’s Top Indian Restaurants

New Zealand is a wonderful holiday destination that’s most known for its glowing natural prowess and the gift of pleasing the adventure tourists. New Zealand’s Auckland is one city where the two are found in abundance. There is another thing that’s found in the city that is loved by the tourists who are spending money on flights to the Auckland. It is the Indian restaurants. And there are heaps of them but only few are the true representations of great Indian culinary knowhow. Take a look at two of the most popular ones.

Auckland top restaurants

Oh Calcutta

There is no need to wander far when Oh Calcutta is in sight and authentic Indian food is to be had. Oh Calcutta is regarded as the best Indian restaurant in New Zealand and the eatery has several awards to establish it. It was named the best Indian in NZ in a Herald poll in 2008 and was the leading name in Metro’s list of The Top 50 Best Asian Restaurants in 2009. The menu is comprehensive with brilliant spicy concoctions waiting for adventurers. The interiors of the place are beautiful as well with intimate settings. Oh Calcutta is located in Parnell, which is some 18kms from the city airport. This means those who are disembarking their New Zealand flights and seek the real taste of India need not travel a lot.

Bolliwood Café Bar & Restaurant

This one is a particular favourite of the young. Bolliwood Café Bar & Restaurant is located in one of Auckland’s busy suburbs and is surely right up there even when it comes to authentic cuisines of the Asian country. It is a perfect venue for a lively, private gathering or a romantic dinner. It is an award winning brand and those who land in Auckland after blocking tickets on flights bound to New Zealand can certainly find out why! Not surprisingly, even those Indian tourists who are very particular about the authenticity of the fare are seen leaving the place in a good mood!

John F. Kennedy Airport Info for First-Time Visitors To New York

John F. Kennedy International Airport (IATA: JFK) ranks amongst USA’s busiest international air passenger gateways. Several global airlines from numerous destinations across the globe operate scheduled flights to the airport making it easy for travellers to grab cheap flights bound for the USA’s Big Apple, New York. The airport is highly acclaimed for its fantastic set of passenger-friendly services and intricate design. In fact, the magniloquence of this airport makes it a port of call for most visitors booking flights arriving in the USA. Here’s a brief guide of the airport intended for first-time visitors.

Flights to USA

Location & Connectivity

Fondly dubbed as JKF, John F. Kennedy International Airport is located at around 15 miles from midtown Manhattan. The airport is well-connected to the rest of the city with efficient transportation links. Subway/Metro, AirTrain, Taxicabs, and Shuttle are just some of the many preferred means of transport for passengers looking to navigate to different city points from the airport complex.


Passengers arriving at JKF are privy to warm hospitality, superlative facilities and impeccable services at one of the many lounges at the airport. American Airlines’ passengers have access to Admirals Club, while premium passengers aboard Delta Airlines’ flights are privy to Sky Club. Oasis Lounge, United Club Lounge, KAL Business Class Lounge and Swiss Lounge are just some of the many other lounges available at the airport.

Dining & Shopping

Some of the world’s most popular shops and restaurants call JFK home. At the airport, one may treat the taste buds to some of the finest flavours from across the globe and fill the shopping carts with everything from souvenirs to hi-fi gadgets and much more. In fact, airport’s duty-free shopping rivals the best in the world.

Airport Hotels

There is a wide variety of hotels and motels conveniently located near JFK – many of which offer hotel courtesy shuttles. Best Western, Courtyard by Marriott, Crowne Plaza, Double Tree Hotel, Hilton Garden Inn, Hilton New York JFK, Holiday Inn Express and Sheraton JFK are all located steps away from airport terminal and offers superb luxuries and an airport shuttle to make it easy for passengers to connect with the airport.

Nile River Cruise – A Tantalizing Excuse to Plan Cairo Holidays

No holidays are rendered complete without the river Nile Cruise experience when in the city of Cairo. Quite naturally, millions book hotels and flights for holidays to Cairo only to dive headfirst into the compelling wonders of the Nile! These cruises allow visitors to soak in the appeal of Bedouin culture, walk down the memory lanes at breathtaking temples and ruins or gasp in wonder as the ancient wonders and attracters unfold in full bloom!

Nile River Cruise

For most visitors on flights to the city, Nile Cruise remains an opportunity to get high on the fascinating mystique of Egypt’s most authentic wonders! Aboard River Nile Cruise, one may spend some exhilarating hours in the morning exploring some of the most popular sights and attractions. While booking tickets and packages for Nile Cruise holidays, one must remain careful of choosing the cruise liner that includes some of the most popular Egyptian hotspots in its itinerary.

Usually, Nile Cruises introduces cruisers to some of the most fascinating sights including the stupefying Valley of the Kings, Temples of Karnak and Luxor, Temple of Horus in Edfu, the double temple of Sobek and Haroeris in Kom Ombo and much more! The time flies by as travellers takes in some of the most fascinating sights of the ageless rustic tableau slowly floating by.

In between, visitors may choose to spend their afternoons lounging languidly on the deck of the boat taking in some of the most fascinating tableau slowly floating by. And as soon as the scarlet sun fades away in the time of the Nile, it’s time for a regal evening of entertainment. Fine wines and tantalizing delicacies are served, while musicians play haunting melodies to make the ambiance even more romantic.

The night seems to be radiating with music and melodies amidst the panoramic backdrop of the shimmering lights of the city gleaming brilliantly across the river. It would certainly be no exaggeration to say that a Nile cruise definitely makes up for the money one spends on flights and accommodation for Cairo holidays.

A Brief and Useful Guide to Auckland International Airport

Auckland International Airport is the largest and busiest airport in New Zealand and serves millions of domestic, regional and international travellers. The airport is located around 20 kilometres south of the downtown Auckland city centre and is served by dozens of regional and international carriers that offer flights to the airport. New Zealand’s Auckland Airport is much renowned for its modern infrastructure, and a string of dining and shopping options for airport users. Travellers who are booking tickets to the airport for the first time would surely love a brief guide on its various features.

Flights to Auckland

To and from Auckland Airport

Those who need to travel to and from the Auckland Airport will find a host of options available to them. Bus services, shuttles and taxis are available from the terminal forecourts. Regular bus services link the Auckland Airport to the city centre and other parts of the area in New Zealand. Taxi and shuttle ranks are to be found outside the arrivals area. Rental cars are available as well to those who wish to drive on their own. Airport users will find that international terminal rental car services are located right next to the arrivals area on the ground floor.

Services and facilities

There are a host services and facilities at the Auckland International Airport that make the travelling experience of those boarding flights to this New Zealand city an enjoyable one. The airport offers luggage storage, visitor information and assistance. Wireless hotspots in the international terminals are available to keep the travellers connected. Those disembarking flights at the Auckland Airport will also find that medical services and first aid are readily available to people. Foreign exchange and banking services are provided as well.


While there are no hotel facilities available at the Auckland International Airport, a host of options are available close to the airport. These hotels are located nearby and act as perfect pads for those who have transiting flights from New Zealand’s largest city. Novotel Auckland Airport is located adjacent to the International Terminal and is popular with travellers. A relatively cheap ibis Budget Auckland Airport is close by as well.