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All You Need to Know: Dubai Frame – World’s Largest Picture Frame

The latest addition to the list of Dubai’s spectacles, Dubai Frame takes you on ride to Dubai’s past, present and future. This 150 meter tall eye-catching mega structure officially opened on 1st January, 2018 and is much more than a selfie and photography subject. Dubai Frame has welcomed more than a million visitors ever since its opening, which makes it one of the must visit places in Dubai.
Dubai Frame Here’s everything you should know about this famous landmark.


Dubai Frame opens every day from 9 am to 9 pm. The best time to visit the frame is during evening to get some spectacular views of the city from the sky deck.

Glistening Exterior

The world’s largest picture frame that adorns a striking exterior is 150 meters tall and 93 meters wide. The shiny golden cladding with honeycomb design gives it a distinct appeal and symbolizes the upcoming Dubai Expo 2020.

Dubai’s Past

The first thing you will see after entering the Frame is a virtual exhibition that tells you about the Dubai Frame, which is followed by a little museum, the Past Dubai Gallery. Take a look at Dubai’s past when it used to be a small fishing village; all of which is displayed using really cool projections.
Exit the museum to board a high speed elevator that will take you to the Frame’s top to view Dubai’s glorious present.

360 ° View of Dubai

Gaze at the sweeping panoramic view of Dubai from the viewing gallery of Dubai Frame. The glass bridge at top connects the two columns of the frame and provides jaw-dropping views of the 150 meters drop. The Frame is strategically built to show two different perspectives of present Dubai. While you can behold the sight of new Dubai’s glittering landscape studded with skyscrapers on the north side of the gallery, the other side presents a view of Old Dubai and the Dubai Creek.

Into Dubai’s Future

After stepping out of the viewing gallery, you will be taken back to the lower section of the Frame for a walk into the future. Enter a tunnel equipped with virtual lighting that shows how Dubai will look like in the next 50 years. The sophisticated projections and sound effects make the walk through this tunnel a breathtaking experience.
After completing the walk in this virtual time vortex, you will be ushered towards a souvenir shop. Buy a Dubai Frame replica, t-shirts, caps, mugs, and more for yourself or for your loved ones as your visit to the Dubai Frame ends.

Things to Know Before Visiting Abu Dhabi | Travel Tips

Just like any other holiday destination, Abu Dhabi too has its list of Do’s and Don’ts which every traveller visiting the city should know. Here are some travel tips that will come in handy on your trip to this popular holiday destination.

Abu DhabiWhen to Travel

Abu Dhabi is a year round destination and offers a wide range of things to do throughout the year. The best time to visit however is from October to April when the weather is relatively colder than the rest of the year. While Abu Dhabi offers a whole host of fun filled outdoor activities and brilliant sightseeing options during winters, there is no dearth of several places of interest as well as indoor events and activities that keep the emirate abuzz during the summer months. You can enjoy the famous Summer Sales in Abu Dhabi with fewer crowds.

What to Wear

Lightweight clothes suffice for most part of the year. However, for winter months its best to carry something warm such as a light jacket or a sweater as temperatures drop in the evenings. As to the style of clothing, just keep in mind that Abu Dhabi is a relatively conservative emirate and tourists should avoid revealing attire at public places including beaches, malls etc. Particularly during the Holy month of Ramadan you must stick to more conservative clothes. Its best to restrict those swimsuits and beach wears at the private pool or beach of the resort where you are staying.

Abu DhabiShopping & Tipping

Abu Dhabi is a shoppers’ paradise, especially during summers when you will get almost everything on sale. While credit and debit cards are widely accepted at shopping malls and high street stores, it is best to carry some cash when shopping at the traditional souks (local markets) and small shops. It is not necessary to tip at the restaurants because a service charge of 10-15 percent is generally included in the bills. In case you are at a local cafe or small restaurant that do not add service charge, you may tip around 10-15 percent of the amount. You may also tip your cab driver if you wish to.

