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Loi Kratong – A Festival When Thailand Wears Glittering Attire

There are several gems that add a splendid diversification to the cultural affluence of Thailand. Loi Kratong is one such gem that creates a mesmeric traditional environment in the month of November every year. Loi Kratong or Loy Krathong is the Festival of Lights which spreads splendour of joy in various parts of the country. Travellers booking tickets aboard flights to Thai cities like Bangkok, Chiang Mai or Koh Samui for the month of November can be a part of this cultural extravaganza. Read more to know how this Thai fiesta is celebrated in Bangkok and Chiang Mai.


BangkokIf you are disembarking flights at Bangkok, the capital city of Thailand, on 07th November, consider spending your evening at Chao Phraya River. As the sun sets, during full moon night in the twelfth lunar month, this area glitters like a cluster of diamonds. Lotus-shaped receptacles are known as Loi Kratong that floats on water. Ritual of this festival is to put a candle, flowers, nuts, food and joss sticks in these receptacles and make a wish before leaving them over the waters of Chao Phraya. This dazzling scene under the shade of moon offers several worth-capturing moments and blissful experience.

Chiang Mai

Chiang-MaiBesides Bangkok, Chiang Mai is another city which is famous for Loi Kratong celebrations. Culture vultures buying tickets to Chiang Mai to participate in Loi Kratong festival can peep into some of the most prominent cultural facets of Thailand. Unlike Bangkok, the fiesta keeps up the spirit for three days. This year, Chiang Mai celebrates this festival from 5th to 7th November. Besides ritual of letting the Loi Kratong float over the waters of Mae Ping River, Chiang Mai also feature an array of activities such as boat races and several other contests. On 5th November, the celebrations start with a lantern parade at Thapae Gate and will reach Chang Klan Road around 2200 hrs. At the starting point i.e., Thapae Gate, one can be a part of contests like Yee Peng Kids Contest and Noppamas Queen Beauty contest. Second day boasts similar enthusiasm with a variety of parades and contests. On final day, fiesta comes to an end with an effervescent show of fireworks.

Compelling Tourist Lures Which Add to the Popularity of Koh Samui Flights


Exquisite natural marvels, rich and glorious past, exotic wildlife, breathtaking natural rock formation and a lot of scope for adventure – Koh Samui spoils every visitor, who disembarks at this picturesque destination in Thailand, with choices. Following are few irresistible sites adding to the popularity of travel tickets to Koh Samui.

Snake Farm

Travellers booking flights to this Thai island and wishing to add some thrill in their holiday in Koh Samui can take a tour of the Snake Farm. Here they get a chance to encounter the cold blooded creepy yet fascinating reptiles. The farm is located at Taling-ngam and is home to various species of snakes including Python and King Cobra. Besides, visitors can also see monitor lizards, scorpion, mongooses, crocodiles and centipede.

Hin Ta and Hin Yai

This is surely one of the best places to witness different rock formations! Located at the south coast of Koh Samui, the amazing rock formation of Hin Ta and Hin Yai tempts many nature lovers as well as shutterbugs to look for deals on air tickets to this island.

Mummy Monk

If you really want to know some interesting facts about Thailand and Buddhist culture, Wat Khunaram at Koh Samui is perhaps one of the best places to visit. The key attraction of the temple is the mummified body of the holy monk Luang Pordeang.

Secret Buddha Garden

Many tourists’ favourite, the Secret Buddha Garden is located in the hills of Koh Samui and offers a spectacular sight of the surrounding area. Apart from nature lovers, many artistic people, especially who are fond of sculptures, are often found on a quest for travel tickets to this verdant forest to see the amazing stone-made figures of gods, humans and animals.

Wat Phra Yai

Locally known as the Big Buddha Temple, this shrine is another tourist lure that gives an opportunity to gain deeper insight on Thai culture. Located just three kilometres north of Koh Samui Airport, this beautiful sanctuary boasts a huge golden statue of Lord Buddha which is sure to give flights to one’s spiritual imagination!!

Ang Thong National Marine Park – A must visit on a trip to Koh Samui


A stunning archipelago of about 42 mini Islands, Ang Thong National Marine Park is a pride of Koh Samui. Lush tropical rainforests, tranquil beaches, limestone peaks, wildlife and countless other attractions make this a must visit for those who love to explore the sheer beauty of nature. There is absolutely no shortage of water adventure here, you can simply choose from the many options like snorkelling, kayaking, speed boating and many more. Because of its breathtaking views and great diversity of flora and fauna, Ang Thong National Marine Park is one of the best national parks in Thailand that holiday makers don’t want to miss.

