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Top Beer Festivals of the USA

They say the national drink of U.S.A is bourbon, but there is no denying the fact that Americans are ardent about beer as well! There are a number of famous beer festivals held all over the country to prove the same, and you have no idea how completely crazy these festivals are!

1.    World Beer Festival


This is the largest beer festival where people from different breweries and different parts of the country display local, national as well as international beers and the best out of them is selected by beer connoisseurs.


The audiences come over for the love of beer. It is an amazing time filled with good drinks and good food, music and fun activities and competitions.

2.    Great Alaska Beer and Barley wine festival

This extremely famous beer festival is held in Alaska and people from across the country participate in the same. There are 40+ breweries participating in the festival and over 150 beers usually enter the league. People brave the Alaskan winters and pay a minimal entry fee to taste these beers, and make a day out of it.

3.    Great American Beer Festival

This one has to be one of the most popular beer festivals in the world. It is held in the end of the month of September by the Brewers association in Denver, Colorado. There are over 1600 American beers and 2300 beers in all, from across the world; that enter this competition and are judged by over 100 judges. As many as 450 local breweries usually take part in this festival and it lasts for three days. People make the most of it by sampling beers and enjoying three absolutely crazy days of fun, alcohol and frolicking with family and friends.

4.    The World Beer Festival

This is a huge beer festival that is held quarterly in different parts of the country such as Durham, Columbia, Cleveland and Ohio. Brews from different parts of the world are tested here and people have the most interesting time tasting these beers, learning about different blends such as lagers, Ales, Bocks and porters etc.

5.    Fresh Hop Ale Festival

This is a beer festival held in Yakima, Washington. This is different because it uses hops picked merely 24 hours before the festival and hence acquiring the name ‘Fresh Hop Ale’. There are several participating breweries that create magic in the hopes of winning this prestigious event. The audience’s choice is also kept in mind here, so basically your beer has to be a people pleaser as well besides tasting impeccable!

Loads of Fun Awaits you at the Evergreen State Fair in Seattle!!


The Evergreen State Fairgrounds is all set to host the Evergreen State Fair. This annual 12-day affair is held in August and is known to be one of the biggest events in the region. In fact, last year it broke records by registering more than 341,000 visitors. If you plan to visit Seattle around this time, get set for loads of fun-filled times with your family.


The venue is just about an hour’s drive from Seattle. With many appealing activities, exhibitions, midway rides, and events like bull riding and concerts, this event promises many unforgettable moments.

About the Fair

The Evergreen State fair was held for the first time in the downtown region of Monroe, Washington in 1908. As its popularity grew each year, the organisers moved its venue from the small downtown area to the current location at Evergreen State Fairgrounds.

You can look forward to thrilling rides such as Thunderbolt, Energy Storm, Giant Wheel to name a few; animal exhibits and barns; and great food!

The special attractions include Petting Zoo, Carnival Rides, Logging Show, Crazy Animal Races, Auto Races and Pro-West Rodeo.

Enter a Contest, and Make your Family Proud

Besides all the entertainment and fun, the fair gives you a rich insight into the essence of the US way of life. Enter one of the many exciting contests and emerge as a winner with your skills. Age is not a bar, as the contests are made specifically for various age groups. Besides, you may enter most of these contests for free.

Some of the events are Bubble Gum Blowing (Different competitions for adults and kids), Diaper Derby (For Babies and Tiny-tots), Egg Toss, Evergreen State Fair Sing Off, Frisbee Throwing, Pie Eating Contest (Different competitions for adults and kids), and different OC Food Contests. You can even volunteer to judge the contest!

Top June Events that Mark the Start of Festive Summers in Seattle

Seattle welcomes the summer season in June with a range of colourful events and festivals; in fact the city has an event for every taste and interest.  We have compiled a list of a few of the most popular events and festivals that Seattle is hosting in the month of June.


Pagdiriwang Philippine Festival

This annual festival commemorates the independence of the Philippines. Since 1987, Seattle Centre has been hosting this event in the first half of June. Also, this event has emerged as the biggest festival to admire the cultural and artistic richness of the Philippines throughout the Pacific Northwest. The two-day event is a part of a series of cultural programmes called Seattle Center Festál and is scheduled for 06th and 07th June, 2015.