Drinking & Smoking

Alcohol is served at the hotels and resorts as well as sold at liquor shops across the emirate. However, the consumption of alcohol in public is strictly prohibited. Smoking too is not allowed in public areas. If you wish to smoke, there are designated smoking areas present at various public places like hotels, restaurants, cafes, malls, and at the airport too.


Multiple transport options are available to travel within the city. You can hire a taxi or rent a car for a convenient commute within Abu Dhabi. The city also has a 24 hours public bus service which is the cheapest means of transport.

Top Things to Do When In Sharm El Sheikh

Away from the pyramids, tombs, and historical sites of Egypt lays the beautiful beach holiday destination of Sharm El Sheikh. Famed as one of world’s top beach and water sports destinations, it attracts a lot of water adventure enthusiasts as well as families.

Sharm El Sheikh Sharm El Sheikh is home to a number of amenity-rich resorts and places of tourist interest that will leave you spoilt for choice. When in Sharm El Sheikh, here are the things that you must try.

Visit Ras Mohamed National Park

This magnificent natural reserve lies at the tip of Sinai Peninsula some 38 km south of Sharm El Sheikh, and is one of the most beautiful places in Egypt with sprawling desert and untouched mountains. The white sand beaches, saltwater lakes, mangrove forests, and mesmerizing diving and snorkelling sites are its key draws. Some of the hotspots to visit in the national park are Aqaba Beach, Old Quay Beach, and Shark Observatory cliff top.

Try Watersports

Water sports enthusiasts from all over the world flock to Sharm El Sheikh for a variety of adventures on offer. The place has top notch diving and snorkelling sites that house excellent coral reefs, shipwrecks, and highly diverse marine life. Waterskiing, kite surfing, windsurfing, glass-bottomed boat trips are some of the other water adventures you can try.

Spend an evening at Naama Bay

Naama Bay area in Sharm El Sheikh is all about spending a relaxed holiday by the beach. The beautiful beachfront of the bay is a perfect place for sun lounging where you can rent cabanas and loungers. There are several cafes, street hawkers, and shops that line up the pedestrian promenade and are a good choice for some souvenir shopping while you are here.

Visit Saint Catherine’s Monastery

Unlike other places of historical interests in Egypt, Saint Catherine’s Monastery is quite different. Located just 2 hours drive from Sharm El Sheikh and at the foothill of Mount Sinai, this is where Moses received the Ten Commandments. The monastery is home to a museum that has safely preserved ancient manuscripts. Visit the monastery on a day trip and you can also include a hike up the Mt. Sinai for some adventure.

Explore the Old Market

Also known as Sharm al-Maya, Old Market is the main market area of this town. The best time to visit this market is after sunset when the place is enlivened with locals and tourists alike. Traditional shisha, beautiful Arabic lamps, crafts, wood work, and spices are some of things this market is famous for. You will also find here traditional cafes and restaurants to spend your evening.

Discover the Rich Omani Culture in Muscat through These Experiences

Oman’s capital city, Muscat is a scenic holiday destination set on the edges of an arid desert. Overlooking magnificent emerald seas, the city has a lot to offer to tourists presenting a unique Arabian holiday.


Take a look at these interesting things you can do in Muscat for an ideal holiday experience:


With a number of tourist attractions, especially historical ones, Muscat is a perfect place for sightseeing. Visitors can discover Jalali and Mirani Forts – the famous historical attractions built in the 16th century by the Portuguese to have a peek into the nation’s interesting heritage. The Muscatrestored forts at Jabrin, Rustaq, and Nizwa are some other interesting places where you can spend an ideal day with your family. Besides, there is Al Alam Palace, the most prominent landmark of the city to experience a unique fusion of the ethnic and Indian traditions.


Muscat invites a large number of divers from different parts of the world all year round. The city offers an array of diving opportunities both within the city and down the shoreline to the south of the city. Visitors can delight in a clear look of some incredible marine creatures in the unspoilt Omani waters and can enjoy spotting whale sharks, barracudas, sunfish and turtles while diving. A holiday to Oman must include this thrilling experience in Muscat.


