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Unravelling Pakistan – Top Things to See In the Country

One of the most beautiful countries in Asia, Pakistan is famous for its several historical monuments and architectural wonders. Though not as popular a tourist destination as it should be, travellers from across the world visit here and are left awestruck by the expanse of natural and man-made beauty that has history dating back to centuries. Have a look at some amazing places to visit and things to do in Pakistan.

Lake Saiful Muluk


It is surprising how under-rated the natural beauty of Pakistan is on the world tourism scene. People have the least idea about how extremely aesthetically appealing this country is, with its lakes, mountains and meadows. Lake Saiful Muluk is one such beautiful spot. Situated in Saiful Muluk National Park, this lake is the perfect place for picnics and boating and hikes in the surrounding areas. Overlooking snow-capped mountains, for the greater part of the year, the view is nothing short of a fairytale!

Sheesh Mahal

Literally known as the palace of mirrors, Sheesh Mahal is a fine example of sublime architectural finesse. It is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and has been preserved over the years whilst visitors from different parts of the world visit it to admire its beauty. The use of white marble and fine mirror-work put into creating the piers and minarets of this glorious place are breath-taking.


A UNESCO World Heritage Site, the ancient city of Mohenjo Daro is one of the largest settlements in the Indus Valley Civilization. There have been revolutionarily astonishing excavations made here, which have revealed how foresighted and intelligent the residents of the Civilization were. Clothing, jewellery, pieces of art, ancient coins and manuscripts has been found here besides other things.

Derawar Fort

A huge Fortress situated in Punjab, Pakistan, Derawar Fort is a historical monument you must see. Built under the guidance of Rai Jajja Bhatti, a Rajput Ruler, this place used to be home to the then royals. Visit to witness the vast expanse of this structure and how it has still been preserved.

Wazir Khan Mosque

Located in Lahore, Pakistan, Wazir Khan Mosque is one of the most spectacular places to visit. Built during the rule of Emperor Shah Jahan, it is one of the primary places for worship in the country. The embellishment done on the walls, the ceiling and the pillars of the mosque are extremely beautiful. The tomb of the Sufi saint Syed Mohammad Ishaq Gazruni is situated in the mosque and people visit here from different parts of the country as well from the rest of the world.

Shalimar Gardens Lahore

This is a Mughal Garden complex situated in Lahore. The gardens consist of several water bodies, artistically designed marble sections and beautiful flora. There is also the Hamam or the royal bath situated here. It is definitely one place you should visit when in Pakistan.

Most Popular National Parks in Pakistan

If you are a nature enthusiast, you may consider Pakistan as your next holiday destination. The beautiful country has lots of natural wonders.


Take a look at some of the most stunning national parks in Pakistan.

Ayub National Park

Feel the essence of around 900 hectares of natural beauty. Nestled peacefully in Rawalpindi, Ayub National Park is one of the largest parks in Asia. Cherish a day of blissful sightseeing and enjoy various delightful activities. The park also has an open air theatre. Enjoy the panoramic views of the surroundings.

Central Karakorum National Park

Established in the year 1993, Central Karakoram National Park is a paradise for mountaineers and nature enthusiasts. It is home to some of the highest peaks in the world such as the Gashebrum II, K-2, Broad Peak, and Gashebrum. The sights of these lofty mountains are truly jaw dropping. And to top it all, the national park also has the world’s greatest glacier known as the Baltaro Glacier.

Chitral Gol National Park

Chitral Gol National Park is a stunning valley near the Chitral River. Visit this spectacular park to spot some of the rarest and most endangered wildlife in the region, including snow leopard, golden eagle and markhor. Spread across 19,151 acres of fertile land, it promises a majestic aura in the lap of nature to relax your senses.

Khunjerab National Park

The beautiful Khunjerab National Park is a mystifying destination, which will enchant you to the core. The scintillating park has an abundance of wildlife. Established in 1975, it is spread across nearly 560,714 acres of heavenly terrain in the Gilgit-Balistan province of Pakistan. If lucky, one can spot leopards and other elusive wildlife.

Kirthar National Park

Settled serenely between Karachi and Jamshoro District of Sindh, Kirthar National Park was once home to the largest number of leopards. It is a wonderful place to witness the amazing scenic vistas of high mountains full of flora and fauna.

