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March is the Month to Enjoy Flower Shows and Garden Events in USA

March marks the start of the pleasant spring season in the US. During this season, the country hosts several events and festivals to celebrate the colourful character of nature. Like every year, during 2016, the US is hosting an array of garden events and flower shows.


If you happen to visit this vast nation during March, you can easily find a show or two in almost every major city. We have compiled a list of three highly popular flower shows to be held in March 2016. Check them out!

San Francisco Flower and Garden Show

This is one of the most popular flower shows in the USA and like always, the San Mateo Event Center is all set to host San Francisco Flower and Garden Show from 16th to 20th March. In this Bay Area show, you would come across full-sized designer showcased gardens spread over an area of five acres. In these gardens, you get an opportunity to take a closer look at floral designs, flowers and learn how to prepare and preserve organic food. Besides, you can also participate in a range of free workshops and seminars that are available for all age groups.

Dallas Blossoms

Already voted as one of the Best Spring Floral Festivals in America by Fodor’s Travel, Dallas Blossom is the largest floral festival in the Southwest. In 2016, this floral festival will start on 27th February at Dallas Arboretum and Botanical Garden and you can enjoy the shows, seminars, and a variety of activities till 10th April. This year, the theme of the festival is The Artistry in Nature and its most prominent highlight will be the exhibits of well-known sculptor Gary Lee Price.

Philadelphia Flower Show

Organised by Pennsylvania Horticulture Society (PHS), Philadelphia Flower Show is the largest indoor flower show in the US. When you visit the Pennsylvania Convention Center between 04th and 13th March, you will be delighted to see that the Philadelphia Flower Show is not just limited to flowers and horticulture. This grand event also features themes such as mountains, hiking trails, Train Garden, and the Butterfly Experience. Visit the Grand Hall at the Convention Centre to enjoy shopping, dining and live music besides participating in wine tasting sessions.

Exploring Kuala Tahan National Park, Malaysia for its Amazing Wilderness

If you’re heading to Malaysia and looking for a relaxed retreat amidst the lush wilderness, Kuala Tahan National Park is definitely the place for you. The largest park in Malaysia is blessed with a variety of natural marvels, and is an absolute pleasure to be in, especially for nature buffs and adventure freaks.


Enjoy unspoiled natural vistas, spot an array of flora and fauna, or try some hearth-throbbing adventures in the lush wilderness – you’re simply in for a treat here.

Take a look at what this wonderful park is famous for.

Lata Berkoh & Waterfall Cascades

Take a boat ride to reach this marvellous waterfall, situated amidst tropical jungles. Here, you can relax and unwind by the fall or swim in its clear and cool waters. The entire region is an epitome of tranquillity and promises a fascinating jungle experience. Beware of strong currents and don’t go too far from the bank. While returning from the fall, you can also visit the Kelah Sanctuary to see and feed the playful Kelah fish.

Canopy Walk: Kuala Tahan National Park is home to a 530m long Malaysian suspension bridge, which is probably the largest in the world. Walk across the canopy to enjoy spectacular views of the forests. You may also spot many enchanting animals, birds and reptiles here.

Jungle Trekking: Trekking is one of the best and most preferred ways to explore Kuala Tahan National Park. Hire a local guide to learn about the jungle and explore its fascinating features including stunning waterfalls, rivers, green hills and interesting rock formations. Although the excursion may be a bit too challenging, the overall experience would be so enthralling that you would easily forget all your exhaustion. Don’t forget to carry drinking water, as the same may not be

available in the forests.

Night Safaris: This Malaysian nature reserve is quite popular for night safaris. You can opt for a walking tour or hire a 4WD to explore the region’s intriguing nocturnal wildlife. Inside the park, you may spot flowers that bloom only at night, water dragons, snakes, stick insects, and other wonderful creatures.

How to Get There?

The park is about a 3.5 hours’ drive from Kuala Lumpur through the East Coast Expressway. You can hire a taxi from the Malaysian capital or use public transport to get to the entry gate. There are plenty of hotels near the park, and many of them arrange safari tours and other excursions.

Exploring Brazil beyond Rio de Janeiro

With world-famous beaches such as Copacabana and Ipanema, and the unique Christ the Redeemer statue, Rio de Janeiro is undoubtedly the most popular tourist destination in Brazil. But that doesn’t mean Rio is the only place worth visiting in Brazil.


