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5 Popular Tourist Attractions in Phuket, Thailand

One of the most popular tourist destinations in the Far East, Phuket is a holiday hotspot for couples, families, friends, and solo travellers alike. Famous for its spectacular beaches, glorious nightlife, top notch entertainment, and awesome shopping places, the island brims with travellers all round the year. Phuket is also the gateway to Phi Phi Island, the most fascinating place to be in Thailand. So, what are the best places to visit when in Phuket? Let us find out.

Patong Beach

The most happening place in Phuket, Patong Beach is a perfect destination for a fun-filled time. You can lounge on this beautiful beach, or chill out at the several pubs, restaurants, cafes and shacks that dot this lively stretch of white sand. Patong is also lined with ritzy nightclubs, beer Beachbars, go-go bars, massage parlors and cabarets that spill over into the street. Feeling adventurous? You can always go for water sports like snorkelling, jet skiing, parasailing, banana boat ride, and more.

Karon Viewpoint

A perfect spot to view the incredible landscape and seascape of Phuket, Karon Viewpoint is frequently visited by tourists as well as the locals. The viewpoint mesmerizes its visitors with the panoramic sights of the Andaman Sea out front, but the three beautiful crescent beaches (Kata Karon ViewpointNoi, Kata Yai and Karon beaches) that lie to the north of the viewpoint certainly get more attention. You can visit here during the evening hours to enjoy the sunset and the incredible views of the city and the three beaches as they light up.

Phi Phi Island

Thailand’s crown jewel, the mesmerizing Phi Phi Island is just a couple of hours away from Phuket. The white sandy beaches, pristine blue ocean, the awe-inspiring landscape, and the Phi Phi Islanddazzling nightlife make this island worth the hype created around it. You can either plan a day trip or book a stay at one of the many beach resorts on Phi Phi Island.

Wat Chalong

Out of the many Buddhist temples in Phuket, Wat Chalong is the most important one. The main temple building has a fragment of Lord Buddha’s bone, making it significant among locals as Wat-Chalongwell as tourists. The temple complex is decorated beautifully with wall paintings, sculptures, and other interesting design elements. The temple opens everyday from 7 AM to 5 PM local time and attracts hordes of visitors on weekends and Thai holidays.

Big Buddha

The newly built Big Buddha statue is an iconic 45 meters tall landmark in Phuket. Sitting on top of the Nakkerd Hills, the marble statue can be noticed easily from far away. The summit also Big Buddhaworks as a great vantage point to view the charming landscape of Phuket. You can either take a hike, or rent a scooter/taxi to reach the statue. There’s an entry fee which includes a visit to the adjacent museum.

6 Of the Finest Beaches in Phuket, Thailand


With beautiful sandy beaches and long coastline, Phuket, a splendid Thai island, offers a perfect escape from the chaos of city life. While every beach on the island has its own characteristic feature, here’s a list of some of the most popular and beautiful beaches from the lot.

Bang Tao Beach

Also known as ‘Laguna Beach’, Bang Tao is one of the most prominent beaches in Phuket. Located on the northwest end of the city, the beach is famous for its white sand, and beautiful landscapes. A former fishing village, Bang Tao today is a fishing, farming and rubber tapping hub in Phuket. With the ocean current around the beach being less harsh, conditions for swimming and snorkelling are favourable. There are also some jet skies available on rent at the beach.

Surin Beach

Popularly known as the ‘Millionaire’s Row’, the Surin Beach is a well-known beach area of Phuket. Featuring a long stretch of golden sands and crystal clear waters, the beach is an ideal place for sun loungers and those hoping for a quiet beach holiday. Although the beach is less crowded, there is no dearth of resorts, restaurants and hotels in the vicinity. Banana boat rides, water skiing, parasailing and jet skiing are some of the exciting activities one can enjoy here. Swimming and snowboarding are risky on the beach for the high waves and the strong nature of the ocean current.

Laem Singh Beach

Nestled in a hidden bay amidst Kamala and Surin beaches, Laem is yet another beautiful beach in Phuket. Featuring bright yellow sand and crystal clear waters, Laem Singh is best to enjoy a quiet beach holiday with family. For the seabed is sandy and packed with rocks, conditions for swimming are favourable. Visitors can spot several tall palm trees all along the beach.

