Souvenirs to Take Back Home from Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka – the island nation is quite popular among tourists for shopping besides its endless beaches, adventurous water sports, timeless ruins and flavourful food. There are several street markets across the cities in Sri Lanka selling anything and everything at great prices. Check out below some of the amazing souvenirs you must take back home from Sri Lanka:

Sri Lanka Souvenirs Gems and Jewellery

If you did not know earlier, let us tell you that Sri Lanka is famous for its sapphires and moonstones. The island is known for designing wonderful jewellery out of gems and metal. While you can purchase gems from all over the country, Unawatuna and Kandy are home to some of the best big and small gem stores. Besides, watching the mining process through a film at various museums is an amazing experience here.


The island’s local and traditional clothing for women is saree. Osaria or Kandyan and Indian are the popular styles of wearing a saree in Sri Lanka. The Osaria or Kandyan style is majorly popular in Kandy. There’s a popular saree shop in almost all markets across Sri Lanka. From the local street shops at Pettah market to the upscale shops in Kandy and Colombo, there is a shop for every budget, and you are certain to be in love with the quality, styles and prices.

Sri Lanka Souvenirs Buddha figurines

As you all know most of the Sri Lankan people believe in Buddhism, you are certain to find several classic souvenir shops all around the country selling beautiful Buddha figurines. These shops are called Laksala. You can get the figurines in different forms and sizes; and not just Buddha; these shops also sell wonderful figurines of elephants, peacocks, leopards, as well as various handcrafted items. Colombo is the best place to grab these figurines and you can also explore Paradise Road to buy some handmade figurines and statues of good quality at great prices.

Sri Lanka Souvenirs Ceylon Tea

It is a known fact that Sri Lanka owns a large number of tea plantations in its central area; and Ceylon tea is called to be the original tea of Sri Lanka. There are many tea gardens, tea factories and shops all over the country to try and buy different tea flavours. Black tea is the traditional tea of Sri Lanka but you are sure to be in love with various other varieties such as English Breakfast, Chocolate Mint, Peach & Mint, Orange Broken Peko and more. Dilmah, Teaeli and Macwoods are the most popular brands.

Sri Lanka Souvenirs Beauty products

There is no doubt that most of the tourists flock in the island to simply relax and rejuvenate with spa and beauty treatments. While you can get healing Ayurvedic treatments here, you can also buy various Ayurvedic beauty products such as hair care packs, body washes, shampoos, body oils, face packs & masks, and more. If you shop for these products, go for the popular brands like Spa Ceylon, Siddhalepa, and Iris Garden.