Top 3 Tourist Attractions in and around Sialkot, Pakistan

Sialkot is one of the popular cities, located in the Punjab province of Pakistan. It is known as the “football production capital of the world”, exporting around 30 million footballs annually.


Sialkot is connected to all the major cities in Pakistan, by road, trains and flights. It takes just two hours to reach the city from Lahore and four hours from Islamabad. Although it is known for its trade and commerce, it has a rich historical and cultural significance too. Have a look at three popular attractions in Sialkot.

Iqbal Manzil

Iqbal Manzil lies in the heart of the historic city and is one of the most popular attractions of Sialkot. It is the birthplace of the renowned poet Sir Muhammad Iqbal, also known as Allama Iqbal and is revered in many countries including Pakistan, India, Bangladesh and Sri Lanka. He is also known as the national poet of Pakistan. Iqbal Manzil was the family residence of Iqbal and was purchased by Iqbal’s Grandfather, Mohammad Rafique. Many international as well as local tourists come to Sialkot just to visit the residence of the famous poet. The residence was renovated and converted into a museum-cum-library in 1977 and ever since, it has been a part of the national heritage.

Tomb of Imam Ali-ul-Haq

Imam Ali-ul-Haq, also known as Imam Sahib lived during the times of Feroz Shah Tughlaq, in the 13th Century CE. He was one of the most influential figures in spreading Islam in Sialkot. He is known as a martyr who sacrificed his life fighting against the Rajah of Sialkot and his shrine is located at the place where he attained martyrdom. The mausoleum comprises of narrow corridors which leads to the shrines. It has a beautiful courtyard where you can sit and reflect. There is a bustling market outside.

Marala Headworks

The Marala Headworks is located on the Chenab River, near Sialkot. This colossal hydro-engineering project is considered to be a great place for family picnics and outings. It is also popular as a fishing and angling spot. Countless people come here to relax, enjoy the surroundings, and indulge in outdoor activities. During winter, it becomes a home for various bird species such as Common Cranes, Mallards, Greylag Geese, Pallas Gull’s, Eurasian Bitterns, and many others, which make it a bird-watching haven.

Four Fascinating Museums and Galleries in Lahore, Pakistan

Lahore, as a cultural, intellectual, and artistic hub wins thousands of hearts. This city is a haven for the lovers of art, history and architecture. From formidable Mughal monuments to faded legacies of the British Raj, Lahore has it all for you. The city boasts a wide array of museums that narrate a rich history and galleries that exhibit the excellent work of highly talented souls. Read on to know about a few such mind blowing museums and art galleries that will enrich your trip to Lahore.

Lahore Museum

Lahore Museum by Guilhem Vellut/ CC BY

Lahore Museum by Guilhem Vellut/ CC BY

The Lahore Museum is the biggest and the most impressive museum in Pakistan. This superb museum houses almost 20 galleries with articles dating from the Stone Age to the 20th century. Gandharan sculpture (especially the haunting Fasting Buddha), miniature paintings, Qurans, carpets, artefacts from Mohan-jo-daro, Harappa and other Indus Valley civilisation sites, and a collection of coins from the Achaemenian period onwards are a few displays this museum is famed for.

Alhamra Art Gallery

The Alhamra Art Gallery boasts Lahore’s largest permanent collection of artwork. This gallery is situated in the premises of the Alhamra Cultural Complex. Divided across two floors, this art gallery exhibits great pieces of artwork by eminent Pakistani artists. You can also enjoy some musical and theatrical performances and events that occasionally happen in this complex. A visit to this gallery is like a deep dive into the appreciable art of Pakistan.

Chughtai Museum

Named after Muhammad Abdur Rahman Chughtai (credited as Pakistan’s greatest painter) who died in 1975, the Chughtai Museum is situated northwest of the intersection of Ferozpur Rd and Gulberg Main Blvd. Chughtai produced almost 2000 water colours, thousands of pencil sketches, and nearly 300 etchings and aquatints. He also designed many of Pakistan’s stamps and coins. You can also contact the director, Mr Arif Rahman Chughtai in advance, if you wish to see other works of Chughtai that are not displayed in the museum.