Patong Beach

Located on the west coast, Patong is one of the most famous beaches in Phuket. Featuring numerous restaurants, beer bars, and go-go bars, Patong is an ideal party place for the visitors. It could be a crowded place as scores of tourists visit the island to enjoy the nightlife or indulge in water sports such as swimming and snorkelling. Surrounding the beach are hills and mountain slopes which offer trekking opportunities to all.

Banana Beach

Sometimes referred to as the ‘Banana Rock Beach’, Banana beach is one of Phuket’s lesser known beaches. It has a sandy seabed, clear waters and beautiful slopes, and is ideal for sunbathing and swimming and snorkelling. There is a small restaurant on the beach which serves authentic Thai cuisine. Do try it!

Kamala Beach

Located just north of Patong, Kamala Beach is one of the most beautiful beaches in Phuket. Known for its fine white sand and beautiful landscape, Kamala is a perfect destination for visitors looking for a serene, scenic beach. The low tides and weak ocean currents in the area create favourable conditions for snorkelling and sea boarding.

Two Lovely Resorts Assuring a Sybaritic Stay in Phuket

PhuketWith its incredible weather, pristine beaches and an extensive list of wonderful attractions, Phuket certainly lives up to its nickname of ‘Pearl of the Andaman Sea’. Many find that the best way to explore and experience this spellbinding paradise on earth is by staying at one of the lavish resorts that dot the destination. Feast your eyes on scarlet sunsets, dip your toes in azure waters and experience a newfound world for rejuvenation of the mind, body and soul. Here are a few popular luxury resorts in Phuket.

Amari Coral Beach Resort

Featuring its own small sandy cove and an impressive view of the bay, Amari Coral Beach Resort is one of the most sought after places on Patong Beach, Phuket. The resort boasts over 180 stylish rooms, five plush restaurants, and a sophisticated open air spa among other thoughtful amenities. All this go a long way in making Amari a popular choice of accommodation among the well heeled set disembarking flights in Thailand. Guests may even try some thrilling adventure activities like scuba diving and snorkelling at the resort’s private dive centre. The wonderful experience of visiting this opulent property truly justifies the value of money spent on air tickets for the island.

Paresa Resort

Perched on a seaside cliff of Kamala, Phuket’s western coast, Paresa Resort is another incredible accommodation alternative, promising the best of coastal charm and unrivalled hospitality. Precisely designed, this marvellous property impressively blends in with the surrounding natural beauty to offer an experience, which is hard to find anywhere else. Guests may choose from amongst six different types of accommodation options – Cielo, Dima, Cliff, Aqua, Talay, and Grand Villa, all facing the beautiful sea. Some basic features and amenities of the rooms include a private infinity pool, indoor and outdoor bathrooms, private living and dining pavilion, sun bathing space, luxury bedding and much more. Paresa also features a fine dining restaurant Diavolo, which offers great Thai and international cuisines.

The Bay Regatta – A Sailing Event to Admire the Beauty of Southern Thailand!

How would it feel to be in and around the waters for four days while sailing through the refreshing waters of Southern Thailand? Great, of course! If you are game for an invigorating adventure, book tickets aboard Phuket flights to be a part of the Bay Regatta. This annual race allows you to excurse through three prominent destinations in Southern Thailand, namely Phuket, Phang Nga and Krabi.


The Bay Regatta 2015 is scheduled from 04th to 08th March. Every day, you will find yourself at a new resort to revitalize your senses. Also, with an impressive range of parties and presentations, you will get a slice of quintessential Thailand!


Here’s a list of venues where you would be staying at during your sailing stint in Thailand.

Chandara Resort and Spa

After disembarking flights at Phuket, you can reach Chandara Resort and Spa, one of the most popular resorts in Phuket, in around 20 minutes. The resort is peppered with 49 villas including family villas and villas for private pool parties. You can register for the Bay Regatta between 1200hrs and 1730hrs. At the end of the registrations, attend Skippers Briefing to get details on this event. Briefing is followed by party where you can drink and dance before embarking on a sailing trip to Phang Nga.