There are in fact so many fascinating cities and natural attractions in this South American country that a holidaymaker may end up facing the problem of plenty. Here are five splendid places to go to, if you plan to explore Brazil beyond Rio.


Florianopolis has as many as 42 beaches to its name, and is definitely a beach-bummer’s haven. Here, you can expect all usual beach activities, ranging from sunbathing and swimming to surfing and scuba diving. A plethora of hotels and resorts offer amenities to suit families, couples and solo travellers alike. Barra da Lagoa, Praia da Joaquina and Praia Brava are among the must-visit beaches in Florianopolis. Praia da Galheta beach is well known as a place for sunbathing in the nude.


While it is likely that many foreigners have not heard of it, Brasilia is the charming capital of Brazil. Listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, the city is filled with an amazing mix of modern and historical architecture. Head to the Paranoa Lake to feast your eyes on the panoramic lake and many splendid structures including the world-famous Juscelino Kubitschek Bridge. The Cathedral of Brasilia, Itamaraty Palace, and Supreme Federal Home are famed architectural marvels in the city.

Iguazu Falls

Iguazu Falls, on Brazil-Argentina border, is one of the most impressive waterfalls in the world and is a true magnet for nature-lovers and adrenaline junkies alike. Enjoy splendid views of the falls, especially at the U-shaped Devil’s Throat, from the viewpoints on the Brazilian side. Also trek in the Iguacu National Park to explore the region’s exotic wild beauty. A helicopter ride will let you enjoy aerial views of the falls.

Upper Town, Salvador

If you’re a history buff, the Upper Town in Brazil’s former colonial capital will enthral you no end. The area boasts an awesome collection of colonial buildings, museums, historical churches and monasteries, most of which were built during the colonial era (17th and 18th century) in Brazil. It is now a UNESCO World-heritage site and a must-visit place for culture and history lovers. Some popular attractions in the area include the Museu da Cidade, Palácio Rio Branco, and the church of the Franciscan Third Order.

Five Challenging Suspension Bridges in the World

Do you have a fascination for heights? If yes, you would definitely like to check out our list of suspension bridges. Let us also tell you that these bridges are for the strong hearted and people suffering from heart problems or acrophobia should visit only after medical consultation. These dizzying bridges are located in high altitudes and may cause convulsions or seizures. Up for the challenge? So what are you waiting for? Grab your tickets for any of the 5 destinations we have mentioned below.

Titlis Cliff Walk Bridge, Switzerland

Known as Europe’s highest suspension bridge, the Titlis Cliff Walk Bridge is situated on Mount Titlis in the Alps and is 3,000 metres high. Although it looks scary, it has been especially designed to withstand extreme winds and snow storms. The views are simply spellbinding.

Langkawi Sky Bridge, Malaysia

Situated in Kedah, Malaysia, this pedestrian bridge is around 700 metres high and was opened in 2004. The sad part is that it has been inaccessible since 2014.


However, we could not help omitting it from the list as it is one of the most challenging suspension bridges in the world. We hope it opens once again.

Canopy Walk, Ghana

Canopy Walk is situated in Kakum National Park, Ghana and is the only canopy walkway in all of Africa’s national parks.

It was made by connecting several treetops and is used to watch the endangered animals such as Diana monkey and forest elephants without disturbing them.

Millau Viaduct, France

Millau Viaduct, which is said to be taller than the Eiffel tower is the world’s highest bridge to be used as a thoroughfare.


Millau Viaduct by David Jones / CC BY

It has the A7F motorway, which connects the two cities of Montpellier and Paris and is often admired as the world’s most impressive engineering wonders of all times.

Royal Gorge Bridge, USA

The Royal Gorge Bridge situated in Colorado, USA was known as the world’s highest bridge till 2001, until it was replaced by Millau Viaduct.


Royal Gorge Bridge by Wasif Malik/ CC BY

The bridge is a part of the Royal Gorge Bridge & Park, which is famed for its different rides and adventure sports. Zip-lining and Royal Rush Sky coaster are especially popular here. The park is also home to a zoo which is ideal for family outings.

Holidays to Terrific Thailand: Know The Place To Enjoy The Place!!

Thailand is among the most popular tourist destinations in Asia. Located in Southeast Asia, the country is visited by millions of foreign tourists, every year. A majority of foreign tourists arrive at the country’s largest airport in Bangkok, Suvarnabhumi Airport.


