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Top Offbeat Adventurous Destinations to Visit in 2017


If you are a gypsy at heart, you probably love offbeat adventurous places as much as regular well known destinations! Perhaps, you also live for moments when you can hear your heartbeats in your ears, and goose bumps tell you how excited and truly alive you are.


There are a number of less explored places in the world you can visit for the adventure of a lifetime.

Have a look at some of these amazing options!

Madrid, Spain

Spain usually makes one think of raging bulls, cinnamon, paprika, and all things adventurous. One of the most interesting places to visit in the year 2017; you can indulge in a number of activities here. Just some of these are hiking in the ‘Sierra de Guadarrama’ National Park, biking trip to Sierra Nevada, horse/ donkey rides, and simply just admiring the beauty of the locality. You can enjoy a host of activities such as paragliding, hot air balloon rides, and snowshoe hiking.


The island of mysteries is also the island of unlimited adventure. There are so many different types of offbeat adventurous activities to choose from. Dive into the sea to admire aquatic life and also unravel the secrets of shipwrecks. There are other adventurous activities that you can enjoy such as stand up paddle boarding tours, kayaking, swimming with the dolphins, and riding hydro bikes. Also, explore the island.

Amazon, Brazil


Visiting the Amazon rainforests; full of deadly predators, will undoubtedly be one of the trips that you will cherish for a lifetime. In this boat trip, you will go deep into the jungles and spot a wide variety of spectacular animals and plants from close quarters. There is a need for special precaution and tour guides when you go to the Amazon, but it’s totally worth it.



Nepal is not only the land of unlimited beauty; it is also full of a number of adventure sports that you can choose from. Rafting, kayaking, paragliding, and river crossing are just some of the options that Nepal has on offer for adventurous souls. Besides, you can trek to Everest Base camp as well as several other interesting and difficult treks that will acquaint you with the toughest of conditions and teach you a thing or two about survival in such conditions.

These are some of those novel and unexplored places where you can plan an adventurous and interesting trip with your loved ones!

Ten Amazing Places to Visit in Europe in December

Charming Europe witnesses winters in various shades, from snowfall in the north to brilliant sunshine in the Mediterranean.


Travellers are spoiled for choice, when it comes to selecting a winter vacation here. Whether you love winters or are looking for a warm climate to spend your vacations in Europe, the continent has a numerous countries suiting every traveller’s checklist. So, here goes.

1.    Crete, Greece

Nestled alongside the Mediterranean Sea, Crete is Greece’s most populated and biggest island. Travellers looking for a warm travel destination in winters will be happy to know that the temperature stays above 15 degrees Celsius. Indulge in hiking, mountain biking, and other adventures in the south coast of this landscape island.

2.    Dubrovnik, Croatia

Dubrovnik, also known as ‘The Pearl of the Adriatic’ is a vivacious ancient city with monasteries, grand palaces, and baroque churches. An interesting winter destination in Europe, it has pristine beaches, where you can soak up the sun. The Dubrovnik, with a dramatic setting, is also a filming location for the world-renowned series, “Game of Thrones”.

3.    Canary Islands, Spain

The charming Canary Islands is an ideal choice in Europe for holidaymakers. Winters are a highly preferred time to spend vacations in the lap of nature. Cherish the dramatic settings of the place, whilst riding a camel or discover new flavours of local food. It is best suited for solo and family travellers.

4.    The Azores, Portugal

One will surely miss a heartbeat marvelling at the majestic beauty of The Azores. The lush green landscape is known for 1766 volcanoes, out of which nine are still active. The heavenly archipelago of volcanoes boasts craters, lakes, dry calderas, thermal water springs, and fumaroles.

5.    Hallstatt, Austria

The scintillating village of Hallstatt in Austria offers a gamut of historical and breathtaking natural attractions. Enjoy trips to the oldest salt mine of the world and go on romantic boat rides to Kale Hallstat.

6.    Tuscany, Italy

Located in Central Italy, Tuscany has an artistic vibe with beautiful cities along with a spectrum of appealing sites and attractions. Visit the Gulf of Baratti, relics of Etruscan civilisation, and Roselle from the Roman Age.

7.    The Lofoten Islands, Norway

The Lofoten Islands is a stunning archipelago in Norway. Travellers can indulge in whale safaris, fishing, check out natural attractions, and discover far-off traditional villages.

8.    Cesis, Latvia

The popular typical medieval town, Cesis boasts a defining character of its own. With amazing relics including the emblem, defensive stone wall, and various architectural masterpieces, the city still reflects influences of a gone-by era.

9.    Andalucia, Spain

Spend your vacations near golden sandy beaches and mystifying mountain ranges. The town holds a rich history complemented by a plethora of backdrops for photography. Truly, the experience here is simply priceless.

10.    Malta

A gem in the crown of the Mediterranean, Malta boasts a magnificent natural aura. One of the emerging winter destinations in Europe, it offers a variety of attractions, museums, galleries, fun activities, and Neo-Classical architecture. Travellers with a taste for caffeine will surely fall in love with the coffee culture here. The country also has a Popeye Village, a renowned attraction among children.

Two of the Most Innovative Attractions in Asia


Asia is a perfect holiday destination that encompasses everything from stunning scenery, vibrant city life and delectable cuisine to low cost-of-living, a matchless string of captivating attractions and an intriguing collection of cultures which trigger the sale of air tickets on flights arriving here. This marvellous area of the world is even crammed full of many innovative attractions including Science Centres and Planetariums that leave visitors spellbound. Here’s a quick look at two of the most preferred choices that set travellers on a mad quest to net flights tickets to Asia.

