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Grab a Souvenir at These Top Places in Amman, Jordan

Jordan’s rich heritage and culture can be traced at several markets spread across the capital city of Amman. These markets, apart from being windows into the local life, also are excellent places to take home some souvenirs. Here are our top five:

Al Afghani Bazaar


How often do you come across souvenir shops with almost 150 years of history stacked along with precious trinkets? At Al Afghani Bazaar in Amman, you will find valuable insights into the culture of the country vis-à-vis clothing, ceramics, jewellery, lamps, beauty products and several other shopping delights.

Wild Jordan Centre

For a unique shopping experience, head to Wild Jordan Centre, containing nine nature shops; set to support the communities from Jordan’s eight natural reserves.


You can purchase crafts and jewellery items, local herbs, as well as locally-produced jams as souvenirs while also contributing to sustainable development of the natives of these reserves. Once you have shopped to your heart’s content, grab a coffee at the Wild Jordan Centre’s renowned cafe that overlooks the entire city.

Al Balad

Visit Al Balad or the Downtown for a typical flea market experience, bringing you closer to the city and its natives. A wide array of shops is lined here, selling everything from clothing, accessories, intricate jewellery, herbs, and various edibles. Bargaining is the norm here, with some places selling the item for half the price they initially quoted.

Soap House Trinitae

A beautiful old villa and its garden, located up an alley at the bottom of the Rainbow Street, set the tone for a great experience. As you enter, the heady scent of local herbs, fruits and essential oils tell you that you’ve found the right address. Welcome to the Soap House Trinitae, where you can find some of the best organic soaps and skincare products in the city. These products make for excellent souvenirs, capturing the essence of Jordan in their dizzying scents.

Souk Jara

One of the most exciting places in the city to shop or to just be at is the Souk Jara market, lying right next to the Rainbow Street. Amongst the items available for sale here are handicrafts, antiques, crafts, food, clothing, art and traditional products from around the country. The market, however, is seasonal, available only from mid-November to early March between 10PM-2AM.  It is also one of the few markets in the city where you might also catch a film screening, a concert or an impromptu cultural performance.

Street Shopping in India: Top 5 Markets to Explore

India is largely known for its picturesque landscapes, amazing architecture, delectable food, lush wildlife sanctuaries and rich festivals. Look closer and you will find that country’s vibrant street shopping scene too has a lot to offer to holidaymakers.

ShoppingThere’s an array of bustling and sprawling markets in the country, some of them known for their iconic old world charm, and other for their rich cultural encounters. We’ve compiled the list of top five markets that you must explore:

Sarojini Market, Delhi

Fondly called SN by Delhiites, Sarojini Market is one of the most famous street markets in New Delhi. The market is meant to be an ideal shopping paradise for fashionistas looking for everything stylish, ranging from clothing to jewellery to footwear, all at extremely reasonable prices. Many tourists visiting the city choose to explore the Sarojini Market and shop for latest trends at unbelievable prices. Bargaining is the norm here; make sure you bring your A-game.

Arpora Saturday Night Market, Goa

Goa might be popular worldwide for its beaches and parties but shopping here is an equally delighting option! Arpora Saturday Night Market is where people can shop under beautiful Goalights, with live acoustic music playing in the background. Catering to all kinds of shoppers looking for bargains, the market sells everything from homemade Indian handicrafts and leather products to traditional accessories, ornaments, and Goan handicrafts.

Fashion Street, Mumbai

Mumbai’s premier shopping hub, Fashion Street is home to an array of shops many selling trendy clothing, accessories as well as scrumptious street food. Shops are situated inside decades-old buildings featuring Gothic architecture. Besides its magnificent architecture, the market has a great range of products. Visit the street with your family and shop for clothing, jewellery, gadgets and electronics at reasonable prices.

Commercial Street, Bangalore

One of the oldest and busiest streets in Bangalore, Commercial Street is an ideal shopping spot situated close to the MG Road. The market appeals to shoppers looking for trendiest of clothes as well as those seeking the simplest of trinkets. You can spend a whole day here with your family and friends and still be left with more to explore. The market also boasts a fine collection of electronics for gadget lovers and a huge array of food joints for all tastes.