The airport handles over 50 million passengers annually and remains the main hub for carriers such as Thai Airways, Bangkok Airways and Orient Thai Airlines. Don Mueang International Airport, Chiang Mai International Airport, and Phuket International Airport are other major airports in the area. Thailand has some stunning tourist destinations which are loved by holiday makers. Bangkok, of course, is the most famous holiday destination in the country. This beautiful city has a fascinating cultural heritage that’s best reflected in its resplendent Buddhist temples. Plus, the glittering nightlife and fantastic traditional markets attract hordes of tourists to the city. Besides Bangkok, Chiang Mai, Phuket, Hua Hun, and Pattaya are some of the country’s most famous tourist destinations. All these places witness a constant stream of visitors.

Thailand Infograhic

Thailand is full of unique tourist attractions. From the majesty of Bangkok’s [sg_popup id="29"]Grand Palace[/sg_popup] to the city’s marvellous museum, [sg_popup id="24"]Jim Thompson House[/sg_popup] and from the interesting flora and fauna at [sg_popup id="26"]Khao Yai National Park[/sg_popup] to pleasant serenity of [sg_popup id="28"]Railay Beach[/sg_popup], Thailand has a splendid array of unique attractions all waiting to be explored. [sg_popup id="30"]Wat Arun[/sg_popup], [sg_popup id="25"]Wat Pho[/sg_popup], [sg_popup id="31"]Floating Markets near Bangkok[/sg_popup], [sg_popup id="32"]Chiang Mai Night Bazaar[/sg_popup], [sg_popup id="27"]Phang Nga Bay[/sg_popup], and [sg_popup id="33"]Ko Phi Phi[/sg_popup] are some of the other famous attractions in the country. Thailand has a tropical climate and it is best to be in the country during the cooler months of November to February. The low temperatures promise much better climatic conditions for you to enjoy sightseeing and other leisure activities. The period between March and June is comparatively cheaper to travel and is perhaps the ideal time to be in Thailand for budget conscious travellers. You can even plan your Thai vacation keeping in mind the terrific festivals that are celebrated throughout the calendar year. Songkran is the most famous of them all and is easily the most loved one among tourists. Loi Krathong and Chinese New Year are two other festivals that are celebrated with great gusto. Do not forget to enjoy the country’s top delicacies as you roam around the length and breadth of it! Phat Thai, Tom Yam, and Som Tam are big favourites with visitors who come here from all corners of the globe. Of course, you will have a lot of fun in Thailand enjoying the festivals and feasting on the yummy dishes. But it is as important to be safe and secure in the country. And one of the ways to do so is by making sure you are on your guard at all times. Pick pocketing is common in main tourist areas. Be vigilant about your surroundings. Another important thing to know is that criticizing the king or any other member of the royal family is a punishable offence. Avoid it at any cost.

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Tips on What to Wear in India for Female Travellers

India, with an exciting mix of nature, history and culture, attracts hordes of global tourists and backpackers alike.


While tips on dressing for female travellers may differ from one place to the other, there are some important points one would do well to adhere to. The following tips and ideas on what to wear in India may help you fit in better.

In Metro Cities

If you’re in metropolitan cities like Mumbai or Delhi, you can usually get away with jeans, short skirts, and sleeveless shirts/tops in certain areas. However, it’s not advisable to wear too revealing clothes as this may get you lots of unwanted attention. You’ll also see foreign tourists wearing Indian clothes to fit in with the local crowds. Most metro cities in India have clothing stores where you can shop for kurtas, kameez and scarves at considerably cheap prices. If you happen to visit during summers, don’t forget to carry a hat and sunglasses.

At Beaches

Goa and Kerala are two popular beach destinations in India. But both these places have a drastic cultural difference. While, it is okay to wear a bikini in Goa’s beaches, people in Kerala are a tad too conservative to accept revealing clothes. No matter where you are, you may be ogled at.

At Religious Sites

India is full of pilgrimage sites and a few of them such as Amritsar, Varanasi and Mahabali Puram are internationally acclaimed. While visiting such destinations, be sure to dress conservatively. Avoid shorts or short skirts. Jeans are okay, as are shirts/tops that cover shoulders. While entering some temples and religious sanctums, you may need to cover your head. Your scarf may come in handy in such places.