Food lovers can have a great culinary experience in Muscat. There are several types of restaurants all across the city offering exceptional dinning opportunities to guests. From the traditional Arabian to Indian to Chinese cuisine, you have a lot of choices to try here in the city. Al Hanan is the place to head to for delicious Indian dishes whereas Al Tarboosh is famed for serving scrumptious Arabian delicacies. Besides, you should not miss enjoying a meal at La Sultanah – a fine dining restaurant set in an ocean liner for a distinctive dining experience.


Shopping is one great experience in Muscat; shoppers can spend a beautiful time here discovering luxury malls and street markets. For a contemporary shopping experience in the city, Muscat City Centre Mall is just the perfect place to be. You can find here several stores of Shopping in Muscatwell-known clothing brands including Gap and Banana Republic. If you wish to grab traditional Omani items as souvenirs, you can go for beautiful pottery, handmade khanjars (daggers), and silver jewellery etc.

Exploring Qantab Beach

Tourists in Muscat would love to spend a few hours at the Qantab Beach. Whether you are holidaying with your family or friends, you can have an ideal time here indulging in some leisure activities such as swimming and picnicking. You can also simply relax and admire beautiful views of the beach while having a cool drink. All in all, it is a beautiful place to experience serenity in the city.

Top Five Family Holiday Experiences in Qatar

A culturally rich holiday destination in Western Asia, Qatar holds many exciting experiences for families around its captivating heritage, stunning architecture, a long shoreline of beaches and landscape consisting of arid desert. If you too are planning a visit to the country with your family anytime soon, know about these top things to do here:


Head to the Mia Park (Museum of Islamic Arts Park)

Located adjacent to the famous museum of Islamic Arts, Mia Park is one of the favourite parks among locals. It is an ideal place for fun-filled family day-outs and is known to be the best vantage point to enjoy Doha’s skyline. The park has a spacious playground and several garden areas where kids as well as adults can stroll around and participate in a number of exciting activities. Visitors can also dine at various interesting cafes within the park and enjoy some tempting delicacies and drinks.

Go for dune bashing at the Inland Sea

A visit to Qatar is not complete without enjoying dune bashing. It is a thrilling experience for adults as well as teenagers. You can visit the dunes near inland sea, a shallow, salty and inlet of the Persian Gulf and take an adventurous ride along the dunes. There are a number of stops with various food stalls and traditional bedouin camps. You can have an ideal time there sleeping under the stars and taking beautiful pictures in the Inland Sea.

Explore the Pearl-Qatar

An artificial island comprising a blend of residential, commercial and entertainment outlets, the Pearl reflects the true luxury of Qatar. Home to Mediterranean inspired Qanat Quartier consisting of canals, bridges, colourful apartments, and some restaurants and cafes; it is a place drawing all sorts of travellers. You can have a great time here strolling around, shopping, sipping good coffee and enjoying an array of delectable cuisines. Lido Venezia Beach, the Diva Lounge Spa and Niya Yoga are some of the best place to spend some refreshing time.

Have some water fun at Aqua Park

The first theme park in Qatar, Aqua Park is a hotspot among kids and is where you can experience the best of water fun. Visitors of all age groups can experience endless adventure amidst its giant wave pool, slides, a lazy river, stingray surfing opportunities and a beautiful village. Besides, there are many restaurants including Boston Chicken, the largest food restaurant in the park where you can have a perfect dine time with your family.

Shop at Doha Festival City

Qatar has a vast shopping scene with a number of malls and markets scattered all around. While the country has several huge malls, Doha Festival City is the largest operating and the

Shoppingfirst retail mall with the largest fashion, entertainment and dining scene. There are more than 500 stores selling everything, from fashion clothes, footwear, beauty products and accessories to home furnishings, electronics, sportswear and a lot more. You can spend here a beautiful day with your family while strolling, shopping and dining at world-class restaurants.

A Look at Cairo’s Top Contemporary Art Galleries and Museums

The lovely capital of Egypt, Cairo is home to some terrific contemporary art galleries and museums. Take a look.