The literal meaning of Ang Thong is ‘Golden Bowl’. Well, the fascinating cliffs and formations of rock, beautiful lagoons, bright sandy beaches and many other charms certainly make the park live up to its name. No two mini islands of this park are identical and almost all of them look clothed with tropical forests. These islands are also named according to their unique appearance like the Three Pillars Island, the Sleeping Cow Island and many more. There are many vantage points from where you can see the breathtaking views of the entire area. One of the best beaches to visit here is Koh Mae, a charming beach that is bejewelled with lush greenery and turquoise blue sea. Watch the jaw dropping views of nature while you are relaxing in the lap of serenity; it is a perfect place to unwind for the jaded travellers. There is also a green lagoon nearby called Thale Nai, a truly hidden lake of this place and a must watch.

The Park has a wide variety of rich wildlife. The prime attractions to look for are the Asian long tailed monkey, the Ashy Drongos (a species of bird), Pacific Reef Egrets and Green turtles. There are many other wildlife creatures that can be found in this park as it gives shelter to more than 50 species of birds alone. Silver haired bats, oriental pied hornbills can easily be found here, and if you are lucky, the great whales might give you a glimpse. Private Speed Boat day tours are also available for those who wish to tour the place in a luxurious way.

Airport Shopping and Eating for Those on Cheap Flights to Koh Samui

Samui International Airport is the sixth busiest airport in Thailand and caters to the huge influx of visitors who book relatively cheap flights to Koh Samui with international carriers like Thai Airways and Silk Air. The airport is widely dubbed as the world’s most beautiful airport and never fails to impress its guests with its laidback charm, tantalizing dining and a non- stop orgy of shopping!

cheap flights to Koh Samui


If you love to shop en-route and are planning to book air tickets to Koh Samui, brace yourself, you are up for a whale of a time! The shopping frenzy at imaginative new Samui Park Avenue shopping arcade widely ranges from bargain stores to sophisticated outlets making it the quintessential playground for true blue shoppers booking Koh Samui flights.

Many shoppers believe shopping at the airport is nothing less than an art, the art to find the finest deals that dwarf world’s best! Most visitors who book cheap flights to Koh Samui for holidays to the picturesque island in Thailand maintain that they never find a dull moment when it comes to retail therapy at the island’s airport right from the time they disembark their flights.


But mind-boggling shopping is not all that the airport has on offer! The airport’s dazzling dining scene is charming enough to literally compel you commit that fifth capital sin of gluttony! Unfolding as an open-air eatery for gluttons spending Koh Samui flights, the airport promises something for every platter, from sea-food to European Fare Bistro and everything in between!

Sample flavoursome snacks at The Blue Elephant or indulge in a gourmet meal at the Gourmet Food Park. Or better yet, follow the taste craze at the The Taste Internet Café at Samui International Airport, fondly called Koh Samui Airport. If you are planning to book tickets to Koh Samui for holidays, brace yourself for a unique culinary adventure that will leave you flabbergasted and asking for more!

Unique Events and Fests for Tourists Taking Flights to Koh Samui

Koh Samui, an island featuring many resorts is one of the leading destinations among those travelling to Thailand. Due to its popularity as a budget destination, tickets aboard cheap flights to Koh Samui are always in high demand among backpackers, students on holiday and other holidaymakers from around the world. Following are some of the festivals and events that have added to the popularity of this holiday destination.

Flights to Koh Samui

Buffalo Fighting Festival

An integral part of the largest festivals on this island such as the Thai New Year in April and the New Year in January, the Buffalo Fighting Festival is not to be missed. In fact, this is one of the sights that show high on the itineraries of adventure as well as culture enthusiasts who book tickets on cheap flights to Koh Samui. Unlike the Spanish-style Bull fighting events, Buffalo Fights in Koh Samui feature two buffaloes fighting it out against each other in the arena and are relatively harmless. Fights are organized all over Koh Samui including popular destinations such as Nathon town, Ban Makham and Ban Saket.

International Marathon

Since 2010, this Island in Thailand has been hosting an international marathon featuring athletes from round the world. The main event comprises of full length as well as half length marathons, while shorter five kilometre marathons are also organized for children and amateur runners. The highlight of the event is a pre-race Pasta party, which features multiple variants of the dish created by leading chefs. Those planning to book their passage aboard Koh Samui flights should consider attending this event and even participating if possible.

Fisherman’s Village Festival

Organized annually during 22nd to 29th August, the Fisherman’s Village Festival is probably the most popular festival among those purchasing air tickets to Koh Samui Island. Considered to be one of the most well preserved heritage sites in this part of Thailand, the festival truly captures the spirit of the local people and their ancient way of life. There are numerous food stalls featuring sumptuous local cuisine created by the island’s top chefs along with live music played by leading bands of Thailand. Culture vultures booking flights to Koh Samui can ill afford to give this festival a miss.