Well, it largely depends upon what you’re here for. Most of the cities in India are in the plains, where a pair of sport sandals (for summers) or sport shoes (for winters) would do well. You can wear socks with sandals if it is cool outside. If you plan to trek and climb up the mountains, make sure you have a sturdy pair of climbing boots.

Pack your Bags for Splashy Fen Music Festival 2016, South Africa!


Named after the farm, which is also the venue for the festival, Splashy Fen brings music lovers together for 5 days of music and a lot of fun.


The beautiful views of mountains, fantastic acoustics, and large fields that are used for camping and natural amphitheatres make Splashy Fen one of the most awaited annual festivals of South Africa. The farm is located in Underberg, KwaZulu-Natal.


Since 1990, when Splashy Fen started, the festival has evolved into one of the top music festivals in South Africa. The event is attended by thousands of revellers and music lovers from all around the globe. The festival is now considered as the ‘ultimate outdoor experience’. It is the brainchild of Bart Fokkens and late Peter Ferraz. The idea was born when they were having dinner with wine.

What’s in Store?

On the weekend of Easter 2016 (from 23rd to 27th March), Splashy Fen is going to host the annual comeback of the longest running music festival in South Africa. After all, it has turned 26 now! This year’s line up includes The Kickstands, Chico Muya, Dan Patlansky and Friends, Goodluck, Grassy Spark, Mango Groove and Xavier Rudd among others. The festival has also brought many new aspects in the game to ensure that fun multiplies sevenfold for the participants as well as the guests.

Check out some delightful facts on the festival.

  • This year, the line-up is going to be diverse, and will ensure some of the best quality of beats and grooves.
  • The festival is value for money with tickets being pretty affordable.
  • The festival will encourage a positive social and community response from the local community and the artists.
  • This year, the layout of the venue has been changed to provide a fresh new feel to the festival. However, best things have been kept intact.
  • The security and safety measures have been increased to ensure a safe and secure atmosphere.
  • There are going to be FIVE stages this year which makes the festival more musical, more magical.
  • There will be better facilities to ensure smoother access to the festival.
  • Camping facilities have been improved to ensure a convenient stay.

Apart from these aspects, facilities like supervised kids’ entertainment centres, an attractive full craft market and quality food and bar services with beer gardens have also been provided.

Three Best Places to Enjoy St Patrick’s Day Celebrations in the US

St Patrick’s Day is one of the most important times of the year in the US, when both the Irish and the non-Irish, celebrate culture and Irish heritage. Largely, the youth celebrate the occasion wearing shamrock coloured clothes, while sipping green beer. If you want to enjoy the festival, have a look at the three best US cities to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day.

Chicago, Illinois

Chicago is one of the best cities in the US to celebrate St Patrick’s Day. The “Second City” has been attracting about 350,000 people from all across the globe to participate in the grand-scale celebration.


If you want to celebrate with them, all you need to do is book tickets well in advance to save yourself from last-minute hassles. The people of Chicago have a unique way of celebrating the festival; they follow a ritual of dyeing the Chicago River, green. This tradition started in the 1960s. People largely gather around Division Street where most of the events take place. We also recommend that you stop at Mrs. Murphy & Sons Irish Pub in the North Centre neighbourhood.

Boston, Massachusetts

Boston is not very far behind when it comes to celebrating St Patrick’s Day. Celebrated for their long Irish ancestry, the Bostonians start their parties about 7 days before St. Patrick’s Day.


Around 850,000 revellers gather to witness the events and other festivities like the parade, a variety of Irish band concerts, and the Gaelic Gourmet Gala to name a few.

New York City, New York

The New York City is one of the places where the parade and the celebrations date back to 1762. St. Patrick’s Day is one of the most cherished times.


The city shows gratitude and honours the Irish culture and heritage with a stately parade by marching bands and traditional musicians. The celebrations commence on the 17th of March and revellers celebrate in bars, pubs, and even on the roads.

Reasons Why Puerto Rico should be your Next Holiday Destination

Tired of the monotonous city life? Planning to treat yourself to an exclusive holiday at an exotic Caribbean resort? Why not to give Puerto Rico a try this season!


