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Popular Places around Lake Wanaka for Enchanting New Zealand Trip

Lake Wanaka  by Mr Thinktank/ CC BY

Lake Wanaka by Mr Thinktank/ CC BY

Of all the destinations that come to mind when one envisions snow capped peaks, black sand beaches and enigmatic volcanoes, New Zealand perhaps the one that tops the imagination. If you are a nature lover, this country will undoubtedly be there in your priority list. Natural attractions in the country are not only limited to majestic mountains, splendid waterfalls and spectacular wildlife. The lakes in New Zealand also captivate the senses of travellers who have an inclination towards the Mother Nature and Lake Wanaka is one such highlight of the destination often referred to as ‘God’s own country’. Let’s check a little more about this lake and its surrounding areas that make it a prominent attraction in the Kiwi Nation.


Cardrona  by Kiwi Discovery Queenstown/ CC BY

Cardrona by Kiwi Discovery Queenstown/ CC BY

Besides being home to the highest paved highway, Cardrona is also notable for being a prominent skiing and snowboarding destination in the country. Spectacular location and availability of an array of winter sports for all age groups make Cardrona one of best winter destinations in New Zealand. This valley is strategically located between Queenstown and Wanaka and entices travellers all through the year. During summers, it becomes a coveted destination among mountain bikers and hikers buying tickets aboard flights to enjoy an adventurous holiday in New Zealand.

Mt Aspiring National Park

Only a short drive from Lake Wanaka, this national park is dotted with splendid mountains, tranquil river, cascading waterfalls and soothing wilderness. The world heritage site offers an incredible retreat to indulge in jet boat rides. One can also buy tickets for helicopter tours to enjoy scenic flights and take an aerial view of the beautiful Mt Aspiring National Park.


This region is peppered with countless draws exhibiting culture, history, adventure and of course natural beauty. Apart from immersing into the essence of natural charm, you can add an adventurous streak to your New Zealand holiday with hunting. Hiking enthusiasts can choose from a variety of walks to explore the grandeur of this Kiwi gem.

Lake Hawea

 Lake Hawea  by Anthony Cramp/ CC BY

Lake Hawea by Anthony Cramp/ CC BY

Lake Hawea, home to numerous legendary fishing spots, is a haven for adventurous souls. Located around 15 minutes from Wanaka, a drive to this place is all about delighting in the fascinating sights and sounds of Mother Nature. Travellers visiting here can add activities like kite surfing, kayaking, wind surfing and paragliding. For hikers and trekkers, Isthmus Peak and Johns Creek are a must!

Where to Enjoy Perth Edition of Italian Film Festival 2014


Cinema lovers who have booked tickets to fly to Australia during September-October will have a wonderful time; the nation celebrates Italian Film Festival during this time. The event is in its 15th year and eight Australian cities are hosting the Italian Film Festival 2014; Perth is one of them. Event has already started in this city from 24th September and you can enjoy the cinematic flavour till 15th October. Let’s take a look at venues to enjoy screenings of popular films at Perth event.

Cinema Paradiso

This is one of the best places where you can catch the action of Italian Film Festival in Perth. This state of the art facility is notable for screening mainstream as well as art movies. There is hardly a film festival in Perth that does not feature Cinema Paradiso on its menu. It is strategically located in Northbridge’s Cafe and nightclub area on James Street and boasts four cinemas. Movies like Zoran My Nephew The Idiot, Marina, University: More Than Friends, and Darker Than Midnight are sure to entice cinema buffs to purchase tickets for this hep venue.

Luna Palace Cinemas

Luna Palace Cinemas is another venue featuring several events of this film fiesta. This cinema is conveniently located just a short walk from Fremantle Train Station. The facility is famous for proximity to markets, art galleries, live music, beaches and much more that visiting tourists may be interested in.

Luna Leederville

It is considered as one of the funkiest cinemas in Perth which are famous for legendary film screenings. Owing to its location in Central Perth, it is easily accessible from all corners of the city. Cinema lovers boarding Perth bound flights can not only spend time watching movies like Boyhood, Felony and The Little Death but can also gorge on scrumptious delicacies at Leederville’s snazzy restaurants.

bamBOO Outdoor Cinema

If you are looking for a unique experience of watching movies buy tickets for this venue to enjoy timeless classics as well as contemporary titles. bamBOO is an open air venue and is famous for offering a lavish cinema experience coupled with a memorable night at a plush bar.