The Paradise Koh Yao

This splendid venue is the starting point of the race. At 0900hrs, you will hear the first party signal. After race, you will be back at the resort to join the party. When it comes to facilities and amenities of this resort, the rooms depict the resort’s elegance. You can choose from hilltop pool villa, Jacuzzi studio, plunge pool deluxe studio etc. Yoga and spa are the two activities that should be on your list.

Arayaburi Resort

This resort makes for an interesting option for honeymooners buying air tickets to Krabi. This romantic haven is located by the captivating waters of Andaman Sea. Take your pick from Deluxe Villa and Grand Deluxe Villa to enjoy your stay here. Beach is just few steps from your room. One must also consider dining on the sands at beachfront restaurant, located in the property.

Enhance the Merrymaking in Phuket with the Escape Hunt Experience

When it comes to indulging in a fun-filled and thrilling holiday experience, most holidaymakers prefer boarding flights to Phuket. The vibrant Thai city is known to indulge one and all with its multifarious attractions and activities. One such activity which has been recently added to the list of its offerings is the Escape Hunt Experience.

In order to douse the curiosity of those who are on the lookout for air tickets to Phuket, here are the facts!


phuketWhat is the Escape Hunt All About?

The Escape Hunt is a recreational venue that has been designed to delight visitors with representations of the long-gone British era. Participants get to relive the glory of Sherlock Holmes, one of the greatest characters ever seen in the literary world and praised for his unbelievable deciphering skills.

What’s Included in the Live Game?

The venue comprises of 8 game rooms (with 4 distinct adventures) where participants need to transcend multifarious tricky situations in order to proceed to the next level. It is very similar to the ‘escape’ games which we so love to play on our computers, except the fact that ‘live’ ones are obviously more fun!

The Test of Time and Wits

The game is timed for an engaging duration of 60 minutes (and an additional 30 minutes for briefing and refreshment) and participants need to make the best of it by identifying the suspects of a fictional murder mystery and thereby attain their passes out of the room. The rooms are embellished with objects that make the game more challenging and thereby heighten the thrill of the adventure. After all, you did book tickets for a thrilling holiday, didn’t you?

The Popularity of the Venue

The allure of the Escape Hunt is heightened by the strategic location of its venue, which is in the Kathu Area in Phuket. Tourists disembarking their flights in Phuket can easily find the adventure zone as it lies close to the acclaimed Patong Beach. The Escape Hunt remains open from 10 am till 9 pm every day of the week. So, no matter which day you choose for your adventurous pursuits, the Escape Hunt is certain to entertain your fancies!

Flamboyance or Tranquillity- Phuket has it All!

Phuket, the largest island in the country of Thailand, is equipped with all the wonders, both natural and man-made, that beckon tourists from far and wide. With its numerous beaches and plethora of entertainment options, Phuket is revered as one of the liveliest tourist destinations of all times. From the solitary to the adventurous, from the youth to the elderly, from the conservatives to the outrageously radical- Phuket can please one and all and compel them to book tickets for an authentic Thai experience.

Patong Beach

Patong-BeachThis is where the merry-making takes place. Patong Beach, with its wide array of shopping centres, markets, spas and restaurants, attracts tourists of all kinds. Tourists arriving by flights to the country are immediately struck by the frivolity of the infamous “sin city”. The night-life of Phuket does not lack the hullabaloo of the daytime; on the contrary, the moonlit skies awaken the vivacity of the city even more.

Mai Khao Beach

If the busiest beach failed to attract your attention, try the longest one this time. The Mai Khao Beach, which is a part of the Sirinath National Park, is one of the most deserted beaches of Thailand. If you are planning to book your tickets to Thailand for a quiet and undisturbed beach holiday, Mai Khao is the best bet for you. Those who are enthusiastic about nature and wildlife would be delighted to see the rare species of Olive Ridley Turtles, as they use the secluded areas of Mai Khao for propagation.

