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Get Ready To Unravel A Brazilian Adventure!


Brazil is a fabulous South American nation full of surprises for travellers. It sees tourists from across the world all the year round. Have a look at some of the interesting experiences you can enjoy here, so that you can create an interesting itinerary for yourself.

Christ the Redeemer

This magnanimous sculpture, created back in 1931 by Paul Landowski, is one of the most visited tourist places in Brazil. It is situated on the peak of the Corcovado Mountain in Tijuca Forest National Park. The structure is created with soapstone and stands 30m tall. A symbol of Christianity across the globe, Christ the Redeemer is a true masterpiece.

Copacabana, Rio de Janeiro

One of the liveliest neighbourhoods in Rio, Copacabana presents an almost picture perfect diorama for people to appreciate! The sandy beaches are lined with little cafes and pubs that are all vivacious. Not surprisingly, people come to this colourful neighbourhood from different parts of the world. The military museum is among the region’s most striking tourist highlight.

Fernando De Noronha

This volcanic archipelago is situated 350kms off the northeast coast of Brazil. If you are fond of hiking and wish to visit this ecological sanctuary, you are in for a treat. You can witness sea turtles, reef sharks, dolphins etc. There are beaches where you can try several interesting adventure sports such as snorkelling and scuba diving.

Porto De Galinhas

Situated in Pernambuco, this idyllic beach is as beautiful as they get.  With its stretches of clear water beaches and natural pools, it promises a relaxing time to the travellers. This place has been voted the best Brazilian beach several times and it is definitely a place you should visit when you are around

Iguacu National Park

This splendid national park will certainly impress you with its beauty. With its terrain and landscape it creates a beautiful panorama that you will be at a loss of words to describe. People come here from different parts of the world to hike and trek.

Enjoy local delicacies

The food and drinks in Brazil are a highpoint as well. There are so many interesting dishes you should try when you are around such as Moqueca, barbequed meat, Cachaca, Pao De Quejo, Quindim and Acaraje. Besides, restaurants in most of the key Brazilian cities serve food from different parts of the world.

Shop at local markets

Street shopping in Brazil is something you have to do. Barra Shopping, Shopping Rio Sul, Passeio das Aguas, Boulevard Shopping Belem etc are some of the best places to pick up colourful souvenirs, clothes, jewellery, shoes, bags and so on.

Brazil Holidays – The Best of South American Country

Famed for its pristine beaches, rich wildlife, verdant rainforests and staggering architecture, Brazil is one of the most sought after holiday destinations in South America. Check out some of the most famous aspects of a holiday in the country.

Brazil Holidays

Popular Cities

A former Portuguese colony, Brazil is a nation rich in culture. Different Brazilian cities portray a different shade of this colourful country, attracting tourists from all over the world.

  • Sao Paulo: Known for its robust culture, stunning skyscrapers and culinary delights, Sao Paulo is the largest city in Brazil. Situated in south-eastern end of the country, it is home to some Sao Pauloof the most popular architectural wonders and interesting attractions including Sao Paulo Cathedral, Museu do Futebol (Football Museum), Mercado Municipal de Sao Paulo (Municipal Market of Sao Paulo), Liberdade District and Museu de Arte de Sao Paulo (Sao Paulo Museum of Art).
  • Brasilia: The capital of Brazil, Brasilia is located atop the highlands in the western region and is famed for its ancient buildings and royal complexes majorly build during the colonial era. Among others, Cathedral of Brasília, Jardín Zoológico de Brasilia (Brasilia Zoo), Palácio do Planalto (workplace of the President of Brazil), Praça dos Três Poderes (Three Powers Square) and Juscelino Kubitschek Bridge are the major tourist attractions in the city.
  • Rio de Janeiro: Well known for its mountains, beaches, carnivals and the famous landmark Christ the Redeemer, Rio de Janeiro is the most visited city in Brazil. Located in south-eastern Rio de Janeiroend of the country, the city has an exciting range of tourist delights. Apart from Christ the Redeemer, Sugarloaf Mountain, Copacabana, Ipanema and Santa Teresa are among the must visit attractions in the city.


Festivals are celebrated with much gusto in Brazil. The locals are known to live it up in style and with dance.

  • Rio Carnival: First held in 1723 as a part of the colonial tradition, Rio Carnival is one of the biggest carnivals in the world and the most popular festival of Brazil. Celebrated annually festivalbefore Lent, this festival is marked by colourful parades, dance performances, musical shows and other interesting and exciting activities. The Samba School Parade, featuring choreographed dancers and musicians, is a major attraction of the festival.
  • Festa do Peao: Also known as ‘Cowboy Festival of Barretos’, Festa do Peao is celebrated across the country with much pomp and show. This event is marked by series of events including bull racing, musical shows, dance performances and other exciting activities. The largest celebration of the festival is held in Sao Paulo every year with over thousands of guests being part of it.


Covered with around 60% of the Amazon rainforests, Brazil accounts for one-tenth of wildlife species in the world. The country is home to a wide selection of plants and animals including Wildlifeseveral endangered and endemic species. Protecting these species from extinction are national parks and protected areas in the country.