Large parking area and incredible connectivity with Central Business District make this Perth Cinema a preferred choice for many visitors. Travellers boarding flights to enjoy October holidays in Perth can visit this cinema and enjoy the screening of movies like Wish I Was Here, A Most Wanted Man and Magic in the Moonlight. After movies, one can relish the taste of Indian fare at Maharaja Indian Restaurant located adjacent to Windsor.

Top Four Off-Beat Attractions in Hong Kong – Enjoy A Unique Holiday!


Hong Kong is one of the most acclaimed holiday destinations in the Fareast, and most of its top attractions/activities are often talked about a lot! So we bring you some amazing experiences that may give a unique, fresh perspective of the Asia’s World City!! Book your flights’ tickets and get set to explore Hong Kong in an altogether new way!

Kadoorie Farm and Botanic Gardens

Drive down to Kadoorie Farm and Botanic Gardens, near the China Border outside of Funling, to relish appealing natural beauty, unique flora & fauna as well as organic yummies. Here, you can witness scenic pathways, beautiful streams and waterfalls as well as interesting exhibits. Also learn about the native art, environment and habitats before enjoying locally produced delicacies in any of the restaurants here. Surely, this strangely eclectic place is worth every penny spent on flights and other holiday deals for the destination.

Chung King Mansions

The Chung King Mansions, located along the “Golden Mile” of Nathan Road, comes alive with the gathering of ethnic minorities, African traders and holidaymakers from across the globe. The place literally brings the whole world together, and wandering here is simply a mesmeric experience. Chill out at restaurants that serve global delicacies or shop for interesting antics and souvenirs!

Hiking across Lamma Island

Hiking across Lamma Island will offer you some of the best experiences in Hong Kong. While trekking through the island, different species of trees and birds can also be seen. Don’t miss a meal of fresh seafood at a beach-facing eatery at the island! The historical Kamikaze Cave also catches the fancy of hordes of tourists who spend on flights for enjoying holidays in Hong Kong.

Ferrying to the Bays off Sai Kung

A ferry ride to the bays off Sai Kung is a great way to explore not just the region’s natural magnificence, but also its rhythm and vitality. Popular places to head to include the Lantau island, Cheung Chau Island and Lamma Island. Experience the great natural beauty around Hong Kong from an entirely unique perspective as you relive the exhilaration of a boat ride! Camping, swimming and surfing are other recommended activities during the excursion!

Hiking Trails in Europe Promise a Heart-Pounding yet Soothing Experience!!

What does a hiker want? Exquisite landscapes, jaw-dropping heights and an incomparable solace offered by serenity of nature. If you are an avid hiker, you would love to hear that all this and much more is available in Europe! Numerous hikers and trekkers book flights to various European destinations to take a walk through the green landscapes of Switzerland, France, Italy, Scotland and Sweden. Let’s take a look at few most popular hiking sites in Europe.

Tour Du Mont Blanc

Mont Blanc is European Union’s highest mountain which always ranks among the top in the lists of hikers. Breathtaking tranquil valleys are extended to three countries namely France, Switzerland and Italy. No matter whether you are starting your tour from France or from Italy, this 105-mile trail is sure to captivate your senses with its lush valleys flanked by snow capped mountains. Finding an accommodation here would not be an issue as the area boasts a wide range of lavish resorts and dorm-style hostels to cater to the needs of every taste and budget.


Bernese Overland

Also known as Bernese Highlands, this is another one of the most popular regions among hikers. Winding paths here are considered the most unique, beautiful and breathtaking in Europe. Hikers buying tickets aboard flights to Switzerland especially to visit Bernese Highlands get an opportunity to spend memorable moments by wildflower meadows, alpine villages, spectacular waterfalls and snow-covered mountains. Few popular walks in this region are Meiringen, Grindelwald, Mürren Lauterbrunnen and Lac de Tseuzier.