Washington Brewers Festival

Spend Father’s Day weekend (19th-21st June) at King County’s Marymoor Park to enjoy the extravaganza of Washington Brewers Festival. Tickets are available online and the price includes a complimentary glass taster. Around 105 Washington breweries will brew 400 varieties of beer for the guests. Pick your drink and couple it with a scrummy dish from any of the food trucks or vendors for a memorable experience.

Midsomer Festival

On 27th and 28th June, visit Camlann Medieval Village to experience the charm of 14th century England at Midsomer Festival. Summer games, archery, puppetry, magic shows and several other fun-filled activities take you back in time. Music lovers get an opportunity to listen to songs from the middle ages.

Maple Valley Days

This more than 60 years old festival is one of the most prominent events in Maple Valley, a city located around 30 miles from Seattle. Family oriented entertainment that includes carnival rides, parades, a car show and interesting kid-centric activities are organised at the Lake Wilderness Park. In short, 12th to 14th June are the three days when Maple Valley will become a hot spot for tourists as well as locals.

Smithsonian Folklife Festival – A Must-Visit Event in Washington D.C. for Culture Vultures

washington-DCThe cultural heritage of the USA is among the major draws of the capital city, Washington D.C. If you are planning a trip to the US capital around the Fourth of July, the Independence Day, consider being a part of the Smithsonian Folklife Festival which is often billed as an international exhibition of living cultural heritage. Washington D.C. is hosting this free to public festival since 1967. In 2015, the festival will be celebrated in two parts: 24th to 28th June and 01st to 05th July. Smithsonian Folklife Festival hosts a variety of cultural exchange programmes. Check out some of the most prominent ones.

Divas Night: Homage to Kenyan Women in Music

Be a part of this evening musical event to know about the contribution of Kenyan women to the musical culture of the African nation. The spectacular performances of talented artists such as Doris Chepchumba, Suzanna Owiyo, and Iddi Achieng’ will take place at Ngoma Stage on 26th June.

Expressions of China: A Musical Revenue

On 28th June, grab your spot at Moonrise Pavilion to enjoy the captivating performances of popular groups and artists like Quanzhou Puppet Troupe, the Bimen Brothers and Family, and singers of hua’er folk songs. Zhu Zhizhong, a music expert from China Arts and Entertainment Group, is arranging this event.

Nomadic Soul: Qiang and Mongolian Music

This event is your chance to explore the Mongolian legacy right in Washington D.C’s National Mall on 02nd July. This group comprises Qiang Polyphonic Singers. The blend of contemporary tunes and khoomei throat-singing is sure to capture your senses and souls.

Chinese Theatre Traditions: Puppetry and Opera

Puppetry and opera are two of the most popular aspects of Chinese culture. The Zhejiang Wu Opera Troupe and Quanzhou Puppet Troupe will showcase the colourful Chinese culture on 03rd July at Moonrise Pavilion. Be ready to get amazed by the synchronized movements of dazzling stringed marionettes and Wu Opera’s combination of music, dance, and acrobatics.

Peep into Washington DC’s Cultural Richness with its Annual Celebrations

Washington-DCWashington DC hosts an interesting set of cultural fests. There is hardly any month of the year that’s devoid of a mega cultural celebration in the capital of the USA. These celebrations also include different annual festivities, offering a sneak peek into the diversified character of a city that’s home to people of many ethnicities.

Cinco de Mayo

This grand event is a Latino celebration, featuring entertainment and engagement for one and all. The festival originated in Mexico but in Washington DC, it has become a Latin American Family Reunion! This, free and open to all event, is scheduled to take place at the National Mall on 03rd May, 2015. Traditional music and dance, local food, games for kids and a variety of workshops depict an impressive blend of the cultures of the USA and Latin America.

Smithsonian Folklife Festival

Centre for Folklife and Cultural Heritage hosts Smithsonian Folklife Festival, an exclusive annual event that celebrates different cultural traditions. In 2015, it is scheduled from 24th – 28th June and 01st – 05th July. This edition of the festival will focus on Peru and the various aspects related to the country. No entry tickets are required to enjoy the musical shows, dance performances and cooking demonstrations that are scheduled to take place. Like Cinco de Mayo, the venue for this fiesta is the National Mall.