Zamalek Art Gallery

Promoting contemporary art in Egypt, Zamalek Art Gallery welcomes culture and art lovers from different parts of the world. The gallery has a permanent collection from established Egyptian artists as well as promising young talents of the country. It has been a hub of contemporary Egyptian art for more than 20 years and is also involved with many remarkable projects including The Art collection of the Le Meridian Pyramids Hotel, 2011, The Art collection of the DusitThani Hotel, Lake View, 2010, The Art collection of the DusitThani Hotel, Lake View, 2010, and more.

Cairo Opera House

Cairo Opera House is a part of Cairo’s National Cultural Centre and is one of the finest performing arts venues in the Egyptian capital. With some of the best musical groups in Egypt,

Cairo Opera Housethe place treats visitors to fabulous music and dance performances in the city. There are two opera halls and an open-air theatre in the house, and the place has become a popular cultural landmark in the city. The place also hosts art exhibitions.

Gezira Center for Modern Art

Also known as the Egyptian Modern Art Museum, Gezira Center for Modern Art is dedicated to modern and contemporary art contributing to the development of fine art movement in Cairo. The museum is a part of the National Cultural Centre on El -Gezira Island and displays over

Gezira Center10,000 paintings and sculptures reflecting the development of the Egyptian art movement from the early 20th century. Visitors would love to explore the collection of works by renowned Egyptian artists such as Mahmoud Sa’id, Ragheb Ayad, Gazbia Sirry and Mohammed Naghi.

Al Masar Gallery

Opened in late 2008, Al Masar Gallery captures the attention with the work of renowned Egyptian artists. This art gallery hosts an array of exhibitions displaying a true presentation of the modern and contemporary Egyptian art. Visitors can explore works by prominent artists such as Kareem Al Qurity and Sami Aboul Azm displayed at the newest gallery space – The Art Lounge of the gallery.

Townhouse Gallery

Established in 1998, Townhouse Gallery is the first independent art space in Egypt situated in downtown Cairo’s bustling car mechanics district. A large number of large-scale events have been initiated by the gallery including the citywide Nitaq Festival (1999). It is home to a collection of contemporary fine art and works with the aim to bring contemporary art to general populace. Discover fine works of international artists including Amal Kenawy, Nader Sadek, Amina Mansour, Osama Dawod and Basim Magdy.

Cairo’s Top Attractions for First Time Visitors

Nestling along the banks of River Nile, Egypt’s sprawling capital is not only a historian and an archaeologist’s dream but also a culture lover’s haven. Site to several world-famous attractions that remain unmatched in grandeur, taking a trip to Cairo is like travelling back to the cradle of civilisation. Since there’s a lot you can explore here, don’t forget visiting these top attractions, especially if it’s your first time in the city:

The Pyramids of Giza


Believed to have brought the whole of Egypt together for their construction at one point of time in history, the Pyramids of Giza are archaeological wonders needing no introduction. Archaeologists and historians are still grappling to understand the exact process of their construction, lending them an air of mystery. The three pyramids- the Great Pyramid of Pharaoh Khufu, the sphinx pyramid of Pharaoh Khafre and the pyramid of Pharaoh Menkaure must be explored on separate days for an elaborate tour of their individual palaces, temples, solar boat pits and other features.

Egyptian Museum


The Egyptian Museum is quite literally the treasure trove of some of the world’s most fascinating arts and artefacts. From over 1, 20,000 precious artefacts housed at the museum, one can gain insights into the Egyptian history spanning over several centuries. Do check out mummies, sarcophagi, pottery, jewellery amongst a range of other valued art pieces but do not, under any circumstance, miss boy-King Tutankhamen’s treasures, including the gold death-masks discovered in his tomb.

Mohamed Ali Mosque


Decorating the stunning citadel of Salah el-Din, the Mohamed Ali Mosque stands out because of its favourable location, its 52 metres high dome and 84 metres tall minarets as well as the prominent use of Alabaster stone. The mosque took a period of around 18 years, from 1830-1848, to be completed; the ornate interiors and exteriors vouch for the fact.


Nilometer refers to the Turkish-style pencil dome located inside the Monastirli Palace compound. The tomb was used to check the water levels of the river during different period of a harvest cycle, thereby predicting disasters and floods as well as fertile harvests in advance, cause of a big celebration. When you visit this architectural marvel from AD 861, don’t miss out descending the steps below the measuring column, leading right below the level of River Nile.