The Dolomites Alta Via 1

Whether you are nature lover or a thrill seeker, this Italian site must be there on your list of excursions. Alta Via 1 highlights the magnificence of Dolomites mountain range. The sky-kissing cliffs are not just about natural grandeur but they also explain the turbulent times of World War I. It has been listed as UNESCO’s World Heritage Site. Under accommodation option choices, the area boasts huts or rifugios offering an impressive staying option to backpackers.  Home-cooked meal is the biggest surprise for hikers who stay in these huts!!

Cheung Chau Island Flaunts a Supremely Serene Side of Hong Kong!

Pak-Tai-TempleHad enough of Hong Kong’s glitterati? Exploring countryside might be a good escapade. Plan a day or two at Cheung Chau Island to immerse in a not-so-flashy lifestyle. Owing to its proximity to Hong Kong Island, numerous locals love to plan their weekends here. Few decades ago, Cheung Chau was a notorious hideout for pirates but today, you can surf on the rolling waves, gorge on delectable seafood and experience a sense of serenity at its historical temples. Here is a list of few attractions enticing travellers to invest in tickets to Cheung Chau.

Cheung Po Tsai Cave

History lovers boarding flights bound for Hong Kong must surely consider visiting this cave in Cheung Chau. According to a legend, the notorious pirate, Cheung Po Tsai kept all his loot in this cave. There are numerous signs in and around the cave depicting a navigable route that led people to the bounty! From here one can admire the captivating views of the dazzling coastline.

Pak Tai Temple

This is the one of the most prominent temples among the local fishing community. It is dedicated to the God of the Sea, Pak Tai and features an impressive design marked by several animal images, particularly the lion stones. Other highlights in this temple are Favourable Wind Ear and Thousand Li-Eye. If you are grabbing tickets aboard flights to enjoy a spring in Hong Kong, you can be a part of annual Bun Festival where magnificent towers of sweet buns are to be found.

Ancient Rock Carving

These carvings are located near Tung Wan Beach and have been added to the list of declared monuments of Hong Kong. According to archaeologists, this rock carving is around 3 millenniums old!!

Cheung Chau Windsurfing Centre

Adventurous souls visit this centre especially to glide through the waves! This windsurfing centre is strategically located between two popular beaches – Kwun Yam Wan and Tung Wan Beach. From here you can rent surfing gear as well. After an eventful stint in the waters, surfers can enjoy a drink at open-air bar, located at the second floor of the centre.

The Milford Track, New Zealand – A Challenging Paradise for Hikers!

Hikers who have not been to the Milford Track in New Zealand yearn for at least one visit and those who have already walked through its winding trails, desire for the second stint! So what makes these trails exciting, exhilarating and impressive? The following information is sure to give an interesting insight into major highlights of the Milford Track, the most popular trek in New Zealand!


Milford Track, strategically located in Fiordland National Park, often ranks high in the lists of nature lovers buying tickets aboard flights to South Island. Several travel magazines and websites named this track as one of the finest walks in the world. Hikers need at least four to five days to explore the track. The track starts from Lake Te Anau and passes through sky-piercing mountains, boardwalks and suspension bridges.

Sutherland Falls

Sutherland Falls by chiropractical/ CC BY

Sutherland Falls by chiropractical/ CC BY

Sutherland Falls, the tallest waterfall in New Zealand, is the finest spotlight of Milford Track. Nature lovers investing in air tickets to the Kiwi Nation can ill afford to miss out on spending time by this waterfall. In addition to Sutherland, the track also features several other waterfalls. In other words, no matter which route you are excursing through, scenic beauty of waterfalls is sure to captivate and rejuvenate your senses!

Most Popular Trekking/Hiking Routes

Pampalona Lodge-Quintin Lodge: Professional hikers might not find a better trek in New Zealand to test their skills. This 15kms long trek is peppered with Mackinnon Pass where you would be crossing zigzag trails and Arthur Valley’s uneven rocky settings. Summer is the best season to hike in New Zealand but few experts suggest visiting Milford Track during the rainy season to admire the undefined beauty of cascading waterfalls!