Ejaz Galleries

Situated just off MM Alam Road Ejaz Galleries is famous for its innovative collection of paintings created by talented Pakistani artists. The work of these artists will leave you stunned for sure! This museum should top the list of attractions, especially for the ones who have an inclination towards art. The best part is that you can even take any of these paintings home as they are also available for sale.

Three Popular Beaches of Pakistan

Pakistan is famous for its rich historical and cultural heritage, but not many know that the coastline of Pakistan has its fine share of spectacular beaches.


In fact, you will find a slew of spectacular beaches in the provinces of Baluchistan and Sindh. Come, have a look at the top three beaches in Pakistan.

Clifton Beach

Clifton beach, also known as Seaview, is the most popular beach in Pakistan. Situated near the Dolmen Mall Clifton in Karachi, it is a great place for recreation. With camel rides, monkey shows, and lots of restaurants, it is a family-friendly place for picnics and social gatherings. In 2003, the area was affected by an oil-spill which deteriorated the charm, yet it still remains a great spot for evening strollers, tourists and a social point for the locals.

French Beach

French Beach, situated between Paradise Point and Hawkes Bay is located near a small fishing village. The villagers have set up about 90 huts here that are available for rent. The beach is rockier than most of the other nearby beaches and the waters are cleaner than at the Clifton beach. The beach is perfect for various water-sports activities such as scuba diving, snorkelling and surfing. Most of these activities are carried out in the monsoon as the weather is favourable during July to September. As there aren’t many places to eat at, visitors should carry their food and drink.

Sandspit Beach

Situated in West Karachi, it is another famous tourist spot in the area. Unlike the Clifton Beach, the waters at at Sandspit are much calmer from fall to spring every year. October through March is the ideal time to visit the place. On your visit you will also be able to see various types of marine creatures such as crabs and marine algae on the beach. The calm and quiet surroundings of the beach make it an ideal place to unwind at. In fact, the beach is one of the best places for sunbathing.

Chaukhandi Tombs: Memories of Karachi’s Long-Forgotten Past

Chaukhandi-TombsKarachi, one of the largest cities of Pakistan, ranks as one of the preferred entry points among international tourists booking flights for the country as the metropolis is home to one of the busiest airports in the sub-continent. Though this part of the nation is more famous as a hub for commercial activities, Karachi features a number of historic monuments that have impressed travellers from across the world. One of the often-overlooked historic sites close to city is the Chaukhandi Tombs, the relics of a long forgotten past in this historic land. Read on to know more about the memorable experiences on offer in case you are planning to book flights to this top urban centre of Pakistan.

The Little Known History

The Chaukhandi Tombs are characterised by elaborate and delicate designs that are sure to leave tourists at Karachi awestruck with their sheer brilliance. These early remnants of Islam date back to the later medieval times and house the remains of prominent members of the Baluch and Jokhio tribes. As an example of architectural styles originating in Sindh, they truly have no equal and being located close to the Karachi city they are easy to reach for anyone who lands from flights at Karachi.

The Unique Architectural Confluence

Though the entire area features influences of early Islamic architecture, there is also evidence of Rajput-style of architecture that dominated the region before the Mughal era. The geometric designs though carved out of stone are so delicately and beautifully done that they seem similar to patterns commonly associated with woodwork and textiles. Another unique aspect is the dedication of tombs to both women and men, which bear different markings. Jewellery designs (necklaces, bracelets, earring etc.) denote the remains of women while turbans, swords, daggers etc. denote men, but, human figures are few if any, according to Islamic beliefs.

Tour Options

Travellers who plan a visit to this necropolis after arriving at Karachi can look forward to an enjoyable daytrip far from the bustle of the city. Apart from the chance to get a peek at the region’s rich historic heritage, the experience is also sure to be memorable as one of the best picnic during holidays in Pakistan.

Alluring Places In Islamabad Where Tourists Flock from Around the Globe

Islamabad is a beautiful city in Pakistan widely known for its natural beauty. While the rolling mountains and wildlife make for enchanting distractions, a rich history and cultural heritage does its bit to add that extra zing. Tourists reserving flights to Islamabad may definitely look forward to a lovely eclectic holiday experience. Each year, visitors book flights from around the globe to soak in the peaceful atmosphere and explore the various attractions of Islamabad.