The mighty Cairo Citadel is your best bet for panoramic views of the city. From a few terraces of the Citadel, it is even possible to see the Pyramids of Giza. If you would like a slice of history to go with beautiful sightings, a tour of the citadel will reveal that these buildings served as fortifications to protect the rulers of Egypt for over 700 years. You can get details on each of the rulers and other historical facts from your knowledgeable guide.

Cairo Opera House

Search for the finest performing art events in Cairo will lead you to the Cairo Opera House, part of Cairo’s National Cultural Centre. The building, including two opera halls and an open-air theatre, is shared by both the Cairo Ballet Company and the Cairo Opera Company. Visit here for witnessing some of the best music and dance performances in the city. It’s also possible to attend art exhibitions here. Do check the schedule before you go.

The New Camel Market

Travel about 35 kilometres northwest of Cairo to arrive at the New Camel Market, the largest camel market in the whole of Egypt. The scene here is pretty vibrant albeit crowded as hundreds of camel owners bring their animals here for trade of an everyday basis. It is advisable to visit the market on Friday for most action. Try to reach there between 7am-11am.

5 of the Finest Holiday Destinations in the UAE


With iconic skylines, a long coastline, luxury resorts and world-class theme parks, the UAE certainly makes for a perfect destination for ideal family holidays as well as exciting city break. Every year millions of tourists from across the globe fly to this Gulf nation to experience the best of rich history, nature and culture.



One of the world’s top tourist destinations, ‘the City of Gold’ Dubai draws visitors from all over the planet. Be it marvellous architecture, rich history, colourful souks, exciting theme parks, or incredible food, the city has it all. While architectural wonders like Burj Khalifa and Dubai Mall are top attractions of Dubai, desert safari and speed boat tours are some of the city’s best adventures.

Abu Dhabi

The capital of the UAE, Abu Dhabi promises a memorable holiday with endless sunshine, impressive sand dunes, pristine beaches and luxury urban infrastructure. While the pristine beaches and resorts of Al Dhafra are ideal beach retreats, the beauty of Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque is sure to impress you. Home to Ferrari World, Yas Beach, Yas Waterworld and Yas Marina Circuit, the city offers many leisure holiday experiences for families.

Al Ain

Famed as the ‘Garden City’ of the UAE, Al Ain is the most peaceful haven of the region nestled amidst oasis and plantations. It is the fourth largest city of the country treating history buffs with its unique history dating back to the Stone Age. Jabel Hafeet, the second tallest mountain in the UAE, is the major attraction of the city whereas camel racing and falconry are the most popular outdoor sports here. Al Mutaredh, Al Muwaiji and Al Jahili are some of the interesting historic spots.

Palm Islands


Palm Islands is a group of three artificial islands – Palm Jumeirah, Deira Island and Palm Jebel Ali – located on the coast of Dubai. Often referred to as the ‘Eighth Wonder of the World’, Palm Islands are known for their stunning infrastructure, lovely design and entertainment centres. Burj Al Arab, a famous tourist attraction and an opulent hotel, invites tourists for a luxury holiday. Besides, there are a number of shopping malls, health spas, marinas, dive sites and port facilities here.


Sharjah is the ideal city in UAE to discover the heritage of the region. There are a number of places here giving you a glimpse into the many facets of the UAE’s rich culture. The Heritage District, Mahattah Fort, Sharjah Heritage Museum, and King Faisal Mosque are some of the major ones. It’s not just the culture; the city has several natural marvels as well, such as beaches, mountains and the mangroves.

Holidays in Bahrain – Where to Shop in the Kingdom!


The Middle East’s island kingdom, Bahrain is a luxury tourist destination in the Persian Gulf drawing attention with the best of region’s history and culture. Besides offering many exciting holiday experiences around its pristine islands, architectural delights, natural havens and historical wonders, the land of Bahrain is an ideal shoppers’ paradise with myriad of plush shopping malls and traditional souqs.