KORUS Festival

Be a part of the KORUS Festival to appreciate the remarkable fusion of Korean culture and American lifestyle. On 19th and 20th September, 2015, this festival will take place at The Plaza, Tysons Corner Center. Lively music and energetic dance performances will demonstrate the cultural richness of Korea. Also, don’t forget to satiate your taste buds with authentic Korean dishes.

National Cherry Blossom Festival – Heralding Spring the Washington DC Way

Spring is over a month away but National Cherry Blossom Festival has started creating a buzz in Washington DC, the capital of the USA. The festival celebrates the historical chapter where the Mayor of Tokyo gifted 3000 Japanese cherry trees to the city in 1912. Today, the fiesta has become one of the most impressive annual festivities in Washington DC and marks the commencement of the spring season. In 2015, the festival is scheduled to be held from 20th March to 12th April. Let’s check out a few highlights of National Cherry Blossom Festival.

Opening Ceremony

National Cherry Blossom Festival is a free event. However, to watch the action-packed opening ceremony, you would need to buy tickets. Entry tickets for this important event are available online. The ceremony will take place at The Warner Theatre and it will feature an array of traditional as well as contemporary performances.


Art lovers boarding flights to be in Washington DC during March-April would love be part of this event. This 15-day event allows you to flaunt your creativity from 26th March to 09th April. Unlike many other painting competitions, this event is open for anyone who is 21 or above. This event is hosted by ArtJamz and before creating your masterpiece, you would be taken on a tour of the Freer Gallery.

Blossom Kite Festival

Be a part of this fun-filled kite festival to experience the authentic spring flavour of National Cherry Blossom Festival. Reach Washington Monument Grounds on 28th March to the infectious enthusiasm of the participants whose kites would soar high in the skies. The venue is divided into five areas namely Public Field, Activity Tents, Kite Club Display Area, Family Field and Competition & Demonstration Field. No tickets are required to admire Hot Tricks Showdown and competition called Rokkaku Battle.

Most Popular Volcanoes in the World to Experience the Spine-Chilling Thrill

Adventurous souls can add a new chapter of adrenaline pump to their thrill-filled travel diaries by climbing volcanoes. Volcano climbing is emerging as prominent activity among adventure seekers looking to surpass the charm of their last best adventurous experience. If you are looking for most popular volcanoes in the world, we have a prepared a list for you!

Mount Vesuvius

 Mount Vesuvius by Carlo Mirante/ CC BY

Mount Vesuvius by Carlo Mirante/ CC BY

You might be amazed to know that the area surrounding this peak is the most densely populated volcanic areas in the world. And it is located in Italy! This area has got the status of national park. Hikers from across the globe book flights to climb up this volcano which is considered as one the best hiking destinations in Europe.

Mount St. Helens

 Mount St. Helens by Ray Bouknight/ CC BY

Mount St. Helens by Ray Bouknight/ CC BY

Travellers buying tickets to fly to Washington in the USA can add this site to their itineraries to explore a unique facet of nature. This site has been listed as United States National Monument. This mountain also makes for an impressive day trip from USA cities like Portland and Seattle. Washington State parks operates a visitor centre here. Spend time at this centre to increase your knowledge about the volcano’s history.


kilauea by Montse PB/ CC BY

kilauea by Montse PB/ CC BY

This is the most popular volcano in Hawaii, the 50th state of the USA.  This massive volcano is surrounded by four other volcanoes. This active volcano is erupting since 1983 making it one of the most active volcanoes in the world. It is surrounded by Hawaii Volcanoes National Park which is popular for offering unusual camping and hiking opportunities. History lovers boarding Hawaii bound flights should not miss out on visiting this park’s highlights Kilauea Crater, 1790 Footprints and Ainapo Trail.

Mount Fuji

Mount Fuji by Emran Kassim/ CC BY

Mount Fuji by Emran Kassim/ CC BY

Besides being the highest mountain in Japan, it is also on the UNESCO’s list of World Heritage Cultural Sites. On a clear day, captivating beauty of this peak can be captured from the capital city of Tokyo. Every year, numerous mountain climbers buy tickets on Tokyo flights especially to climb Mount Fuji and experience that uncanny feel which is hardly definable. There are several climbing routes you can follow. Every route has its own difficulty level. There is considerable difference in temperature at the top of mountain than at the base. Hence, carrying extra layer of clothes is always advisable.