Shah Faisal Masjid

Shah-Faisal-MasjidDiscover the beauty and majesty of the white marbled Shah Faisal Masjid. Located against the backdrop of the picturesque Margalla Hills, this beautiful mosque has been designed by Turkish architect Vedat Dalokay. It was built in the memory of King Faisal. The minarets and overall structure of the Shah Faisal Masjid, along with the mosaics and a spectacular chandelier further add to its grandeur.


 Daman-e-Koh by Farhan Chawla/ CC BY

Daman-e-Koh by Farhan Chawla/ CC BY

You will get a marvellous view of Islamabad at the scenic Daman-e-Koh, which is located on the Margalla Hills.  Ample of scope for hiking in the verdant forests treat visitors to a rich slice of nature. Peer Sohawa is a popular spot for visitors here, complete with good picnic spots, great eateries, snack bars, and fine restaurants.

Margalla Hills

 Margalla Hills by Kamran HashmiCC BY

Margalla Hills by Kamran HashmiCC BY

Come to Margalla if you are game for some nature walks and serious hiking. In fact, be it walking or driving, and cycling or camping – there is no dearth of activities one may indulge in. Especially, the breath-taking and lush green hillsoffer plenty of opportunities for hiking. The number of walks offered to tourists range from half day to full day itineraries. The bar-be-que and other fare at the popular “The Khokha” restaurant  is yet another irresistible charmer here.

Islamabad Zoo

Islamabad Zoo offers excellent options for wildlife enthusiasts as well as educative recreation for people of all age brackets, especially children. Also known as Marghazar Zoo, the Islamabad Zoo was started in 1978 as a sanctuary for Indian gazelles, spotted deers and leopards found in the region.The zoo houses around 600 different types of animals and is a thrilling place for young people as they witness wildlife from close quarters.

The Surreal and the Subtle Offerings of Pakistan-A Day in Islamabad

What could be a better way to witness the true charm of a country than to alight from flights right at its capital city? Islamabad does justice to Pakistan by offering tourists an authentic and quintessentially Pakistani experience. For those who wish to spend a day exploring the exquisite and the esoteric wonders of Islamabad, this guide is sure to come handy.

Waking up to the Muezzin’s Call is Truly Divine 

If you have booked tickets to spend a day in Islamabad, then the muezzin’s call from the largest mosque in Pakistan, the Faisal Mosque, is bound to offer a soothing acknowledgement of your visit to the incredible country. The melodious rendition implores travellers to start their explorations as a new dawn settles in.

Faisal Mosque

Faisal Mosque

A Fresh Morning Calls for Some Fresh Air and a Hearty Breakfast!

Gear up all the morning energy and head on to the lush landscapes of the Margalla Hills. Enjoy breathtaking views from the gardens of Daman-e-Koh, a famous viewpoint tucked atop the hills. And the strolling and trekking has fuel your hunger pangs, you can surely dive into some delicious offerings of the Pir Sohawa, a resort which also houses one of the most picturesque restaurants in Pakistan.

Time for Some Dedicated Sightseeing

Avid travellers are not only good at netting the best deals on flights tickets; they are also good at indulging in immersive travel. And one cannot fully immerse oneself in a place without witnessing its culture, artistry and heritage. Head on with gusto to the Lok Virsa Museum, an institution that exhibits the creative and crafty side of Pakistan with its multifarious visual delights.


Witness the Contrast of the Past and the Present

Located close to the popular Shakarparian Hills, the Pakistan Monument resembles both the glory of the nation and the nuances of a colonial past. After feasting your eyes on the brilliant architecture, you may head towards the Saidpur Village, which stands in stark contrast of the yesteryears with its modernist renovations and classy venues.

A Serene Evening is always a Memorable One

Hop on a boat and let the tranquillity of the Rawal Lake calm your senses before you board your return flights and bid a fond goodbye to Islamabad.

Four Most Stunning Architectural and Historical Sites in Pakistan

Pakistan is a treasure trove of historical monuments and architectural wonders, and one can spend months unearthing its glorious historical gems, which range from royal palaces to brawny forts and admirable ruins. If you too are a history-buff and are on a quest for cheap flights tickets’ to this Asian country, here is a list of four must-visit attractions for you!