Hazratganj, Lucknow

A major Victorian style shopping area in the heart of Lucknow, Hazratganj is a place one should not miss in India. Comprising shopping complexes, restaurants, hotels, theatre complex and offices, the market is always bustling and reflects an enchanting cultural grandeur. You can shop for handloom items as well as Lucknow-famous chikankari fabric material at affordable prices. Gurjari, Handloom Emporium and Gandhi Ashrams are some of the major places to explore here. Foodies would love to try lip-smacking street food at a wide array of shops and stalls.

Belize in Central America Has Many Wonders to Explore

Belize, a country surrounded by Central America’s dense jungles on one side and the Caribbean Sea on the other, is one of the most beautiful and mysterious holiday destinations in the world. Be it one of the world’s most enigmatic civilizations – the ancient Maya, the second largest barrier reef in the world or a vast network of wildlife sanctuaries, Belize has it all for a traveller looking to experience the best of Central America.

Here are some of the top wonders of Belize one must explore:

San Ignacio Town


Situated close to the country’s famous Mayan ruins and known for its vivaciousness, San Ignacio Town is a diverse and beautiful town offering exciting holiday experiences for visitors. There’s a lot to explore here, ranging from pristine rivers and stunning archaeological sites to a bustling market and an adventure hub. For outdoor adventure, you have many options including hiking, kayaking, horseback riding, bird-watching and caving. Besides, visitors would are pleased to discover an amazing dining and nightlife scene here.

Ambergris Caye

The largest island of Belize, Ambergris Caye is a delightful haven for beach enthusiasts from different parts of the world. It is home to classic beaches, world-class accommodations and incredible dining, crafting a beautiful Caribbean holiday. The Belize Barrier Reef, on the east side of Ambergris Caye, is the major draw of the island. With a low-key and laid-back vibe, Ambergris Caye ensures visitors have a perfectly relaxing time. Adventure seekers can indulge in several water sports such as scuba-diving, deep-sea fishing, snorkelling and sail boating here.


Once a sleepy fishing village, Placencia is a long, narrow peninsula of white, sandy beaches. Comprising three villages of Maya Beach, Seine Bight and Placencia Village, it appeals to a large number of nature lovers and adventure enthusiasts from all around. Visitors would love to take a long walk along a paved pedestrian path called “The Sidewalk” and discover many shops, restaurants and bars here. Moreover, adventure seekers can indulge in many thrilling activities including kayaking and canoeing, and look forward to spotting wildlife such as crocodiles, dolphins, manatees and birds.


Situated on the coast of Stann Creek District in Belize, Hopkins is a beautiful coastal town reflecting Garifuna culture at every turn. The town draws attention with its picturesque location amidst Maya mountains, the Cockscomb Range Inland and the Caribbean Sea. The people here are warm and welcoming. A majority of visitors head to the country to be part of the Garifuna Settlement day, an annual event marking the arrival of the first Garifuna in 1832. Besides, farming, fishing, hiking and snorkelling are some thrilling activities visitors can undertake.

Caye Caulker

Quite popular among backpackers for its laid-back vibe, Caye Caulker is a small and beautiful island situated off the coast of Belize.


The island has a completely casual atmosphere ideal for a relaxing holiday in Belize, and offers several exciting snorkelling and diving opportunities at the Belize Barrier Reef that are appealing to adventure enthusiasts visiting the country. Here, one cannot miss wonderful experiences such as diving into the Blue Hole, grooving to Reggae Music and chilling at the Split.

Five of the Most Stunning Seychelles Beaches

Called “the island of love”, Seychelles is a true beach haven in the Indian Ocean with numerous beaches brimming with powdery sands, translucent warm waters and lush jungle landscapes. Beach bums can experience the best of sun, sand and surf amidst these sparkling beaches that are known for their aquatic delights and thrilling water sports opportunities.

Seychelles Beaches
Here are five of the most stunning Seychelles beaches you can explore:

Anse Intendance

The most unspoiled spot on Mahé Island, Anse Intendance is a beach haven with perfect turquoise water, powder-fine white sand, thickly-vegetated mountain backdrop and impressive granite formations. With some of the finest waves along the island, it is a perfect place for surfers. However, the beach is not protected by a reef and thus, does not make for an ideal swimming spot. One can stay at Banyan Tree, a five-star resort along Anse Intendance coastline to experience true glamour and luxury of the Seychelles.