Surin Beach

Surin-BeachThe Surin Beach is a coveted place for foodies as the long stretches of white sands teem with an array of food stalls. As the ocean breeze rustles the sinewy limbs of the Casuarinas, it carries the aroma of delicious sea food with which it is certain to make any person realise the long-subdued hunger pangs. The cuisines on offer include dishes like Masaman Curry, which is savoured by tourists and locals alike.

Owing to these amazing experiences, the mesmeric island of Phuket is often seen on the itineraries of tourists who book flights to Thailand.

Top Attractions for Families Booking Cheap Tickets to Phuket

Phuket, the scenic island of Thailand has always been a fitting place for debauchery. However with the winds of change and burgeoning tourism, a paradise for hedonists has turned into a great destination for little ones. Phuket has now emerged as happy hunting ground where kids can break free, go zooming through the jungle, learn scuba diving or take delights in dozens of exhilarating activities. Here is a list of top most popular activities and attractions in Phuket that lure families to look for flights with cheap tickets to Phuket.

Splash Jungle Water Park


A safe and fun Splash Jungle Water Park ensures a whale of time to visitors of all ages. Kids can splash, play and slide while parents can enjoy a drink at park’s bar or take pleasure in sauna in Spa Village. The sprawling water is themed on seven most intrguing places on earth; the Inca Mayas Africa; Asia; Turkey; Northern Europe; North America and the North Pole. Besides, Thrills and Spills, Lazy River, The Boomerango and The Super Bowl are among the prominent attractions that make Splash Jungle Water Park, a popular spot among families reserving air tickets on Phuket flights.

Dino Park

The beguiling Dino Park, situated right in the middle of well-known Karon and Kata beaches on Beach Road, is another fascinating attraction that sets family vacationers on a mad scramble for cheap tickets to Phuket aboard international flights. It is themed on dinosaurs and features large and giant-sized dino statues, along with an erupting ‘volcano’.

Phuket Aquarium

Missing Phuket Aquarium is a faux pas for families arriving on flights to Phuket along with kids. Filled to brim with tropical, multihued and exotic marine creatures, the all-inclusive aquarium remains a big hit among family holidaymakers spending on flight tickets to Phuket. About 30 tanks of freshwater and saltwater creatures leave little ones in awe. The cuttlefish, razorfish, stonefish and fish are among the breathtaking sea animals that one can behold.

Affordable Luxury for those Buying Cheap Tickets to Phuket

The continuously increasing popularity of Phuket, a resort town in Thailand, has led to an exponential increase in demand for cheap tickets to Phuket aboard international flights. However, affordable travel options alone are not enough to ensure a reasonably-priced memorable holiday at this leading seaside destination. Hostels are the most popular accommodations for students, backpackers and others on shoestring budget. However most holidaymakers on Phuket bound flights tend to prefer hotels which offer modern amenities at reasonable prices.  Here are three of the popular affordable luxury accommodation options for those purchasing cheap tickets to Phuket.

Tickets to Pukhet

Patong Beach Lodge

Patong Beach Lodge provides unique opportunity for one to stay a stone’s throw away from the picturesque Patong Beach located on the town’s west coast. This reasonably priced establishment is only a few minutes away from the leading shopping and entertainment districts of the area. Replete with a wide range of modern amenities, this lodge is less than an hour’s drive away from the airport that handles international flights to Phuket from across the world.

The Old Phuket Karon Beach Resort

This resort is located in the heart of Phuket, which ensures excellent connectivity to all leading attractions in the nearby areas. Holidaymakers buying air tickets to the city can easily book taxis or drive down to this resort that provides a range of modern facilities. Interested in retail therapy? Visit Aaroona Karon, the popular entertainment and shopping district located nearby. The famed Karon Beach is also within walking distance of this budget resort.

Blue Ocean Beach Resort

Located off the Tri Trang Beach, the Blue Ocean Beach Resort is the perfect place for party souls looking for a taste of Thailand’s nightlife. A popular nightlife destination located nearby is the Bangla Road and the scenic beauty of the beach is sure to leave people gloating over their decision of booking flights to Phuket. Apart from various modern amenities, all suites at this establishment feature a balcony that gives patrons amazing views of the azure waters of the Indian Ocean off Thailand’s coast.