  • Itatiaia National Park: Established in 1937, Itatiaia National Park is the oldest national park in the country. Located in the south eastern end of Brazil, the park is home to over 350 species of beautiful birds including a few of the endangered and exotic ones. Hiking, rock climbing and bird watching are the top attractions here.
  • Chapada dos Guimaraes National Park: Located in the heart of Brazil, Chapada dos Guimaraes National Park was established in 1989 with an aim to protect the wildlife. You can spot jaguar, pampas deer, howler monkey, emu, tapir, giant anteater, giant armadillo, maned wolf, parrots, swifts, seriema and red macaws here.
  • Pantanal Matogrossense National Park: Established in 1981 for the protection and conservation of wildlife in the country, Pantanal Matogrossense National Park is surrounded by wetlands and rivers and is home to exotic species of birds and animals including anteaters, jaguars, black howler monkeys and tapirs.


Situated along the coast of Atlantic Ocean, this South American nation is adorned with some of the most stunning beaches, which are ideal to enjoy sun, sand and surf.


  • Santos Beach: Located in the city of Sao Paulo, Santos is one of the most popular beaches in Brazil. Famed for its beautiful white sand and stunning surrounding vistas, it is lined up with fabulous restaurants and shacks serving traditional delicacies and gift shops selling authentic souvenirs.
  • Ipanema: Known for its exquisite beauty, Ipanema is a famous Rio beach. This stunning beach is ideal to enjoy the best of sun and sand as well as a wide range of amazing water sports such as snorkelling and wind surfing. Bars, shops, restaurants and cafes can be found all around the area. The Hippie Fair, held every Sunday, is a major attraction.
  • Porto da Barra Beach: Situated in the city of Salvador, Porto da Barra Beach is a perfect place for those looking for a tan or an exciting sport. The famous colonial fort and cliffs on the side of the beach add to its charm.

Famous Places to Visit in Brazil

Brazil is one of the most popular tourist destinations across the world. Many people visit the country to experience its exotic beauty and to live it up at one of its many local or international festivals.


The sunny beaches, exotic culture, and friendly locals make a vacation in Brazil well worth the effort. Listed below are some of the most popular attractions of the country.

Copacabana Beach

The long and scalloped Copacabana beach offers lots of fun. Being one of the most popular attractions of the country, the beach teems with tourists and locals alike. This beach is as popular for playing football as it is for simply sunbathing. Though, the beach is well-lit at nights, it is still advisable not to visit late into the night.

Parque Nacional da Tijuca

The beautiful Parque Nacional da Tijuca is a must-visit park in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. The Tijuca, which covers an area of around 39-sq-km, is a dense tropical forest with mighty trees, creeks, waterfalls, and hilly terrain. It is a great place for outdoor adventure enthusiasts. Enjoy trekking on the well-marked trails. You may also attempt the long trek to the Pico da Tijuca peak or simply enjoy picnics.

Cristo Redentor

The Cristo Redentor is a huge statute of Jesus Christ and a famous attraction in Rio de Janeiro. The imposing Art Deco statue of Christ, also known as the Cristo Redentor or the Christ the Redeemer, stands with its arms outstretched. From the summit of Corcovado, the statue overlooks Rio de Janeiro and the bay. The statute is 709-meters high and is surrounded by a broad plaza.

Teatro Amazonas

Experience the beauty of the Teatro Amazonas or Amazon Theatre, an opera house in Manaus. The monument was built using the best materials brought from the world over. It contains furniture imported from Paris and was built with marble and steel imported from Italy and England respectively. The dome of the building is covered with brightly coloured ceramic tiles.

Ipanema Beach

Another popular attraction with travellers is the fantastic beach of Ipanema. The beach is thronged by all kinds of people, tourists looking to get tanned, hippies, musicians, and other artists. In fact, Arpoador, which lies between Ipanema and Copacabana, is one of the top surfing spots in the country. You may also play volleyball, football, beach tennis, and frescobol at the beach.

Enjoy Festa Junina in Brazil

The renowned and flamboyant Festa Junina (June Festival) will soon knock the doors. The colourful celebrations are a treat to experience in the scintillating country of Brazil.


Fly down to Brazil in South America and immerse yourself in the vivacious celebrations.

What it is?

Festa Junina is in many areas of Brazil, especially in the Northeast and Southeast region. The festivity is held to honour three catholic saints; St. Anthony, St. Peter, and St. John. Interestingly, every region and state has its own style of celebrations with different traditions. Thus, Brazil provides tourists a plethora of amazing things to explore during the June festival. Enjoy experiencing unique customs and folk elements such as dance, food and dresses. Although, tourists can find the whole of Brazil steeped in festivity, the North-eastern region is most famous for it.

Dates of Commencement

This much-awaited festival of Brazil is considered a high-end traditional event that indulges everyone. Plan your itinerary accordingly to enjoy the June Festival and celebrate St. Anthony, St. John and St. Peter with friendly and high-spirited locals. This year, Brazil will indulge in festivities on the following dates.