Manama Souq

An old souq in Manama, the capital of Bahrain, Manama Souk is an ideal place for a traditional shopping experience in the city. Tourists would love to explore the bustling streets of the market that are all packed with numerous shops and are a feast to the eyes. From clothing, jewellery, gold and electronics to cooking spices, souvenirs and a range of other Bahraini goods, you can shop for all sorts of things here. The Gold Souq, Kingdom of Perfumes, the Spice Souq and World of Herbs are the key highlights at Manama Souk.

Al Aali Mall

A place for a plush shopping experience, Al Aali Mall is a luxury shopping mall situated in the business district of Seef. This 52,000 square meter complex, with a sophisticated ambience, fine dining and an abundance of premium brands including Armani, Jimmy Choo and Noof, impresses visitors from all corners of the world. The mall is also home to glamorous Saudi boutiques selling exquisitely embroidered and patterned clothing along with statement footwear and handbags.

Bahrain City Centre

The largest mall in Bahrain, Bahrain City Centre is a true mega mall with something for everyone. Boasting a number of international brands, a food court, a Carrefour supermarket, a cinema complex and a small hub for local designers, it is the place to be for every shopper out there! Then, there is an entertainment centre and a water park where families can spend some leisure time. Besides, you can have a true Bahrain dining experience at numerous restaurants located in the mall.

Gold City

A world-class gold shopping complex, Gold City invites visitors for an amazing jewellery shopping experience. Situated in Manama, this huge mall is home to 152 shops displaying an impressive range of sparkling ornaments, and has the widest range of beautiful natural pearls. The interior of the mall is aptly done in shimmering gold colour! You can check out precious stone-inlaid bracelets, filigree gold necklaces and pearl-studded earrings – the most popular jewellery pieces sold in the mall.

Moda Mall

Located in the Bahrain World Trade Centre, Moda Mall is a shoppers’ paradise offering a wonderful shopping and dining experience for every occasion. Home to the largest luxury brand portfolio of international brands along with more than 80 fashion labels and 50 fine jewellery portfolio brands, it is a big hit with travellers. Besides shopping, the mall is an architectural delight with cool marble interior, airy boulevards, glass domes and elegant cafes.

Unravel the Glorious Emirate of Ras Al Khaimah


One of the finest travel destinations in the UAE, Ras Al Khaimah treats guests to a flurry of delights, promising them an unforgettable Arabian sojourn! Read on and find out about some of the best things to do here, so you can plan an exciting itinerary here in the emirate.

Enjoy rides at Ice Land Water Park

Like an oasis amidst the desert, this water park is a happy retreat for all! This is a place you can relax and unwind at with your entire family. Even if you are visiting Ras Al Khaimah alone, you could make the most of this brilliant place with several rides and attractions to keep you entertained. There are high speed water slides as well as special kids section where they can enjoy the gentler rides.

Explore the Marjan Island

This island is known for all things fun and touristy and you can make the most of your time here. Right from shopping to soaking up the sun to experiencing adventure sports there’s everything here and more. With some of the best hotels, restaurants and shops in the vicinity, this place is perfect for you to spend some lazy days in the lap of luxury.

Check out the exhibits at RAK National Museum

The Ras Al Khaimah National Museum is home to several artefacts, pieces of art, architecture and so on that reveals a lot about the history and culture of the emirate. The art and the tradition is so well displayed here you will be enthralled to walk the halls of this museum and explore it for yourselves.

Drive up the Jebel Al Jais

This mountain range is another spectacular place to visit when in Ras Al Khaimah. It is one of the most aesthetically pleasing landscapes and you will have a great time driving up the mountain on the 20km road. Enjoy terrific views of the surroundings from the vantage points along the road. It also boasts of the world’s longest zip line.

Enjoy the local food

The Emirati cuisine is an exciting prospect for most holidaymakers who are travelling to the region. There are several different types of food and drinks that you can choose from and take this unique culinary journey. You can try dishes such as hummus, shawarma, pita, Iranian kebabs and so on. There are high end experiences as well as street food options and you can choose as per your style and budget.