A land of white sandy beaches, green mountains, gushing waterfalls and the tropical rainforest, this Caribbean Island is truly a paradise on earth and promises a revitalizing holiday away from the humdrum of daily life. Here are some reasons why you should head to this Caribbean nation this holiday season.

Gorgeous Beaches

Whether you’re looking for peace, scenic beauty or exciting water sports, Puerto Rico has a beach for every interest. Head to the Vieques beach, on the country’s east coast, for its vibrant ambience and world-class hospitality at luxury hotels and resorts. Boquerón Beach in the south-western corner of Puerto Rico is a hot favourite with families.


The calm waters of the beach make it perfect for swimming, even for kids. Besides, visitors can enjoy fabulous scenery, and an array of water activities such as boating, fishing and sailing. If you love surfing, then Rincon Beach is definitely the place for you. With frequent waves as high as 15-foot and world-class surfing facilities, this beautiful beach draws surfers from far and wide. Luquillo Beach, a short drive from Puerto Rico Island, offers a fascinating mix of nature and tranquillity.

World-class Diving Sites

Wish to explore the treasures of the Caribbean Sea? Puerto Rico is one of the best places to do it. With an abundance of coral reefs, underwater caves, sea walls and trenches, it allures divers of all abilities and interests. Head to the Mona Island in western Puerto Rico for its amazing marine life and other natural wonders. Waters here are among the cleanest in the region, and home to over 50 dwelling-reefs and more than 250 species of fish including whales, dolphins, and marlins. Fajardo, the Cayman Islands, and Humacao Region are some other fascinating sites for scuba diving.

Nature and Wildlife

Head to the Rio Camuy Cave Park to witness a rare and huge cave system or explore amazing natural attractions and rich wildlife at El Yunque National Forest – Puerto Rico offers many unforgettable experiences for nature-buffs. The Julio Enrique Monagas National Park, with numerous hiking and biking trails, is another haven for nature-lovers.

Great Accommodation and Hospitality

Puerto Rico is known for its high-end hotels and resorts, offering world-class amenities coupled with warm Caribbean hospitality. Many of these luxury resorts offer all inclusive packages, ensuring you a delightful and hassle-free holiday. For budget tourists, there are scores of cheaper hotels, self-catering cottages, and holiday homes, offering quality stay at reasonable rates.

Flavor! Napa Valley – Taste the Flavours of this Famed Wine Growing Region in USA

Napa-ValleyNapa Valley is perhaps the most popular wine region in the USA. Visit this part of California not only to sample wines but to experience its fine-dining scene as well. If you are planning a holiday here in March 2016, you will also get an opportunity to participate in popular the annual festival Flavor! Napa Valley. This legendary festival is scheduled from 16th to 20th March.During these five days, the festival hosts 40 events including winemaker workshops, wine tasting sessions, celebrity chef demonstrations, and exclusive dining experiences. Let’s check out the top picks of Flavor! Napa Valley.

First Taste Napa – The Downtown strEAT Market

Flavor! Napa Valley kicks off with this colourful event on 16th March at 6pm. Visit the new CIA Downtown Campus at Copia to enjoy creative demonstrations of street foods by numerous chefs. Several restaurants are participating in this event and you can join various tasting sessions as well. Awe-inspiring street performances are sure to add more to this event.

A Celebration of the Judgment of Paris Dinner

Visit Silverado Resort and Spa on 17th March to experience the celebrations of the 40th anniversary of Judgement of Paris, a legendary wine competition which took place in 1976. This 4-hour long event will start at 6pm and you can enjoy wines from notable wineries including Stags Leap Wine Cellars, Chateau Montelena and Spring Mountain Vineyard. Besides, an exquisite five-course meal also entices epicureans to this event.

Wine Classes

The Culinary Institute of America at Greystone is going to host an array of wine classes on 18th and 19th March. At these classes, you can learn about several local as well as international wines. Upcoming winemakers will showcase their talent at a wine class named Forward Thinking, The Young Stars of Napa Valley. High Elevation Wines, and Aromatic White Wines for Spring are other popular wine classes you can attend.

Legendary Napa Valley, The Grand Tasting

This is probably the key draw of Flavor! Napa Valley.  On 19th March, you can sample vintage wines and delectable dishes served by some of the most celebrated chefs and vintners from Napa Valley. Tickets are available online for this grand event, scheduled to be held from 6:00pm to 9:30pm at the Culinary Institute of America at Greystone.