St.  Anthony – Monday, June 13, 2016
St. John – Friday, June 24, 2016
St. Peter- Wednesday, June 29, 2016
The stunning June Festival is an essential part for the country’s identity and some states observe a holiday. States such as Alagoas and Pernambuc consider a holiday on the day of St. John, whereas the day of St. Peter is also observed as state holiday in Rio Grande do Norte.

History of Festa Junino

The origins of Festa Junino are said to date back to the days of Portuguese colonisation. Delineated as an imperative traditional element of the country, it is a blend of cultures like European and Afro-Brazilian immigrant people. People in the countryside first started celebrating, which gradually spread to other parts of the country.

How it is celebrated?

Get ready to be charmed by the colourful décor all around in the month of June. Enjoy special presentations by artists. Dance performances, cultural events, food stalls and literary celebrations ensure non-stop entertainment and fun. Tourists can treat their taste buds to delicious food at hundreds of food stalls.

Top 3 Tourist Destinations in Recife, Brazil

Recife, the fourth largest city in Brazil, hasn’t lost its cultural and traditional charm due to industrial growth. Being the capital of Pernambuco state in the north-eastern part of Brazil, Recife is a brilliant blend of the old and the new. Home to a number of canals, inlets and 


bridges, Recife is aptly billed as the ‘Venice of Brazil’. The city is full of fascinating tourist attractions such as beautiful churches, cathedrals, and beaches. Have a look at the top 3 tourist attractions in the city.

São Pedro dos Clérigos

São Pedro dos Clérigos is one of the most remarkable monuments in Pátio de São Pedro, Brazil. Designed by Manuel Ferreira Jácome, the cathedral was built during 1728 to 1782 and is well known for its Gothic design. The interiors have an elaborate design as the galleries, pulpit and altars have been fashioned out of carved stones. A large number of tourists, especially art and architecture enthusiasts, visit São Pedro dos Clérigos from all around the world.

Capela Dourada

Capela Dourada, also known as the Golden Chapel, is famous for its brilliant design and architecture. This chapel belongs to the Franciscan Order. The two storied arch of cedar and jacaranda that have been adorned with pure gold, makes the Chapel a very popular tourist attraction. The statue of Christ hangs on a cross made of gold and with silver rays emanating from behind his head. There are many other instances of gold and silver artwork in the chapel that make it all the more eye-catching.

Boa Viagem Beach

Boa Viagem beach is Recife’s most popular tourist attraction. The seven kilometre-long beach extends from Pina Beach in the north to Piedade beach in the south and is the longest urban beach in the City. One of the major highlights of the beach is its mini swimming pools formed

Boa Viagem Beach

by high tides. You can see the beautiful coral reefs up-close. The walkway along the beach has many shacks and huts from where you can buy some of the best local food and beverages.  The coastline of Boa Viagem is divided into the different zones out of which the most popular tourist beach area is located on the north of Praca de Boa Viagem. Many posh buildings and properties can be seen in this area.

Vital Entry Tips for Britons Hopping Aboard Brazil Flights

From endless glamorous beaches to unspoiled cultural treasures and dense Amazon rain forests, Brazil unfolds itself as a colourful riot of superb sights, dramatic sounds, melodious rhythms and vibrant cultures. But that’s not all! Glitzy cities, long winding rivers, exhilarating shopping and tantalizing flavours all seamlessly blend together to make Brazil flights such revered commodity amongst holidaymakers from the UK and the rest of the world. But it is important to remain heedful of vital tips on entry requisites to the country as a little carelessness in following the rules may spoil one’s vacation in this land of mystery and surprises. Here’s a little insight into a few fast facts about entry requisites as advised by FCO before booking tickets aboard Brazil bound flights for a gratifying vacation. For more and updated details, please visit the official website of the Foreign and Commonwealth Office.


Visa Requisites

British nationals on Brazil flights do not necessarily need to procure a visa before-hand and can enter the country without a visa as a tourist. For detailed information about visas, one must visit the official website of the Brazilian Consulate in London. Brazil is a disciplinarian in terms of immigration laws and Britons on Brazil flights must make sure of following the Brazilian immigration laws to the dot on arrival in the country. Visitors need to satisfy the Federal Police (the Brazilian immigration authority) of their intended purpose of trip to the country. In addition, Britons on Brazil flights need to ensure that they possess enough money to sponsor the duration of their stay and provide details of their accommodation and return or onward travel tickets to the immigration authorities. Visitors must also ensure that their passport is stamped, failure to which may result in hefty fines on departure. It is important to take special care of the immigration landing card as it required at the time of departure and one may be fined in case the immigration landing card is lost. Those planning to extend their stays in Brazil should apply to the Federal Police for an extension. Overstaying the visa is an offence and it may call for a notice to leave the country at one’s own expenses. It may also attract hefty fines and possible deportation.

Passport Requisites

British nationals planning to book Brazil flights for holidays must ensure that their passport is valid for a minimum period of 6 months from the date of entry into the country.