Science Centre, Singapore

One of the most popular innovative attractions in the entire Asia is Science Centre in Singapore. A prominent educational centre is quite renowned for promoting creative learning and interest in science and technology. This attraction successfully transforms science into an inspiring and energizing experience for the global visitors. Many unique and educational conferences, exhibitions, seminars and shows are organized that are entirely focused on capturing the development of scientific evolutions and put-in continues efforts to push up youth and foster new generations in the entire globe. The property features over 14 huge galleries that are based on subjects like mathematics, science and technology. Kinetic Garden, Eco Garden and Waterworks exhibition are some other famous attractions in the centre.

Science City, India

Science lovers craving to plunge themselves into an all new world on innovation and creativity must not forget to add Science City in their travel itineraries while reserving air tickets on flights scheduled for India. Situated in the beautiful city of Kolkata, Science City is the largest science centre in the sub-continent consisting of two major facilities; the Science Centre and the Convention Centre. The striking attractions including Space Odyssey, Evolution Theme Park, Dynamotion, Maritime Centre and a Science Park catch the fancy of every visitor. The Dynamotion Hall boasts a Butterfly Corner, Aquaria and different interactive exhibits on science and technology that not only entertain the visitors but even enhances their knowledge. Further, the Space Odyssey features India’s first Large Format Film Theatre, 3-D Vision Theatre, Mirror Magic, etc. that give detailed knowledge on earth and its formation.

Get an Overview of Skiing in Auli – the Ski Capital of India


When it comes to skiing in India, Auli is an inevitable name in the lists of adrenaline junkies. Pearly white bed of snow, majesty of oak trees and an undefined captivation collectively make up the first impression of Auli, the skiing capital of India. There are only a few ski areas in India that feature world class cable car systems and gondola rides; and Auli tops this list. Planning to experience the magnificence of this heaven? Read on to know more about this top notch ski resort in India.

Location and Accessibility

It is strategically located in the state of Uttrakhand and travellers seeking flights to reach Auli can buy tickets to disembark at Dehradun from where Auli is less than 300 kilometres. Also, travellers boarding flights to Delhi seek availability of train tickets till Haridwar. Last leg of the journey is covered by Cable Car. This ride through the irresistible beauty of the surroundings is sure to take away all of your fatigue and anxiety.

Best Time to Visit

Undoubtedly, winter is the season to plan a holiday in Auli. In India, winter season lies between November and February (starting) but here you can enjoy skiing from end of December till March. Remember to bring quality woollen clothes including caps, gloves and snowshoes. You can consider bringing your own skiing gear but majority of travellers keep their baggage light as quality gear is available on rent at the resort.

Ski Training

If you are novice, don’t shy away from grabbing tickets to visit Auli as you can enrol with a 7-day or 14-day course to hone your skiing skills under the supervision of experts. Those looking for a certification should opt for 14-day course which offer only 15 seats.

Major Attractions

Skiing, certainly, is the top attraction in Auli. Ski lovers netting tickets to admire the snowy facade of India must consider adding this resort to their itineraries. Besides skiing, trekking is also emerging as a popular activity here. Another highlight of this area is Artificial Lake, which is the highest manmade lake in the world.

4 Biggest and Best Roller Coaster Rides in the World

Screams, screams and screams! These are the only sounds riders who sit on these roller coasters make. Sliding down with an extremely rapid pace from a jaw-dropping height, they will have their adrenaline rush at all-time high. Let’s cut to the chase and have a look at the list of four craziest and the best roller coaster rides in the world!

Kingda Ka


One of the fastest and tallest roller coasters in the world, Kingda Ka is nestled in the Six Flags Great Adventure Park, New Jersey, USA. This giant thrill machine features an insane height (456 feet), speed (128mph at best), acceleration and drop, and is obviously not for faint hearted! Those who dare to ride get an unearthly sensation, well worth the cost of entry tickets and other holiday expenses.

Top Thrill Dragster


Having been debuted in 2003, this 420 feet high hydraulic launch rocket coaster is as thrilling as it is scary. What else can you expect through a ride that features 90-degree ascent and descent and overwhelming speed of 120mph? Built by Intamin at Cedar Point in Sandusky, Ohio, USA, Top Thrill Dragster is truly a sensation and offers adrenaline junkies a once-in-lifetime experience. Visit with someone who is more frightened than you are. It will help your confidence go up.

Tower of Terror II


True to its name, this steel shuttle roller coaster will make your facial expression changing from nervous smile to a sheer terror. It is located at the Dreamworld amusement park on the Gold Coast, Queensland in Australia and recognised for its dramatic speed that touches 160mph at its fastest. There can be up 14 riders a time and the ride duration is just 28 seconds. The height of this wonderful structure is 377 feet which ensures riders a truly exhilarating experience.

Steel Dragon 2000


The tallest coaster to use a traditional chain lift, Steel Dragon 2000 is built at Nagashima Spa Land amusement park and allures thrill seekers from far and wide to book flight tickets to this Japanese city. It boasts a 2478 meter long track, indeed one of the longest in the world. The 4-minute ride at this Out and back terra-coaster features 2 tunnels and gives riders whale of a time.