Quintin Lodge – Mitre Peak: This 21kms long trek is a perfect escapade for expert hikers striving for a challenging walk. Major highlights of this walk are Arthur Valley, Bell Rock, Mackay Falls and Giant’s Gate Waterfall. The trek terminates at Mitre Peak Lodge which is notable for serving celebratory dinner.

Queenstown – Glade House: Milford Track offers hiking and trekking opportunities for all skill levels. Novices boarding New Zealand bound flights landing at South Island can add this route to their itinerary. With length of less than 2kms, this is one of the shortest routes in Milford Track. At the Glade House, you can enjoy a hot shower followed by scrumptious meal!

Wackiest Races in the World That Guarantee an Exhilarating Experience!


There was a time when races were all about who could sprint the fastest. However, with the change in times, sprinters are getting fancier, if not faster!  Every year numerous races are held across the globe that could easily be termed ‘wacky’. Being a part of such races, you not only run but also face several additional challenges to test your skill, stamina and endurance; fun is another thing that keeps up the excitement. Here’s a list of few wackiest races around the world.

Stiletto Racing

Organised by Glamour magazine, this race is an ultimate challenge for participants. For starters, the women who participate are required to wear fancy stilettos which must be minimum 3.5” tall. Second, the prize that’s on offer is a coveted gift card worth $3,000 for splurging! This is one race that portrays a woman’s love for shopping as one can see participants running, tripping and falling, but still wanting to win it. Buy tickets to fly to Moscow to be either a baffled spectator or an enthusiastic participant.

Night of the Running Dead

And if you thought that the dead have just one thing to do and that’s to sleep for eternity, well, think twice! The dead have taken a fancy towards running races! Board flights bound for Utah in the USA to be a part of this unique zombie race where runners dress up like humans or zombies. While the humans get a head start, the zombies try and outrun them. Imagine a bunch of humans followed by hordes of zombies and that’s how you get to feel the fun in this race in the USA.

Fake Horse Race

This is one of those events that depict an unusual facet of the UK. Officially, this annual event is known as Pantomime Horse Grand National Race. Travellers planning to book tickets to disembark flights in Birmingham to taste the slice of UK’s Christmas can consider being a part of this event. Entry is free but contestants need to pay a nominal fee. Competitors wear horse costumes and try to reach the finish line in the least time to clinch the top spot.

Add Chocolaty Fun to Your Travel Experiences with Toronto Chocolate Festival


A deliciously-sweet time is about to knock the doors of Toronto! October-November is the time when Toronto celebrates Toronto Chocolate Festival. Commencing on 11th October, this gluttony-filled, city-wide event offers an opportunity to chocolate lovers to be a part of an extravaganza where they can compete in chocolate warfare, taste the best from across the globe and satiate taste buds at chocolate dinner. Buy tickets for this festival to experience a chocolate-filled fun coupled with music, movies and much more. The year 2014 is the ninth edition of this annual event which will bid adieu on 02nd November. Let’s check out few details about Toronto Chocolate Festival, one of the popular chocolate festivals in the world!

The Luxury Chocolate Show

Undoubtedly, this is the most prominent highlight of the chocolate fest. This is not only a show but a gala event where exhibitors share their experiences through their creatively-prepared chocolates and visitors get an opportunity to taste the best of the world. Besides chocolate-tasting, the event is also famous for numerous chocolate eating competitions and games. Cooking enthusiasts can join FREE Chocolate Making Classes. This event is scheduled to take place on 02nd November at Roy Thomas Hall. Other popular attractions here will be Chocolate+Wine Tasting Salon, Chocolate Sculptures and Chocolate Marketplace.

911 Chocolate Relay

This chocolate eating is one of the craziest aspects of Toronto Chocolate Festival. This is not merely a chocolate eating contest but here teams of fire fighters, paramedic and police compete to clinch the title of CFW Chocolate Bowl. You can refer to the official website for exact date and venue.

The Chocolate Ball

This is one of the most prominent annual events in Toronto where taste and experience of chocolate is enhanced by movies, dance and music. Once here, dance to the tunes of guest DJs, enjoy performances of notable dance troupes and music groups and quench your cravings for chocolate! Party animals and epicureans boarding Toronto bound flights in October can buy tickets for this event that is scheduled to take place at The Eglinton Garden on 16th October.