Beau Vallon

Situated on the north coast of Mahé Island, Beau Vallon is one of the longest beaches here with a wide bay and calm, gentle waters. It is the most popular beach in the island offering wonderful diving and snorkelling opportunities due to its clear waters and coral reefs. Here many visitors are witnessed picnicking and playing music under takamaka trees. You can also explore a number of vendors selling Creole cuisine, drinks and clothing along the crescent-shaped coastline of the beach.

Anse Lazio

Considered to be the best on Praslin Island by Lonely Planet, Anse Lazio is an ideal beach with gorgeous blue, clear waters and golden sands. It has one of the most romantic settings on the island appealing to honeymooners from different parts of the world. Ideally popular for relaxing, sunbathing, swimming and snorkelling, the beach makes for an amazing holiday spot with a picture-postcard scene. Besides, you would love to watch the sunrise here creating a magical aura that is a treat for sore eyes.

Anse Georgette

With an ideal mix of bright turquoise ocean surface, pristine white sands and tropical palm trees, Anse Georgette is considered to be second among the best beaches in Seychelles. Located right next to the Constance Lemuria Hotel, it is a small but sensational stretch of sand with lush green trees fringing its coastline. What makes this beach unique and special is it is a pure white sand stretch with no coral or rocks. Besides, the beach offers best snorkelling opportunities for water sports lovers.

Grand Anse

An imposing sand bay, Grand Anse is one of the three widest and longest beaches on the Mahé Island. It is known for its crystal-clear waters and features a background boasting lush green mountains. Visitors can take a relaxing walk along this long stretch of shoreline and delight in the beauty of the rolling waves. The beach has strong currents and no corals, making it an ideal haven for surfing. Swimming is not recommended along most of the beach; however, it is a perfect spot for experienced swimmers.

A Look at Cairo’s Top Contemporary Art Galleries and Museums

The lovely capital of Egypt, Cairo is home to some terrific contemporary art galleries and museums. Take a look.

Zamalek Art Gallery

Promoting contemporary art in Egypt, Zamalek Art Gallery welcomes culture and art lovers from different parts of the world. The gallery has a permanent collection from established Egyptian artists as well as promising young talents of the country. It has been a hub of contemporary Egyptian art for more than 20 years and is also involved with many remarkable projects including The Art collection of the Le Meridian Pyramids Hotel, 2011, The Art collection of the DusitThani Hotel, Lake View, 2010, The Art collection of the DusitThani Hotel, Lake View, 2010, and more.

Cairo Opera House

Cairo Opera House is a part of Cairo’s National Cultural Centre and is one of the finest performing arts venues in the Egyptian capital. With some of the best musical groups in Egypt,

Cairo Opera Housethe place treats visitors to fabulous music and dance performances in the city. There are two opera halls and an open-air theatre in the house, and the place has become a popular cultural landmark in the city. The place also hosts art exhibitions.

Gezira Center for Modern Art

Also known as the Egyptian Modern Art Museum, Gezira Center for Modern Art is dedicated to modern and contemporary art contributing to the development of fine art movement in Cairo. The museum is a part of the National Cultural Centre on El -Gezira Island and displays over

Gezira Center10,000 paintings and sculptures reflecting the development of the Egyptian art movement from the early 20th century. Visitors would love to explore the collection of works by renowned Egyptian artists such as Mahmoud Sa’id, Ragheb Ayad, Gazbia Sirry and Mohammed Naghi.

Al Masar Gallery

Opened in late 2008, Al Masar Gallery captures the attention with the work of renowned Egyptian artists. This art gallery hosts an array of exhibitions displaying a true presentation of the modern and contemporary Egyptian art. Visitors can explore works by prominent artists such as Kareem Al Qurity and Sami Aboul Azm displayed at the newest gallery space – The Art Lounge of the gallery.

Townhouse Gallery

Established in 1998, Townhouse Gallery is the first independent art space in Egypt situated in downtown Cairo’s bustling car mechanics district. A large number of large-scale events have been initiated by the gallery including the citywide Nitaq Festival (1999). It is home to a collection of contemporary fine art and works with the aim to bring contemporary art to general populace. Discover fine works of international artists including Amal Kenawy, Nader Sadek, Amina Mansour, Osama Dawod and Basim Magdy.