Lahore Fort

Lahore-FortDating back to the 16th century, this wonderfully-preserved historical fort is a reminder of the grandeur and opulence of Mughal emperors. It is located in the heart of Lahore and contains several imposing structures including Sheesh Mahal, Diwan-e-Khas and Naulakha Pavilion, all offering a peek into the city’s rich history and culture. Very close to the fort is famous Badshahi Mosque, another must-visit attraction for history-enthusiasts boarding flights to Lahore.

Jinah Mausoleum

Jinah-MausoleumSituated in Karachi, Pakistan’s cultural capital, the mausoleum is where Muhammad Ali Jinnah, the founder of Pakistan was buried. Now it’s popular tourist spot and attracts a good number of holidaymakers, especially those inclined towards history, netting tickets to visit Karachi. Inside the mausoleum is a small museum that displays various artefacts depicting the life of Muhammad Ali Jinnah!

Ruins at Moenjo-daro

Discovered in 1922, Moenjo-daro is a world-famous archaeological site that symbolises the great Indus Valley civilization. People who visit this UNESCO World Heritage Site, which carries more than 5000 years of intriguing history on its shoulders, are blown away by its well-planned street grids and an intricate drainage system. The Indus River flows close by the ruins, adding more to its grandeur that draws archaeologists from across the globe, encouraging them to spend on travel tickets and holiday deals for Pakistan.

Buddhist Ruins of Takht-i-Bahi

About 80kms from Peshawar, this Buddhist monastic complex is a wonderful showcase of elaborate Buddhist architecture. Apart from the Court of Stupas, there is a temple and a tantric monastic complex that give flights to the fancies of history enthusiasts and Buddhists. Nestled on a high hill, the ruins are among the most imposing relics of Buddhism. Not too far away from the site is Sahr-i-Bahlol, a tiny fortified town dating back to the 1st century.

Sightseeing, Shopping and Staying-Safe: Three Important ‘S’ for Lahore Trip!

Lahore is Pakistan’s cultural, intellectual and artistic hub. Just one trip to the metropolis and you can easily comprehend why! The fascinating city thrives on its contrasts that blend together seamlessly: East with West, Islam with other religions and age-old cultures with contemporary flamboyance. Cosmopolitan shopping and easy accessibility from most cities in the world are some other components that tempt holidaymakers to buy travel tickets and land here.



Minar-e-PakistanLahore is home to some of the most magnificent architectural and historical sites in Pakistan. You can spend a full day just exploring city’s historical treasures, all located within a close proximity. First-timers can head to two of city’s highly revered monuments, the Lahore Fort and Badshahi Mosque, and get awed by their grandeur! Minar-e-Pakistan, Lahore Museum and Lahore Art Gallery are some other attractions worth checking out if you’re here to delve into the city’s historical legacy. Shalimar Gardens, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, houses landmarks and artefacts dating back to the Mughal era and is a must-visit place for all who have booked tickets for holidaying in Lahore.

Shop to Your Heart’s Content

Lahore has earned its repute as a shopaholic’s delight and not without a reason! There is nothing you would not find in the famous Anarkali Market! Brimming with shops and stalls, this historical market-place spoils one with a wide choice of textiles, handcrafts, garments and leather goods. Don’t forget to bargain if you really wish to crack a good deal! Sampling local delicacies at any of the food stalls in the market is another memorable expedition, well worth the cost of travel tickets and other holiday essentials. Those looking for a more exclusive shopping experience should check the city’s swanky malls such as Vogue Towers and Mall of Lahore.

Staying Safe

Though Lahore is one of the most liberal cities in Pakistan, holidaymakers buying flights’ tickets to the metropolis should adhere to its social and cultural norms. Unlike United Kingdom or any other European country, it is best to dress conservatively when wandering around Lahore, especially if your itinerary includes the visit to the religious sites like Badshahi Mosque. Always fix the fare before you start a ride in a taxi or an auto. If hiring a metered taxi, ask the driver to take normal route, as his proposal to take you through the short-cut may be just a way to hike up the fare! Don’t engage in any sort of dispute with locals. In case of trouble, take help from the local police!