Akaroa and Banks Peninsula: A must visit Attraction while in Christchurch!

No matter what type of traveller you are, if you are buying tickets and boarding flights to Christchurch, Akaroa & Banks Peninsula is not to be missed. A journey to this exquisite spot offers an unforgettable experience. Picturesque vistas at every nook and corner, interesting culture, incredible underwater life and a rich wildlife make this place a wonder land of many charms. A mere one and half hour ride from Christchurch will take you to this beautiful place, which travellers know as a perfect getaway! It is important to know that if you are planning to visit this place, one day might not be enough to experience it all.

Akaroa & Banks Peninsula by Phillip Capper/ CC BY

Akaroa & Banks Peninsula by Phillip Capper/ CC BY

A bit of History

Originated from the volcanoes on the east coast of the South Island of New Zealand, the Banks Peninsula has witnessed a lot of changes over the course of time. After a number warfare and foreign interference, the place has finally settled and became one of the most sought after attractions around Christchurch, and something every soul hopes to explore after boarding flights to the region.

The Underwater Life

The marine life of the park is remarkable. Here you can spot the fur seals and a number of species of fish playing in the sparkling waters. Hector’s dolphin, the smallest and rarest dolphin in the world is also found here. The peninsula also shelters the mainland’s largest white-flipper penguin colony. Swim with the dolphins, try boating or kayaking or simply watch them from the shore – the experience is sure to be delightful.

Driving Routes and Walks

There are two ways to explore the Banks Peninsula – driving and walking. If you are driving, follow the Summit Road to experience the jaw-dropping views of the peninsula’s bays and beaches. If walking is your thing, fasten your backpacks and get ready to explore the wide web of walking trails that offer one of a kind experience. Walking is the best way to witness the rich birdlife and flora while everything is pleasantly serene. The outer bays of peninsula are also worth exploring. Here you will find some beautiful, unspoiled beaches that are perfect for a romantic picnic. Those who love to dive in the blue can simply take the leap as the water is ideal for swimming!

Most Popular Restaurants in San Francisco that you will Fall in Love with!!

Most Popular Restaurants in San Francisco

If you are heading to San Francisco and have no clue where to eat out in the city, read on as we give you a quick peek into some of the best eateries that the city takes pride in having.


Specializing in organic wood-fired cuisine, Nopa manages to stay perfect while serving the customers the best of everything. The food is urban rustic and created with seasonal ingredients sourced from local suppliers; no matter what time of the day you visit, a delicious treat is guaranteed. People who are booking tickets on flights to San Francisco should know that this restaurant’s reservation is hard to get and therefore a prior booking is a must.
Where: 560 Divisadero Street

Bar Tartine

With its irresistible dishes and peerless service, Bar Tartine is a hot favourite among the locals as well as the tourists. One visit is enough for you to fall in the love with the dishes that they serve. That is the reason why it is always packed with frequent customers. Chef Nicolaus Balla takes the conventional cuisines to a next level; you will find the flavours of Hungary, Japan and Denmark, as well as California into the menu of this restaurant. Try the fried langos potato bread and daytime Smørrebrød sandwiches; they are wonderful!
Where: 561 Valencia Street

Gary Danko

The award winning chef Gary Danko’s ambitious venture has resulted in this fabulous spot for fine dining. From soul stirring dishes to legendary service, Gary Danko’s meticulousness is visible in everything. The restaurant serves sophisticated contemporary cuisine and it is served in a classy ambience. Holidaymakers who are blocking tickets aboard flights to San Francisco and are wondering if there is a good place for fine dining, Gary Danko is their spot.
Where: 800 North Point Street


SPQR is, in case you want to know, short for Senatus Populesque Romanus which means ‘People and Senate of Rome’. Passionate about Italian cuisine and wines, the restaurant is one of the finest Italian restaurants in the city. Chef Matthew Accarrino, winner of ‘Best New Chef’ in 2014, is leading the place and has an incredible enthusiasm for keeping the restaurant among the best. Highest quality of food, delicious wines, and great service – SPQR has it all.
Where: 1911 Fillmore Street